How to Get a Job in Canada

How to Get a Job in Canada

Believe it or not, Canada constantly invites migrants to get jobs in Canada since citizens of the country are ageing already.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing how to get a job in Canada, this article will guide you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a specialist or not, there are vacancies for everyone who wants to work in Canada regularly.

The country does invite people from different nations to immigrate there because most of their workers are getting older and they need their economy to remain stable.

So, this is an opportunity that migrants can take advantage of.

Requirements to Work in Canada

It is important to note that some jobs in Canada do not need a permit. Although the requirements depend on the type of job that you apply for.

Meanwhile, there is a general list that all applicants must meet to get a job in Canada.

Check them out below;

  • Proof to your interviewer that you will be leaving Canada when your work permit expires
  • Show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada and to return home
  • Obey the law and have no history of criminal activity
  • You shouldn’t be a threat to the safety of Canada
  • Be in good health and have a medical exam report.
  • Not planning to work for an employer listed with “ineligible” status
  • Not planning to work for an employer that regularly offers striptease, dance, escort services, or erotic massage.
  • Give the officer any other document that proves that you can enter the country
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How to Get a Job in Canada

To get a job in Canada and offers that the country’s government has, it is necessary to create a profile in the job bank from its official website.

You can create your profile here:

Once you have created your profile, you can search the portal according to the type of job you want and in what state you prefer.

In the same way, if you don’t want to miss any job, the portal allows you to create “Job Alerts” so that you receive notifications when a new vacancy opens.

There is also a mobile application so that job offers are at your fingertips, which is free, does not require registration and is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Another option is Job Match, which links current vacancies to your job seeker profile.

It also increases your visibility for employers, as they can see your profile and invite you to apply to their jobs.

Once you’ve chosen the job, you may need to provide biometrics along with the application.

NOTE: To go to Canada temporarily, you must provide biometrics once every 10 years.

If your application is approved, you will receive a letter saying that you can work in Canada. This letter should be taken with you when you travel to the country.

CLARIFICATION: This letter is not a work permit. You will get your work permit when you arrive in Canada.

The work permit will describe:

  • The kind of work you can do
  • The employer you can work for
  • Where you can work, and
  • How long can you work
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Programs That Can Help You Find a Good Job

There are various types of programs from the government of Canada to help you get a job this 2020, here we will give you a list of the most important that could guarantee a job for you.

  1. Vacancies on the SNE Portal

In addition to finding jobs on the Canadian portal, you can also do it directly from the Employment Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), there you can find vacancies from specialized jobs, even in the agricultural sector, kitchen or bakery.

  1. Go To Your Nearest SNE Office

Although there are some vacancies on the portal, each state can make agreements directly with Canadian companies and thus get more work abroad for its residents. He goes to the offices to ask about the subject.

  1. Selected Skilled Workers in Quebec

This is the application process for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada and live in Quebec. Meanwhile, Quebec has a special agreement with the government to choose migrants who are well adapted to living there.

  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Employers must obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire foreign workers, as they will cover temporary shortages of labour and skills.

  1. International Mobility Program (IMP)

The IMP allows employers to hire temporary workers without an LMIA, instead of for its economic, cultural or benefits for both nations.

  1. International Experience Canada

This Canadian government program is more aimed at young people who want to travel and work in Canada and obtain a more competitive professional work experience.

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Knowing how to get a job in Canada is not enough but taking action is. Therefore if you are reading this right now, ensure you take a bold step towards securing your dream job in Canada.

Ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who are also interested in knowing how to get a job in Canada.

You should let us know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks.

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