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Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University scholarships

Harvard university scholarships are given to students who cannot afford to finance their studies in Harvard university. A lot of need and merit based scholarships are given ton students. About 55% of students receive need based Harvard scholarships and 1 in 5 pays nothing to attend the university. Let’s now see how Harvard university scholarships work and how you can apply.

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Harvard university scholarships 

When you apply for financial aid at Harvard, we combine a variety of tools to create a unique aid package that meets your demonstrated need. Scholarship funds and student jobs, as well as any honors you’ve earned from outside sources, could be included. For those that are interested, parent and student loans are also eligible. Our scholarships are designed to meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need because Harvard is committed to affordability. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We start by calculating your award based on your parent’s contribution.
  2. Then we take into account your student jobs and any outside honors you’ve got.
  3. Your remaining needs will be met by scholarship funds, which are non-repayable grants.

Harvard endowment funds, alumni donations, general tuition income, and federal and state grants are among the sources of scholarship funds. More than 2,000 individual endowment and gift funds have been created by generous alumni and donors for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Scholarship program, including a transformational $150 million gift from Ken Griffin ’89. Many of these donors receive annual reports based on the knowledge students share with us over the summer.

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Federal and State Grants

You may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or a Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (SEOG). The details you include in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid determines your eligibility (FAFSA).

The federal government awards Pell Grants and SEOGs, which are managed by our office, based on financial need. You will receive a Student Aid Report showing your Pell Grant eligibility within 10 days of filing your FAFSA. Pell Grant applicants account for 16 percent of Harvard College’s existing undergraduate students.

If you live in Massachusetts, you might be eligible for a state Gilbert Grant, which is given out based on financial need. Your term-time job expectations are unaffected by these awards. Click here to see a full guide on how to complete the FAFSA application.

Scholarships and Awards Outside Harvard

You, like all of our students, could be eligible for scholarships from non-Harvard outlets such as high schools, civic associations, your parents’ employers, companies, the National Merit Scholarship Programs, the G.I. Bill, and the ROTC. Since these awards are intended to be used for educational purposes, you must report them to Harvard and add them to your college costs. Your outside awards will be factored into your overall financial aid package. In two measures, funds from outside grants are integrated into the financial aid package:

  1. To begin, the term-time work expectation must be replaced.
  2. If you receive outside awards that meet your term-time job requirement, the remaining funds will be used to replace a Harvard scholarship of equivalent value.
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Click here to find out more information on how to apply for this awards.

Harvard Kennedy School Scholarships

Our Admissions Committee selects candidates for competitive fellowships and scholarships based on merit. Additional institutional funding is limited based on particular factors such as a student’s field of study, citizenship, or geographic location.

During the admissions process, you must complete the Application for Financial Assistance. For the duration of your master’s degree program, all available funds are invested. Once you’ve enrolled at HKS, there are very few chances to apply for fellowships or scholarships.

Harvard University’s Committee On General Scholarships

The Committee on General Scholarships (CGS) provides financial aid to Harvard students in a variety of ways. CGS funding is extremely competitive; accepted applicants and existing Harvard students are also eligible.

CGS limited scholarships go to students who live in specific cities, states, or countries, or who are descended from a specific ancestry or family. These scholarships vary in value from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars and are intended to complement existing funding. Based on the details you submit in your Application for Financial Assistance, you will be eligible for CGS restricted scholarships.

International fellowships offered by CGS are country-specific. They are not given out by HKS and must be applied for separately. The CGS website has application specifics, contact information, and a complete list of fellowship and restricted scholarship opportunities.

Harvard Student Loans

As part of the financial aid program, you are not expected to take out loans. Our financial assistance programs are tailored to meet your financial needs without the need for additional borrowing. In reality, the majority of our students graduate with no debt. You can, however, take out loans to help pay for your student or family contribution. Students will use our Student Loan Request Form to apply for loans.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article on Harvard university scholarships. You can follow our guidelines here and apply for the Harvard university scholarships and loans. Please don’t forget to share our article so others can learn

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