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The Oxford University Acceptance Rate: Admission to the University of Oxford is competitive, thus applicants must meet certain criteria. The University of Oxford has one of the most stringent admissions requirements in the world. It is, without a doubt, the UK’s leading learning, discovery, and creation institution. 

However, when compared to other universities around the world with a similar reputation, the University of Oxford has a relatively low acceptance rate. As a result, in order to improve your chances of admission to the University of Oxford, this article will explain how the university’s Acceptance Rate works, as well as how overseas students are accepted.

About the University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is the UK’s most prestigious public research university. 

Due to its high standards in academics, teaching, and research, it has consistently evolved as the UK’s premier institution. It is a historical institution being the oldest university in the English-speaking world. 

There is no precise date of establishment, however education began in some form at Oxford in 1096 and grew rapidly when Henry II barred English students from attending the University of Paris in 1167. Oxford has always been a hotbed of debate, with intellectuals engaged in theological and political debates from its inception. Against the wishes of the papacy, John Wycliffe, a 14th-century Master of Balliol, campaigned for a Bible in the vernacular. 

Henry VIII ordered the University to recognize his divorce from Catherine of Aragon in 1530, and the Anglican churchmen Cranmer, Latimer, and Ridley were convicted for heresy and burned at the stake in Oxford during the Reformation in the 16th century.

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Why Should You Study at the University of Oxford? 

Apart from the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate, there are other reasons why you should attend the University of Oxford. 


The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious public research universities in the United Kingdom. It attracts a huge number of candidates and has a low admission rate of only 17.5 percent, making it extremely competitive. 


The University of Oxford has long been regarded as one of the top universities in the world, placing #5 in the world rankings for research and innovation. The greatest and brightest students from all around the world come to Oxford University. 


With over 100,000 international students each year, you will be immersed in a diverse atmosphere, both in the classroom and in society. This gives any immigrant a significant edge, since it allows them to quickly adjust and gain friends. 

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With a low crime rate, England is one of the most respected countries in the world. According to Global News, England is the fourth country in the world with the highest quality of life in terms of social advancement and development. 

High-Quality Education OU is well-known for its outstanding academic achievements and has competed globally with other top-ranked universities. 

It has a longstanding reputation among most English universities for producing multiple prime ministers and Nobel Prize winners among its former pupils. 

OU networking opens up a lot of doors to a lot of different options. Many Oxford University alumni are well-known and are continually seeking ways to help their fellow students. 

The university has also been ranked by periodicals that assess its graduates’ job prospects. The University of Oxford was placed 10th in the world and 6th among UK public universities in terms of global employability.

What is the acceptance rate at Oxford University? 

The University of Oxford has a 17.5 percent acceptance rate. This is due to the fact that the university only accepts a small number of domestic and international students, making the admission process more competitive. 

Every year, the University of Oxford admits approximately 23,000 students, both domestic and international, depending on how hard the admissions process is. 

What is the Oxford University Ranking? 

In the QS Global World University Rankings for 2020, the University of Oxford is ranked #5. Oxford University is also ranked #1 in the UK university rankings, #4 in topic rankings, and #10 in graduate employability rankings, according to QS.

What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Oxford University? 

  • The average GPA required for admission to Oxford University is 3.5 out of a possible 4.0. Using the 4.0 scale college GPA calculator, calculate your college GPA and cumulative GPA. 
  • Graduate applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.7 are deemed competitive in the most recent admission cycle. 
  • A single GPA is calculated from all of your academic grades.

What are the requirements for admission to the University of Oxford? 

Given that the University of Oxford has a 17.5 percent acceptance rate, getting into the college can be quite difficult. 

Acceptance decisions are based on academic performance, the number of available slots, the distribution of disciplines taken, and performance in courses related to the subject area. 

Regardless of the candidate’s age, admissions are based on academic credentials. Present specific topic qualifications, as well as a personal biography or statement of interest, as part of the general university entrance criteria. In most cases, the application process for local and international students differs. However, there are certain documents that prospective students must submit as part of the application process.

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What are the costs of attending the University of Oxford? 

Fees for undergraduate domestic students at the University of Oxford start at £9250 ($13,002.72 with supplementary fees), depending on the program. 

Prices for overseas students are naturally higher, ranging from roughly $37,650 to $65,760, depending on the curriculum.Graduate-level studies have a wide variety of costs, ranging from £9012 to £17,500 depending on the program.

Undergraduate Admission to the University of Oxford 

At the undergraduate level, Oxford is known for providing one of the top educations in the world. It’s a tight battle because on average, six to seven overseas applicants apply for each slot. Test scores and written work are required for admission to certain of the University of Oxford’s undergraduate programs. Directly to the college, written work can be submitted electronically or in hard copy. To be eligible for admission, students must have their test candidate entry number by the 15th of October as proof of entry. 

Where Should You Apply: Application for UCAS 

£75 application fee 

UCAS criteria are as follows: The following are the essential requirements for applying to UCAS: 

  • Details about your education 
  • A personal essay explaining why you chose to take an applied course LOR 
  • Admission requirements are as follows: The following are the essential requirements for applying to an undergraduate program at the University of Oxford: 
  • Before the deadline, I submitted my UCAS application. 
  • Test scores and written work (for elective courses) 
  • An interview (for shortlisted candidates)

What is the Graduate Acceptance Rate at the University of Oxford? 

The University of Oxford’s graduate programs are divided into two categories: research and teaching. Students participate in research projects that are supervised by academics and meet on a regular basis. Supervisors offer guidance on the individual project, the research’s nature, data collection procedures, and required standards. 

Students often take classes on specialized research skills, as well as a variety of seminars and lectures, as part of their research degree. Taught programs often include a variety of core and elective courses as well as the completion of a dissertation. 

The evaluation might be done for coursework, exams, or dissertations. Seminars and conferences are being held to support the research. All conditional or unconditional offers made by academic departments or faculties are included in the offer figures. 

Graduate research degrees received 8,887 applications (34.3%). 

Graduate taught degrees received 17,057 applications (65.7%).

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What is the Ph.D. acceptance rate at the University of Oxford? 

There is no particular figure for the University of Oxford Ph.D. acceptance rate, but you can get an idea of how the school admits students to the Ph.D. program from the extensive explanation above. 

What is the acceptance rate of the University of Oxford for United States Applicants? 

It is challenging for everyone, but it appears to be slightly more difficult for Americans. Oxford has a 16 percent admittance rate on average, but it is little under 9 percent for Americans. Approximately half of the national average. 

If I had to estimate, I’d say Oxford is seeking for people who are narrow and deep in their academic subjects, but high school education in the United States is approaching a much broader (but inevitably superficial) curriculum.

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Expectations for International Students 

Most overseas students are unsure of what is required of them in order to be considered for admission to the University of Oxford. All applicants must meet the qualifying requirements of their degree in order to accept the offer of a place to study here. 

A-levels are taken by many of the students who apply to Oxford, but we also accept a wide range of other similar UK and international degrees. If you are an overseas student interested in applying to Oxford, you must have earned – or be anticipated to earn – one of the following qualifications. 

Students interested in applying to the University of Oxford must meet specific topic requirements for various courses, especially in the sciences, so make sure you check the criteria for your course. 

If your qualification isn’t mentioned as acceptable, you’ll have to do some additional research if you want to apply. You can take any of the qualifications mentioned as acceptable and approved in the United Kingdom. 

If your country does not appear on this list, it implies that your school-leaving qualifications do not currently meet Oxford’s admissions requirements. Oxford examines the qualifications it accepts on a regular basis, so please contact them and they will be able to guide you through the process. 

It’s important to keep in mind that this process can take up to a year. We recognize that students, particularly mature students, may hold credentials that are no longer valid or grading systems that have changed. If this is the case with your qualification, please contact them at ox.ac.UK/ask and they will be able to provide you with additional information.

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