How to Get a Job in Australia

How to Get a Job in Australia

There are a large number of websites where you can check for job offers in Australia, but when you are looking for an unskilled job, we recommend leaving your comfort zone.

Yes, put down your computer, go out on the street and introduce yourself to every one of the restaurants and bars in your city centre.

However, you may prefer to search directly in the different Australian job portals where one of the most famous job sites to search for work in Australia is Gumtree.

On this website, you will not only find job offers but also surfboards, houses, rooms and many second-hand objects.

Kinds of Jobs You Will Find In Australia

The job you choose will depend a lot on your level of English because most of us have a very basic level when we arrive in Australia.

Therefore, the jobs most of us choose are unskilled jobs such as cleaning, gardening, moving, washing dishes, Jobs that will help you survive. Meanwhile, you can find the following categories of jobs below;

  • Unskilled Jobs

Working in restaurant kitchens, cleaning houses or offices, or in positions that do not require interaction with the client.

  • Well Paid Unskilled Jobs

Waiter, Au Pair, Babysitter, Barista, Saleswoman, Receptionist and others

  • Qualified Jobs
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If your level of English is good and you study it, you can get a qualified job in any sector. Marketing, engineering, architecture, design, etc.

Way to Get a Job in Australia

There are plenty of tools you can take advantage of to find a job in Australia. In this article, we will tell you some of the options you have to get a job as soon as you arrive in Australia (and also before travelling!).

  1. Job Services Providers

They are public or semi-public organizations that help you find work. Besides, they allow you to access training courses and paid internships so that you can gain work experience.

There are several providers, which are oriented to different jobs and worker profiles. See them below;

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  1. JobSearch

It is the largest job portal in Australia. Register and start applying for all the job offer there are! If you want to work in the field, take advantage of the Find Harvest Jobs section. There are plenty of opportunities to work. Remember that they can help you to extend your Work & Holiday for one more year!

  1. SkillSelect

SkillSelect is the best way to get a job if you haven’t arrived in Australia yet. This page depends on the Australian government and allows you to apply for visas 189 and 190.

When you request them, it will let you load an “Expression of interest”. This form is a kind of online CV where you will be able to upload your academic and work experience.

Make sure that you have already taken your English test because they will also ask you for that information.

Australian employers can see it and if they like your profile, they will call you. Also, if you are requesting a sponsored visa, it will help you get a company to sponsor you.

  1. Working Hostels

Working Hostels are as loved as they are hated. These hostels are close to farms and Fruit Picking fields. Not only do they provide cheaper accommodation but they also help you find work in nearby fields.

However, some have a very bad reputation. So before going to a Working Hostel, look at the comments they have on their Facebook page. You can also ask the Argentine community in Australia. It is the best way to know if it is convenient for you or not to stay there.

  1. Classified
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Review the Job vacancies or Positions vacant sections. Especially on Saturdays, which is when there are more advertisements published.

In some cities, there are local newspapers that are free and delivered house to house. Take advantage of them to find work close to where you are!


I believe you are now clear on how to get a job in Australia, so you should ensure that you share this piece with your colleagues online.

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