USA Visa Application Guidelines

U.S Visa Application

The United States is widely known for its strict immigration policy. Embassies around the world conduct a strict selection of those persons who receive the right to visit this country. For many, even obtaining a tourist visa becomes a problem.

Everything is aimed at preventing illegal migration. So, when submitting documents, a person needs to convince officials that he is not going to move to the United States, violating the law.

Therefore, people should be responsible when preparing an appeal to the embassy. To correctly fill out all the documents, a citizen needs to understand the migration rules and carefully follow the recommendations.

What You Need To Know

In the United States, the principle is that all foreigners entering the country arrive for illegal migration. Therefore, when considering documents, the slightest doubts about the intentions of a citizen are taken into account. The person should carefully prepare for filling out the questionnaire and interview.

Meanwhile, the validity of the passport must end no earlier than six months after the end of the visit to the United States.

USA Visa Application Process

The whole procedure can be divided into several stages;

  • Study of migration legislation and determination of the type of visa.
  • Collection of the necessary information and documents.
  • Payment of the consular fee.
  • Filling out the questionnaire.
  • Obtaining an invitation to the embassy/consulate.
  • Passing an interview.
  • Obtaining a passport with the required mark.
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To fill out the application, you will need the following documents;

  • Civil passport and for travel abroad; photo 5cm by 5cm;
  • Military ID or other documents with information about the passage of service in the armed forces;
  • Document on obtaining additional education (higher or secondary specialized);
  • Employment history;
  • Certificate of income and place of work;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Birth certificates of children.

This is an incomplete list of all the papers required to fill out the application. The citizen should review the form in advance to determine what specific information will need to be included in the application.

All documents should be in hand to provide at the interview to the visa officer, if necessary.

How to Fill Out a Questionnaire

The document exists only in electronic form. The statutory form is called DS-160 if a citizen is not going to enter the country for permanent residence.

Before filling out an application for a visa to the United States, a citizen will need to go to the website of the State Department of this country (analogous to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The citizen chooses the country and city where the application is submitted. It is there that the interview will take place if the outcome is successful. The user selects a secret question and enters the answer to it.

Further, the following information is sequentially entered:

  • Surname and name.
  • Name and surname data, if they have changed.
  • Marital status (can be official marriage and civil, separation, etc.).
  • Date and place of birth (with an indication of the region).
  • Passport number and US social security number (if any).
  • The actual address, postal code.
  • Phone numbers (mobile, home, work), email address.
  • Passport details: number, where and when it was issued, expiration date.
  • Travel details: visa types, date of arrival and duration of stay in the United States, the exact address of the place of stay (if any).
  • Information about fellow travellers: full name, nature of the relationship (degree of relationship, friendship, business partnership).
  • Information about previous trips to the United States: date of arrival and duration of stay, driver’s license number (if received in this country), date of visa issue and visa number.
  • An indication of whether the citizen has previously received a refusal to issue an American visa, and an article on the basis for the rejection of the application.
  • Information about the host: the name of the organization or educational institution, full name. Relative, address, attitude towards the applicant (it all depends on the type of visa).
  • Information about parents: last names, first names, dates and places of birth, whether they live in the United States.
  • Identifying other relatives living in the United States.
  • Information about the spouse: full name, date of birth, place of residence, nationality.
  • The main occupation (study or branch of the economy where the citizen works).
  • Place of work (name and location), income, description of main responsibilities.
  • Information about the previous place of work: date of employment, name and address of the organization, position, responsibilities, work phone number, date of dismissal.
  • Education: name of an educational institution, address, dates of admission and graduation.
  • What foreign languages ​​does the applicant know?
  • Countries that a citizen has previously visited, indicating whether he carried out professional activities on the territory of these states.
  • Service in the army: country, a branch of service, rank, speciality, start and end dates of service.
  • Security issues: whether the city violated the law, was prosecuted, is a member of a gang or a terrorist group, is a drug addict or sick with an infectious disease, etc.
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USA visa application seems to be the toughest of all. So you should pay attention to instructions during the application procedures.

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