Australia Student Visa Application Guidelines

Australia Student Visa

An Australia student visa allows everyone to study in Australia. Yes, with this visa, you can study at an Australian school and take a foreign language course or graduate.

All countries are divided into five levels by the Australian Immigration Department.

The higher the number of the country, the more difficult it is to obtain a visa for its citizens.

A foreign student can apply for a student visa if he/she intends to study a registered course where a registered course is a training course provided by an Australian educational institution that has received Australian Government approval to teach international students.

Categories of Australian Student Visas

  • Category 570 – designed for teaching English courses.
  • Category 571 – designed for secondary school education.
  • Category 572 – intended for university studies.
  • Category 573 – intended for master’s degree studies.

How to Apply For an Australia Student Visa

The student visa application is made only on the internet!

You should check and scan the documents you need. This implies that you need to find out about your visa specific details (on the immigration website homeaffairs.gov.au).

Also, write down your Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) number provided to you by your Australian university or institution.

So follow the steps described below to apply for an Australia student visa.

  1. Go to the Australian immigration website. You should be aware that the visa that interests you is the Student visa (subclass 500).
  2. Create an ImmiAccount and log in. With this system, you can save your request at any time to finish it later and/or add additional documents (but not beyond 28 days).
  3. Fill in the required fields. Meanwhile, you should only use letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and dashes.
  4. Send the request and keep your TRN.
  5. Once the request is filed, in addition to a payment receipt, you will have a number to keep is which the Transaction Reference Number (TRN).
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The TRN is essential for the following;

  • Identify yourself to communicate with the Immigration Department in Australia.
  • Track the progress of your request online.
  • Receive approval for your student visa application.

If all goes well, you will receive a Notification of Grant Letter by email. We recommend that you print it out and keep it with you when travelling. These notifications include;

  • The Visa Grant Number (the visa granted the number).
  • The validity date and the conditions of your visa.

As soon as your request is accepted, the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service allows you to have access to all the information relating to your visa (file number, rights, obligations, etc.) for the duration of your stay…

Also, keep your password very carefully!


  • Your passport must be valid for up to six months after the date of applying. It is with this one, of course, that you will travel.
  • If you made a mistake while completing the request, just log into your ImmiAccount with your transaction number (TRN). You can then add documents, update your passport information, change your email address, etc.

Benefits of an Australia Student Visa

  • Provides the opportunity to obtain student health insurance, subsidized by the Australian government.
  • Grants the right to study for more than 3 months
  • The possibility of obtaining a work permit
  • The visa can be extended.
  • The visa can be used to enter and leave Australia an unlimited number of times.
  • A foreign student in Australia is allowed to study, rent a house, and invite his parents and friends to visit him.
  • The student is given the right to apply for visas to other countries of the world without leaving Australia.
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To extend your student status, you will need to re-obtain a visa, but this can be done in Australia itself.

As a rule, the second visa application is much easier than the first one. Especially when you have got zero crime record.


If you have a dream to school in Australia, then applying for the Australia student visa might be one of the best options for you.

So, you should follow the guidelines discussed here today to obtain an Australia student visa.

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