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University Of Graz, Austria

University of Graz

Austria has some good universities which are affordable and boast of good ranking. In our article today we are going to consider one of Austria’s best universities – University of Graz. The first day I came across the word ‘Graz’, I was thinking it’s the grass that grow on the field not knowing it’s the name of a popular university in Austria….lol. So , we are going to look at the cost of studying in this university, ranking, acceptance rate and how to apply for admission.

The university of Graz  which was founded in 1585 is the second oldest university in Austria. It has about 31000 students, and 4300 staff, all contributing to the vibrating life of the styrian capital. The university of Graz has trained 6 noble laureates like; Ludwig Boltzmann, Alfred Wegener etc.

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It’s wise that you look up the ranking of any university before sending your application. This is because not all universities have good ranking and I’m sure you will not want to spend money and pursue your education in a poorly ranked university. According to 2021 Times Higher Education Ranking, the University of Graz is ranked #601 – 800th in the world .

Tuition fees

The tuition fees charged by University of Graz is very affordable, in fact one of the cheapest in Europe. So if you are on low budget and cannot afford to study in places like UK, US, Australia where the tuition fees is very high, you better make up your mind now to study in Austria. University of Graz charges 750 Euros per semester for all the degree programs. You will now agree with me that their fees are affordable! If you cannot afford this tuition fees, you can apply for scholarships or study in Germany. All public universities in Germany are tuition free!

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Cost of living

Cost of living is the amount an individual needs for his/her living expenses in a period of time. The cost of living in the city of Graz is affordable. As a student you need to budget around 500 to 700 Euros for a comfortable living. This amount will cover the cost of feeding, accommodation, transportation, recreation, buying of books etc.

Admission requirements

To study in University of Graz, you must meet certain requirements if not your application will  not be considered for admission. For bachelors programs, an applicant will be expected to possess a high school or secondary school certificate that has good grades usually minimum of credit passes in the core subjects. For graduate studies, a good bsc certificate in a related field is usually required. Please note that if you come from a country where English is not your first language, the university will want you to show proficiency in the use of the language. To show this you need to present your Toefl or Ielts scores to the university during admission processing.

How to apply for admission

Applying for admission into university of Graz is not difficult at all. The first step is to check the university website and be sure they offer your program, if they do, check if you meet the requirements and gather all of the documents needed. Once you have done this send all your documents to the Austria embassy in your home country for legalization and collect them back when ready. After you have collected your documents, go back to University of Graz website and apply online. When you are done with the application, kindly post all your legalized documents to the university so they can go through it and make a decision on your application. As you can see applying for admission into an Austrian university takes some time so you have to start as early as possible. I will advise you start 8 months to the start of your program.

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Admission times and deadlines

There are usually two admission periods in Austria – summer and winter. The summer semester starts by February and the winter semester starts by September. Ensure that you submit your admission application not later than 2 to 3 months to the start of your semester. Contact the university to get the exact admission deadlines for your program.

Work and study

Almost all international students will want to work while they are pursuing their studies. The good news here is that University of Graz allows students to work and study so long as you will not allow the work encroach into your studies. As a student you can work and make between 400 to 600 Euros per month.

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List of other universities in Austria

  1. University of Linz
  2. University of Innsbruck
  3. University of Vienna
  4. University of Salzburg
  5. European Peace University
  6. Technical University of Wien
  7. Technical University of Graz
  8. Salzburg College
  9. Webster University, Vienna
  10. Johannes Kepler University(JKU)

Frequently asked questions about studying in Austria

Let’s now consider some questions people ask about studying in Austria.

Is study free in Austria?

Well, studying in Austria is only free for EU and EEA students. International students studying in public universities pay tuition fees which usually in the range of 1400 to 1700 Euros per year.

Can one work and study in Austria?

Yes, students are allowed to work part time to support their studies. If you are an international student, you will be required to have a study permit, but students from EU, EEA and Switzerland can work without permit.

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How much can I earn in Austria?

If you are doing a part time work in Austria as a student, expect to make between 400 to 600 Euros per month.

Can one get PR after studying in Austria?

The government of Austria allows students to work and start business in the country after their studies. Resident permit can be extended for up to 1 year to allow students find jobs in the country after their studies.

Is ielts required for Austria student visa?

No, but your university might need it during admission processing,  if you come from a non-English speaking country.

What skills are needed for jobs in Austria?

The skills that are hot cakes in Austria are: construction joiners, graduate nurses, data processing, power engineering, roofers. If you have any of these skills, it will be easy for you to get jobs in Austria.

Can I stay back in Austria after my studies?  

Yes, students are allowed to stay for up to 6 months and search for jobs after their graduation.

How much bank balance is needed for Austria visa student visa?

You must proof that you have enough money to take care of your studies and living in Austria. Students up to 24 years of age should show that they have at least 515,30 Euros per month, older students should proof that they have about 933 Euros per month.

Can I study in English language?

Yes you can study in English language, though most programs in Austrian universities are taught in Austrian language. You can still find a few graduate programs that’s taught n English language.


This is how far we will like to go on this article. If you enjoyed reading it, kindly share it by using the sharing buttons below so others can also learn. If you have questions, you can ask below or contact University of Graz.

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