Finding Plagiarism in Research Paper | Here are 5 best Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is prohibited in almost every field of writing. It does not matter what kind of business or work you are doing, you might be asked to avoid duplication with others.

But when it comes to writing an education document like a research paper, the importance of uniqueness increases much. If you are writing a research paper, you should avoid plagiarism to get the desired outcomes.

In this blog, we are going to show you how plagiarism will impact your educational career. We have also enlisted a few plagiarism checking tools that will help you to get a look at the duplication in your research paper

Let’s have a look at all the following sections to learn why to avoid plagiarism while writing a research paper.


Will it be harmful to use plagiarized content in a research paper?

Yes, it will be harmful to your research paper validity if you are using someone’s comments in your paper without giving them credit. It is considered the most threatening factor for your paper’s rejection.

There is almost not a single instructor or professor in the world who supports cheating. You might be able to get an extension on the deadline of your paper submission date.

But if your professor has caught you plagiarizing the content, you will not get even a single chance to resolve the issue. You might get an F grade in that subject or get the lowest marks due to this issue.

Therefore, you must keep an eye on your research paper to avoid any issue like this. It is almost impossible for everyone to compare the context with billions of papers, journals, and web pages to find duplication.

So, we have collected a list of tools that will assist you in this regard. Here is the list of those tools that you must give a try.

Best tools to find plagiarism in research paper

If you search for a plagiarism checker, you will find numerous choices on the search engine. It will be hard for a student or professor to check all of them and find the best one.

Don’t worry because we have got your back in this regard by analyzing multiple tools and enlisted the following. In our research, we have found them the best of all because of the features available and efficient outcomes.

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When you are searching for the best plagiarism checker, you will find the tool by Prepostseo.com on the top results. The reason is the efficient algorithm of this tool that will enable you to get a deep check of your content.

This plagiarism checking tool will do a deep check of the given text with billions of web pages, journals, blogs, and pages. It is almost impossible that you will get outcomes without comparison even with a single page.

Whether you are a professor or student, you will find this tool efficient to use for checking duplication. The designers have made this tool work in multiple languages making it a reliable checker for almost every person on the globe.

To get 100% accurate outcomes, you will also find some filters. It means that you can precise the check by excluding some specific sections while comparing to check for duplication.

Being a researcher or student, you might have to put some statements as the author says and put quotations around them. This is done to support the paper you are going to submit to your professor.

Similarly, you might have to give the URL of the source at the end of your paper to display them as references. A common plagiarism checker will take it as plagiarized content and you might be worried to remove those lines.

To deal with such conditions, you will get two different options named Exclude Quotes and Exclude URL. In this way, the tool will not compare that text with any of the pages.

The only issue with this tool is that you can only check a short research paper in its free version. If you have thousands of words to check, you need to register with this platform.

If you don’t want to register an account, you can use this tool again and again. There is no restriction over the multiple uses of this plagiarism checker.



In the second space, we have ranked rephrase.info plagiarism checkers. It is one of those tools that are considered the best to get 100% accurate results at the end by the professors and students.

The designers have made it with a user-friendly interface that will enable everyone to use it. You can either upload your research paper by clicking on the upload button or paste the content to check for duplication.

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This checker will do a deep analysis of your content and give you results within a fraction of a second. Another feature of this tool is that it can work without showing any advertisement banners.

It means that you won’t have to check ads to use this tool and compare your content to check uniqueness. No doubt, this tool has been made comprehensive to give you the exact percentage of the unique and plagiarized content.

Actually, this tool will compare your text line by line with the published pages on the internet. In the end, you will be shown the results in the same manner. In this way, it will be pretty simple to get a look at the exact patch that has been copied from the internet.

But you will find this tool limited in both word count dimensions and functions availability. In simple words, you will not get any filters to use while checking for plagiarism in your research paper.

This is the only reason why we have reserved the second rank for this tool instead of the first one.


Do you want to do a deep check for your content to find plagiarism? If yes, you should give this tool a try because it has been designed with such an amazing algorithm.

By using this tool, you can compare the content of your research paper with almost every published document. This tool has a vast database where it keeps adding all the published documents to compare your given text.

Therefore, you can say that the results of this tool will be accurate and authentic. That is the reason why a prominent number of professors use this checker to find duplication in the research paper of their students.

For a student, it might be hard to use this tool because of its paid version. Yes, you have to buy any of its plans even if you are looking to check for plagiarism in a single paper.

This tool will not work unless you have got the credentials to log in to this platform. If you can pay fearlessly, you will access multiple functions in this tool that might not be available in a free tool.


Some tools are just designed to check plagiarism in educational documents. One of the most used tools from this dimension is given by PlagScan. You can use this tool for checking duplication in any type of educational paper.

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Being a student, you might be looking to do this task within a few seconds. The designers of this tool have taken this point seriously while designing it.

You will not find even a single tool having faster processing than this one. Also, you will be able to do a deep check for plagiarism in your documents with a couple of clicks.

It means that you won’t be a technical person in this field. Another feature that makes it a reliable tool is the input formats.

You won’t need to convert your document into a specific format but can upload it as it is. Due to these features, many students find this tool perfect to check for plagiarism in their research paper and other educational documents.

The only problem with this tool is high price packages. You won’t be able to do even a single comparison with this tool without paying its subscription fee.


One of the most professional plagiarism checkers available on the internet is given by checkforplagiarism.com. When it comes to analyzing your research paper

, you might be worried about the privacy of your data.

The reason is unauthentic access to even a single piece of your paper will harm your success rate. This tool is considered the most secure regarding your data.

In simple words, this checker will neither save your data in its database nor share it with anyone. Also, you will find this tool to be workable in multiple languages.

So, you can easily browse this tool and check for plagiarism written in many languages. Due to its deep check, this tool has also won an award to be the top-rated plagiarism checker.

The only problem with this tool is its complex interface with its paid subscription. Due to these reasons, you won’t be able to afford this checker to analyze your research paper. Overall, you will find this tool the best and fast in processing to check for uniqueness.

Wrapping Up

Our researchers have done a lot of work while enlisting these tools.  You can check any of them if you want to get an exact proportion of unique and duplicated content.

We recommend you pick any of the above two tools because you won’t need to pay for services. Also, these tools are considered the best because of effective results and deep checks.


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