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Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest tertiary institution in the United States and is connected to abundance, power, honor, and high scholastic standards. This tertiary institution is perhaps the best on the planet. In fàct, many students intend on studying there.

Gaining a university admission is a lifetime experience most students celebrate with family and loved ones. While gaining a university admission is worth celebrating, it should be noted that the process which begins by choosing an institution goes through a critical phase. All universities have application review processes and this directly influences the students who will gain admission upon application.

Procuring scholarships from Harvard University will be an ideal chance for the students who will like to study there.  This institution offers numerous grants to international undergraduates, making their desires of studying in the United States work out. If you intend on knowing how to get these grants, this article will give you a tip. To expand your odds of getting to the university, it is a smart thought to know the application requirements and the acceptance rates at Harvard University.  In this article, all that you need to know about the application system in Harvard University will be discussed.

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Harvard University Application

At the point when you are prepared to apply, you are to access the university online application portal. All relevant documents should be submitted electronically via the online application process.  Below are the tips you need to know when applying.


Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate applicants have three choices to look over while applying to Harvard University. You are to process your application either via the Common Application Portal, the Coalition Application Portal, or the institution College Portal. Based on the kind of procedure, the application fee will contrast and it is estimated to be around $75. After you present your application, an email of confirmation will be sent to you with a PIN to have access to the Applicant Portal. Note that Applications sent via the mail will take about two weeks to be processed.


Postgraduate Programs.

All Postgraduate applicants are required to apply through the Applicant Portal. In the first place, you need to enlist on the particular school’s site and afterward sign in to its Applicant Portal. Do observe that each school has its own Applicant Portal. Try not to enroll on the wrong school’s site. For example, if you intend on applying for an MBA, you need to enroll with Harvard Business School’s site and apply through its entry. The application fee for postgraduate programs varies from one course to another and runs between USD80 – USD105.

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Harvard usually requires a high score for affirmation in any program. The specific qualification necessities vary from one course to another.  Let’s take a look at the following requirement needed for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Undergraduate Programs

The qualifications include:

  • Educational transcripts
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • Advanced Placement scores, mostly optional
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Research essays, portfolio, music/video recordings, based on course requirement
  • Financial documents
  • Scholarship letters, if available
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • GRE or GMAT scores, depending on the program


Postgraduate Programs

The qualifications include;

  • An American baccalaureate degree or its equivalent degree from a recognized tertiary institution
  • Educational transcripts
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • GRE or GMAT scores
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Stellar Essays
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Writing, video, or audio sample, based on course requirement
  • Work experience may be required depending on the program
  • Monetary documents
  • Scholarship letters, if available

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When To Apply

For undergraduate programs,  you will need to apply towards the first week of November to Mid-December. The regular decisions should be made from the first week of January to Late-March. On the other hand, since postgraduate programs have various deadlines, their conclusion dates usually differ. You may apply to Harvard under their Restrictive Early Action or Regular Decision program and you are to wait until the first week of May to settle on a final college decision.


Tuition Fees

The tuition expenses in the institution are generally high for both international and homegrown students. It varies depending on the programs and courses and the kind of student you are. Note that the educational expenses in the university are liable to change and are determined every year.

The average tuition fees for undergraduate students are estimated to be between $12,000 – $50,000. For postgraduate students, the average tuition fee is estimated to between $50,000- $85,000.

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Life in the City

Boston offers the freedom to work together with driving researchers across all fields and disciplines. You can begin your excursion in Harvard Square, one of the world’s incredible crossroads, and advance toward Central Square, home to each comprehensible ethnic cuisine. The city is additionally home to a portion of the country’s most popular establishments, like the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Symphony, and the Museum of Science. It is a cosmopolitan and refined city known for its dynamic nightlife, and a town with incredible bars and cheap spots to eat. Students regularly make the most of their visit to the city in light of the elevated expectation of living there.


Scholarship for International Students

Many students want to study in the United States. Securing grants from Harvard University will be an ideal chance for the individuals who would like to study there. This institution offers numerous grants to international students, fulfilling their desires of studying in the university to come true.

Let’s take a look at some of the scholarship opportunities for international students below;

Harvard University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

The University is devoted to eliminating the financial hindrance between its education and promising international students who want to study there. Given this devotion, International undergraduate applicants can get completely subsidized Harvard University grants to take care of their expenses. The scholarship is generally offered to Students whose family pay is under $65,000 per year. The grant covers the chosen students’ educational expenses and other relevant expenses.


Harvard University Scholarship (MBA)

This scholarship is intended for MBA students who have an exceptional academic history with incredible potential. It accompanies different advantages covering most of the expenses of the selected students during their stay in the institution.

Harvard University Scholarships (Master)

Harvard University Master’s students can get scholarships through different Harvard associations and workplaces that the institution offers to both homegrown and international students.


Harvard University Scholarships (Ph.D.)

Each student that is in a Ph.D. program gets completely subsidized grants. This scholarship comprises tuition expenses, cost of living, and health care insurance which are covered by educational cost awards, allowances, research cooperation, research assistantships, and other appointments.


Writing a Stellar Essay For Academic Scholarships

 Before writing anything down, you have to think of the most important information you want to impart and make sure you flow with your write-ups. Below are the tips to follow when writing a stellar essay for the university.

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  • Hit every point

While illustrating your essay, make a point to dedicate equivalent space to each segment. Before editing, review what you have written and ensure your essay adequately addresses each point.


  • Organize in 3’s

Human thinking can be categorized into 3 classes: pathos, logos, and ethos, interpreted as feeling, logic, and morals. In essay format, you may consider them as stories, realities, and individual convictions. In your composition, guarantee you utilize every one of the three types of thinking.


  • Only use words you know

When forming an essay, it is enticing to snatch a word reference and locate the greatest words. Nonetheless, the second a word is abused, the appointed authority gets on to pinpoint the mistake. So, it’s advisable to use simple languages to construct your essay.


  • Seek feedback

Find someone who can survey your essay. This person might be a recruiting supervisor, proficient editorial manager, or a reliable friend. This is to guarantee you get a great yield.


With the tips summarized above, you should be able to write a good stellar essay for the university.

Harvard University Acceptance Rate

The odds of getting into Harvard University are relatively fair.  The university takes consideration into every candidate’s profile and archives. The admission board looks for students who can be pioneers, make relevant contributions to the Harvard family, and keep on inspiring people even in the path of graduating. The university is able to acknowledge students from everywhere around the world and embrace diversity in all forms. So, if you’re looking forward to enrolling into the various programs in the university as an international student, you definitely have a chance so far you are ready for the competition.



Harvard University is a top-class university and is considered one of the best in the world. It’s a dream of many students to study there but the fact is that only a few are privileged to study there because of the competition. The acceptance rate is fair enough to bolster your confidence to study in the university as an international student. This is because the institution always aims for the best students who will make the university proud even after graduation.

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