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List Of Universities In Ukraine

Universities in Ukraine

In today’s article we are going to talk about universities in Ukraine, ranking, tuition fees, cost of living, admission requirements etc.

Since time immemorial, Ukraine has emerged as a primary choice amongst other countries when it comes to schooling. This is not a surprising fact however as Ukraine is renowned world wide for it’s top notch academic quality, the fact that it houses some of the amazing scenery in the world and also because the Ukrainian language is the second most melodic in the world.

Top of the list however is the fact that Ukraine offers some of the best institutions of learning all around the world. Plus, they offer a wide variation of courses that can be studied.


Amazingly, there are several reasons why several students world wide choose to come over to Ukraine to study. These reasons are far ranging and all encompassing. Firstly, studying in Ukraine avails students the opportunity of acquiring quality education.

Another reason why students choose to study in Ukraine is because it offers globally recognized courses which meet WHO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL AND UNESCO standards.

The third and very vital reason why students choose to study in Ukraine is because the Ukrainian method of teaching is accepted world wide. Therefore, students from different backgrounds can easily blend in with the system.

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Universities in Ukraine

Top Ranking Institutions

Below is a list of the top 5 institutions in Ukraine that you should consider;

  • National Technical University Of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
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This institution is a non-profit public institute of learning. It offers courses and several programs which leadsto officially world wide recognized degrees such as the popular ones including bachelor’s degree and even up to masters and doctorate degrees in different fields of study. It is ranked as the best institute in Ukraine by 4ICU and also comes 1254 in world rankings carried out by the same body.

  • TarasShevchenko National University Of Kyiv

This institute has been in operation for 185 years and possesses a very selective intake policy which is usually based on qualifying examinations and also the past record and grades of applicants. It is ranked by 4ICU as the second best university in Ukraine and comes 1951 in the world rankings carried out by the same body.

  • Sumy State University

This institute of learning boasts of 80-90% acceptance rate. This makes it one of the least selective institutions in Ukraine. It is ranked by 4ICU as the third best university in Ukraine and it stands at 2404 in the world rankings carried out by the same body.

This institute of learning was founded in 1661. It does not publicly announce it’s acceptance rate but like most schools in Ukraine, it also makes use of a qualifying exam and students past grades/performance when it comes to giving out admissions. It is ranked by 4ICU as the fourth best university in Ukraine and comes 2631 in the world rankings carried out by the same body.

  • National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

This institute was founded in 1920 and it is a coeducational higher citadel of learning. It is ranked by 4ICU as the fifth best university in Ukraine and stands at 2796 in the world rankings carried out by the same body.

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How To Apply To Study At A University In Ukraine

The process of applying to study at any university in Ukraine is fairly easy, provided you meet up with all the requirements and standards. For international students that wish to study at universities in Ukraine, the list below contains the requirements;

  • Admission Requirements

When applying to study in Ukraine, some things that will be required of you include; filled university application form, copy of international passport showing all details, 5 credit passes in relevant subjects, copy of high/secondary school completion which should also show marks obtained, etc

  • Visa and Travel Requirements

Naturally, there are some countries that do not require visa before being granted access into Ukraine. However, there are some countries that require visa. So, it is expected of any applicant to know the visa status of his country before applying. Also, for countries without a Ukrainian consulate, applicants from such countries would need to go to the nearest Ukrainian consulate in order to process their visa. Some visa requirements to study in Ukraine include; valid international passport, original admission letter, sponsorship letter, etc.

  • University Registrations and Enrollment Requirements

Some of the requirements here include; valid international passport, Ukrainian translation of the international passport, original university invitation letter, original birth certificate, immigration card, etc.

  • Cost Requirements

One of the requirements that must be met before an applicant can be accepted to study in Ukraine is that he/she must have the means to meet up with every payment demanded by the institution in the period of study.

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When To Apply (Undergraduate and Graduate Application)

Institutions in Ukraine run their sessions from September. The first semester lasts from September till January and the second semester runs from February to June. Basically, schools in Ukraine accept applications all through the year. It would be wise for any applicant to know the requirements ahead of time and submit them months ahead to avoid last minute hurry.

Deadline For Students To Submit Applications

In Ukraine, applications can be submitted during two periods;

  • First intake : To be part of the first intake, applicants must apply on or before 30thOctober.
  • Second Intake: To be part of the second intake, interested applicants must turn in their applications on or before 1st of February.

Schools in Ukraine usually make their application process known as from 15th August and the whole process usually runs till 15th of November.

What To Expect When You Study In Ukraine

Thereare several benefits that stand to be gained as a result of studying in Ukraine. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  1. Quality Education
  2. Flexible schedule
  3. Right to choose language of study
  4. Universally accepted teaching methods.


It has already been established in this article that Ukraine is one of the best countries to study. Not only does it houses some of the top institutions in the world, but it also boasts of quality education at a very fair price. Furthermore, Ukraine is a very hospitable country and one of the safest which makes it a top destination when it comes to schooling.


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