Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

To begin with, it should be noted that all professions are well paid in Canada, provided you have a good degree of professional training.

On the other hand, one of the positive things that this country has is the possibility of finding an ideal job for you in almost any city (Toronto, Calgary, Quebec, among others). Likewise, your chance of finding a good job will not be affected by the country you come from.

Just by meeting certain requirements demanded in Canada, you will be able to practice your profession with total normality.

It is also important that you master at least one of the official languages ​​of this country (English or French) since this is one of the main requirements to practice a profession in Canada.

This way you will be able to communicate with your co-workers and integrate with the people around you without any difficulty.

Besides, you will get new job opportunities, you will get to experience other cultures, with which you will grow personally, and in turn, you will obtain a greater amount of income.

In the section below, we describe the professions with which you can get a good salary in Canada.

Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

  1. Psychologist

In Canada, this profession is well recognized in its various areas, be it legal, experimental, or clinical. It always receives great demand from the people who offer jobs.

A psychologist who works in an institution earns about $ 100,000 annually. On the other hand, if it is a private premise, you can earn between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 a year.

  1. Nurse
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Initially, they earn an income of about $ 60,000 annually. But those who already have a high degree of experience in the area typically earn just over $ 80,000 annually.

This profession will be one of the most requested by the country in the next 35 years. This, with the current low birth rate in the country.

Statistics show that in about 30 years, the majority of the country’s population, including those who carry out this work, will be close to retirement.

  1. Financial Manager

To practice this profession in Canada, it is essential to have a compulsory academic training e.g Finance or economics.

Here there are different ways of practising the profession, such as financial planning, risk analysis, accounting, among others.

About 75% of financial managers typically earn just over $ 50,000 a year.

  1. Manager of Scientific Research

Laboratory research teams always require someone in command. Therefore, a scientific research manager must be able to manage the efforts of the entire team to achieve the objective.

Also, you must be able to control budgets, human resources, and the functionality of the laboratory in which you work. They earn about $ 150,000 annually.

  1. Dentist

Dentists are normally well compensated for the services they offer. Therefore, it is among the best paid; In other words, there are great possibilities to excel with other professions.

The salary may increase or decrease, depending on the practice that takes place and the location where it is practised. Finding an average of $ 80,000 annually.

  1. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are part of economic and social growth. In the case of Canada, it has a rapidly expanding economy, so the demand for engineers is increasing.

However, the number of highly qualified civil engineers in the country is considerably low. This is due to the high number of projects that are expanding more and more.

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The salary of a recently graduated civil engineer is close to $ 60,000 a year. If you are at an advanced level, it can be between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000 a year.

  1. University Professor

These incomes vary, depending on the province and territory in which you are, in addition to the experience you have.

  1. Lawyer

The salary of this profession in Canada is adjusted according to the city in which you want to practice, also influencing the organization, firm or company in which you want to work.

The best salaries for an attorney are in the city of Toronto. In this city, attorneys with 1 to 3 years of experience can earn around $ 53,000 to $ 90,000 annually.

It should also be said that the more years of experience you have, the higher the salary. For example, if you have been in your career for more than 11 years, the salary can range from $ 108,000 to $ 190,000 per year.

Likewise, a recent college graduate is capable of earning close to $ 80,000 annually. This, only if you work for a large law firm (more than 120 lawyers).

  1. Director of Public Administration

They must be in charge of managing government functions, such as supervising the elections and maintaining relations with the different parties of the same, making sure that everything works correctly.

The average salary in Canada is $ 110,000 a year. This also depends on the party for which you work, as well as the experience, being able to exceed an annual income of $ 200,000.

  1. Oil and Gas Drilling Supervisor

Both oil and gas production has been increasing exponentially in recent years, which is why experts in this area are highly sought after in Canada.

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Typically, whoever wishes to practice this profession in Canada will supervise two or three work teams, who will carry out the drilling of oil and gas.

Managers in this profession in Canada typically earn about $ 1,000 a day; that is to say, that a year you can generate $ 175,000 to $ 200,000, with an average of 180 working days.

  1. Primary Production Manager

It is among the most important professions for Canada. Here mines, fisheries, oil wells, among others, are managed.

A manager of this type must be in charge of both the security of the facilities and the machinery, as well as handling equipment that has a high degree of complexity.

Those who work with oil, mining or gas can expect a salary of $ 200,000 a year. However, if you work in forested areas, you can expect to earn more than $ 80,000 annually.

  1. Human Resources Manager

Currently, those who practice this profession are essential for any type of organization, because they are in charge of corporate recruitment.

Therefore, the good future of a company, public institution or university depends largely on these professionals.

Salaries for these types of professionals in Canada range from $32,000 per year in small organizations to $ 150,000 per year in large multinational corporations.

It has been investigated and shown that the unemployment rate in Canada for some years has oscillated around 6%, so the opportunity to find work and practice your profession in Canada is high, thus having the possibility of ensuring a better future.


If you plan to get one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada, then you should select from the ones that we have discussed above.

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