Various Ways to Obtain Canada Visa

Ways to Obtain Canada Visa

To legally enter Canada, a visa must be processed in accordance with the purpose of the trip. This may be the temporary stay visas, permanent residence visas or any other.

Meanwhile, there are different ways to obtain a Canada visa but these ways depend on the type of visa you are applying for.

Types of Canada Visas

  • Visitor Visa and Electronic Travel Authorization

To enter Canada for short stays (less than six months) a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization is required.

To get this visa you must have;

  • Sufficient funds to cover expenses during your stay in Canada
  • Show that you have roots in the country of origin.
  • Documents of ownership of the real estate, letters of work or certificates of study.
  • Medical examinations for stays longer than 6 months.


  • Single Entry Visitor Visa/Multiple Entries

The visitor visa can be “single entry” (allows a single entry to Canada) or “multiple entries” (allows entry and exit of Canada multiple times while the document is valid).

Both types of visa are granted for a defined period, which can be a maximum of 10 years. The duration is decided by the immigration authorities according to the evaluation made of the traveller’s profile.

  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

Nationals of a large number of countries require a visitor visa called “Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)” to enter or transit through Canada. Almost all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean require it.

  • Student Visa
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To carry out formal studies in academic institutions in Canada, a study permit is required. Although, it is not required for language or studies of less than 6 months duration.

  • Immigrant Visas or Permanent Residence Visas

Canada chooses its immigrants based on their skills and work experience and the contribution they can make to the country’s economy or support family reunification.

Besides, Canada complies with international humanitarian agreements for refugee cases.

  • Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Also known by its acronym in English, ETA, for “Electronic Travel Authorization”, is an electronic authorization issued by the Government of Canada to foreign travellers who do not require a tourist visa to enter Canadian territory.

Any foreign traveller, exempt from a visitor or tourist visa, who wishes to take a flight to Canada or pass through Canada to the final destination, must obtain an electronic travel authorization.

How to Apply For a Visit Visa

In less than 10 minutes, you can obtain the authorization (visit visa).

  • Step 1

Gather your supporting documents to make your request. Below are some recommendations;

  • Bring your valid passport.
  • Know his email address.
  • Own a payment card.

Note that the remaining validity period on the passport must be at least 6 months.

  • Step 2

Apply for an electronic travel authorization. Now that you have all the necessary documents, all you have to do is follow our instructions;

  • Go to the Government of Canada site.
  • Answer the first set of questions. Questioning helps determine if you need an eTA or if you are exempt from it.
  • Fill out the request form (personal information, contact details, reasons for the stay, bank details, passport number, etc.).
  • Pay the fees online. The fees are around CAN $ 7 (approximately € 5).
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Letter of Explanation of the Reasons Why You Want To Visit Canada

The applicant must also submit a letter explaining the reasons why they want to visit Canada. The more details that are provided, the more credible the document will be. It is convenient to only tell the truth and list data that can be demonstrated.

If it is a relative of a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, the application for the visitor visa should include an invitation letter accompanied by documents proving the legal status of the relative in Canada (photocopy of the resident card or the Canadian passport).

Some Canadian consulates or embassies require that this letter contain an official seal by a municipal official certifying that the information contained in the documents is true.

It is a simple procedure that can be carried out at the headquarters of the area in which the relative resides in Canada.

Visa Expiration

It is very important not to stay longer than allowed since Canadian immigration authorities severely enforce laws that restrict the time of stay of foreign citizens in their territory.

When the visa is about to expire, you must leave Canada or seek guidance from the immigration authorities to process a possible extension or extension. Severe penalties are imposed in cases of expired visas.

Cost of Canada Visa

The Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada costs 7 Canadian dollars and can be requested online here


The summary of this article is knowing that the ways to obtain a Canada visa depend on the purpose of your visa.

Therefore, you should see the types of visa we discussed earlier and pick the one that best suits you. Ensure that you share this with your colleagues online. Thanks.

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