UK Immigration: How to Migrate to the UK

How to Migrate to the UK

We all know that moving to another country is not an easy task and it can be a bit scary to take this first step.

Therefore, good planning before leaving will make your way easier and allow you to confidently face the problems that you may encounter in your new adventure.

So in this article, we have left a guide for you to plan your trip to the United Kingdom. We talk about all the important procedures that you must carry out, such as looking for accommodation, work, savings and many more tips.

So sit back and read through;

Required Documents and Procedures

Any document or procedure that you can carry out in your home country, it is better to do it before you leave.

Once in the UK, these procedures become more complicated and take more time.

Here is a list of the most important procedures;

  • ID and Passport

Check the expiration date of your documents and confirm if they are about to expire, renew them before you come.

As you already know, you will not be able to get on a plane by showing an expired ID or Passport.

If you still do not have a passport, apply for it, as you will need it to enter the country.

  • Driving License

If you have it, bring it. They are more familiar with this document as the format is very similar to yours.

  • Health Insurance

Due to the result of Brexit, the European Health Insurance Card will no longer be valid in the UK from January 1, 2021. As a consequence, you may have to pay if you have to go to the doctor for any reason.

Meanwhile, it is only when you can prove that you reside legally in the UK, you can enrol in the British health system.

  • Criminal Record

The Criminal Record Certificate is usually requested if you are going to work with children or to care for the elderly and the sick. This procedure could be done abroad, but it is easier to do it from your country.

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You can make your request in person, by mail or online (if you have an electronic ID). It takes about 2 weeks to process if you order it by ordinary mail and it is obtained instantly if you do it online.

  • Validate Your Academic Degrees

The validation of your academic degrees is usually requested in some universities or for some professions such as teacher, doctor, engineer, etc.

The UK organization that is in charge of validating foreign qualifications to British qualifications is UK Naric.

Steps to Migrate to the UK

  1. Procedures to Be Carried Out In the United Kingdom
    • Request the National Insurance Number (NIN)

The National Insurance Number (NIN) is something like the social security number in the UK. You will need it if you come to work, so I recommend that you request it as soon as possible.

The NIN cannot be obtained from your home country, but you could shorten the deadlines to get an appointment by calling before leaving for the UK.

In total, it can take about 3-4 weeks from when you start the process until you receive the NIN at home.

  • Consular Registration

Consular registration is recommended if you are going to spend a long time in the UK. It will facilitate the renewal or processing of your passport in case of expiration or loss, you can vote from abroad.

  • Open a Bank Account

Another important step is to open a bank account in the country. Moving to the UK with your country card will not be very profitable. Also, if you come to work you will need it to get your payroll.

  • Medical Record

Apart from the medical insurance that you may have contracted, it is highly recommended that you register at the medical centre closest to your home.

This way, you can use the services of the doctor as you do in your home country.

  1. Find Accommodation in the United Kingdom

The best way to spend your first days (or even weeks) is to stay in temporary accommodation. The shelters or hostels are usually the options most economical, but you could also find a cheap hotel.

Those of you who have friends and have the opportunity to stay with them during these first days are better.

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In this way, you will be able to move with peace of mind while contacting owners and agencies and visiting the properties that interest you most.

The supply of flats and rooms in the UK is very high but also the demand. So it may take several days until you find something that interests you.

  1. Find A Job In The UK

This task will have to start with your home country. The first thing I recommend you do is adapting your curriculum vital to the British model.

It would also be convenient if you prepare a cover letter. In the UK they give it a lot of importance. Remember to have a British telephone number operational (See point 4) and include it in the CV.

If they see that you do not have a British number, it will be much more difficult for them to contact you and they may even discard your CV.

When you have your CV ready, you can start looking for a job online and apply online if there is something that interests you.

There are numerous job seekers such as indeed or reed where you can search for all kinds of jobs.

  1. British Phone

To look for work, apply for a visa, call the advertisements for houses or rooms, and make an appointment for the NIN … you will need a British telephone number.

And for starters, the company we recommend is giffgaff.

You don’t have to make contracts and it has very cheap monthly packages (data, calls and SMS). For example, for just £ 10 a month you get unlimited calls and messages and 6 Gigs of data.

  1. Money and Savings

The UK is generally an expensive country. So if you have already decided to leave, start saving as soon as possible.

My recommendation is that you come to the UK with enough savings to spend 2 months. At first, you will have to pay the deposit for the apartment, buy something for your new accommodation, transportation expenses, food, etc.

Therefore, it is best to be forewarned by what may happen.

In the UK on average you could spend around £ 700 per month so around £ 2000 would be recommended. This amount varies slightly according to cities and becomes much higher in London.

  • Change your Money to Pounds

Apart from the fact that it is not very safe to move with large amounts of money in your pocket, when you exchange your country’s currency for Pounds in a bank you will lose a lot of money in commissions.

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So, the best thing is to open a bank account in the UK and then transfer the money from your bank with TransferWise.

  1. Review Your English

Due to the new UK point immigration system, a certain level of English is required to enter to work or study in the country. So you should start reviewing a little English as soon as possible.

If you cannot go to private classes or an academy, prepare it on your own.

  1. Plan Your Trip

And finally, if you have already decided to leap and you already know which city will be where you will start your new adventure, start planning your trip.

And like everything, the sooner you start organizing it, the better.

  • Pack Your Suitcase

As for clothing, the main thing is warm and mid-season clothing. Some waterproof jacket or raincoat and boots will do you good. You will use summer clothes little, so do not put much in the suitcase.

Don’t forget a plug adapter. In case you didn’t know, in the UK they use a different plug format. You will not be the first who has gone to charge his mobile and has found that he cannot plug in his charger.

If you have a laptop, don’t hesitate to bring it. You will use it to find work, accommodation or to study if it is your case.

If all your things do not fit in the suitcase you are going to check-in and you do not want to come to the UK loaded with two or more checked suitcases.

Then, you can everything that is not urgent through a parcel company.


As you can see, there are many procedures to carry out and many things to take into account before immigrating to the United Kingdom.

So if you have already decided to take the leap and go to the UK, start organizing and preparing your trip as soon as possible.

I believe this article has covered the most important things to note when migrating to the UK. So, ensure that you share this with your colleagues online who might also be interested. Thanks.

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