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Masters in Physical Education: Requirements and Universities

Masters in Physical Education


Master of Science (MSc) degrees are given to students who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of their chosen subjects of study. For the most part, MSc degrees are awarded in scientific or technological subjects, however some social sciences may also be qualified. 

MSc in Physical Education: What’s it all about? Students enrolled in this degree program will learn the ins and outs of physical education so that they can become experts in their area. Exercise science, fitness and health, physical education and sport pedagogy are some of the courses offered in this program, which may help participants understand how physical education may be made more effective in schools. You’ll need to know both the science and psychology of exercise and wellbeing in general in order to do this effectively. 

Students may gain proficiency in critical analysis, multiculturalism, and leadership during the course of the curriculum. Having the ability to engage and create relationships with others in their immediate environment is one of the most valuable things kids may take away from their time at school. 

This makes it difficult to estimate the total cost of a program, because it depends on which university is giving the courses. Researching the prices of a Master’s degree in Physical Education is essential for students planning their financial futures. 

Even though physical education teacher may be the most typical job title for a student with an MSc in this discipline, there may be many more possibilities. Exercise physiologists, fitness center managers, sports coaches, sports administrators, secondary school teachers, sports therapists, and sport development officers are just a few of the professions that students may be eligible to pursue. Graduates are given a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a professional path because of this huge range of unique occupations.

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Master’s Degrees in Physical Education (Master’s Degrees in Physical Education) 


West Alabama University 

The online Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of West Alabama can help you expand your knowledge and skills in the field of physical fitness. You can tailor your degree to your employment goals by choosing from four concentrations: athletic training, exercise science, physical education, and sport management. 

Avellaneda National University

The Master of Physical Education and Sports in Distance Mode is offered as a new educational action that, because of its qualities, allows professionals from all over the country and abroad to obtain high-quality training. 

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Longwood University

Earning a master’s degree in education will improve your talents and marketability (Health and Physical Education). Our entirely online curriculum can be completed in one year if you study full-time or two years if you study part-time. Working individuals or those who wish to advance their jobs without having to travel or meet on-campus requirements will benefit from our program. This is not a curriculum for initial licensure. To finish this program, applicants must hold a teaching license. 

Wesleyan College 

The Athletic Training Master of Science degree is offered by West Virginia Wesleyan College to provide students with theoretical knowledge and understanding of the profession of athletic training beyond that of an entry-level program, as well as to improve the quality of health care services for the physically active by developing advanced clinicians. 

University of St. Thomas More 

Athletic training is a type of healthcare that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of physically active and competitive athletes. To provide up-to-date care for patients, athletic trainers use evidence-based medicine across the range of exercise science. 

Jamaica’s University of Technology 

Applications will be available at the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports website and in the College Admissions office.


The Best Online  Master’s in Physical Education Degree Programs 

The University of Arkansas is a public university in Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a historically significant institution that was founded in 1871. Over 26,000 students are served by the university now, with over 7,000 taking online classes. The University of Arkansas is dedicated to bridging the gap between online and on-campus students. The “Senior Walk,” a three-mile stretch of sidewalks where every graduate’s name is engraved, demonstrates this, because “you are a Razorback, no matter how you studied,” according to the school. The University is well-known for its demanding academics and difficult entrance standards. While graduate students might compensate for a low GPA with demonstrated competence, life or work experience, or other factors, these standards build an environment in which academics thrive and peers can take pride in each other’s mutual talent and effort. 

The University of Arkansas provides a fully online Master of Education in Physical Education degree that can be completed in 33 credit hours, or roughly two years. With the exception of the GRE requirement, the admission standards are more flexible than those for the University’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Instead, admissions emphasizes life experience, career objectives, and verifiable areas of interest. As a result, the program is a good choice for students who are considering changing occupations or fields of study. Students in the program will learn from globally renowned teachers who have worked in professional sports or corporate fitness. Furthermore, many faculty members are connected with the University’s Division I football team, the Razorbacks, allowing students to observe and learn from some of the industry’s top professionals. 

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University of Nebraska at Omaha 

In Higher Ed, the University of Nebraska has recently established a strong presence in the field of online education. The University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and University of Nebraska Medical Center collaborate to offer hundreds of online degree programs. These online programs are tailored to satisfy the demands of a wide range of distance learners and hence provide a high level of flexibility and accessibility. The same staff who teach on-campus programs also teach online courses, and they’ve been specially trained in online education and how to support and engage students in that setting. The Higher Learning Commission has accredited all of the programs, and several of them have notable organizations in their disciplines. 

The University of Nebraska provides a 36-credit Master of Arts in Education in Physical Education that is recognized by the Nebraska Department of Education and ranked by US News & World Report for online education excellence. Students can choose between two degree emphasis tracks, allowing them to develop professional knowledge in order to pursue certain career goals. The following are the degree paths: A Special Populations emphasis where students examine the advanced knowledge and techniques required to teach physical education to kids with disabilities; An Emphasis in Pedagogy geared for teachers seeking a better understanding of the delivery of physical education teaching. The Nebraska Department of Education issues an endorsement called “Adapted Physical Educator” for this second-degree focus. This degree program is an excellent choice for those interested in either of these degree paths. 

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North Dakota State University 

North Dakota State University (NDSU) has been a dynamic institution since 1965, maintaining a high standard for educational opportunities and services. Today, the University has a robust Distance and Continuing Education (DCE) program, which allows online students to achieve a variety of approved degrees. These schools provide some of the most reasonable tuition rates in the industry, with the same price tag for in-state and out-of-state students. In addition, the University is one of only a few in the country that provides significant services to non-degree seeking students by allowing them to attend specific classes to augment their personal and professional interests. With conferences, Group Decision Centers, and other activities that bring NDSU’s community together, the university also promotes amazing collaboration between corporations, alumni, staff, and students. Virtual presentations and live broadcasts allow online students to participate remotely. 

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A Master of Science in Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science: Leadership in Physical Education and Sport Option is available through NDSU’s Distance and Continuing Education program. Because the degree program is geared for working people with busy schedules, coursework is offered asynchronously, allowing students to complete assignments when and where they can devote the greatest attention to their studies. The Blackboard Learning Management System is used to deliver the curriculum, which includes readings from a variety of textbooks and publications. The program also makes use of Blackboard Collaborate, which allows students to engage in real-time peer collaboration in chat rooms on current themes and issues, as well as contact with professors via individualized email conversations. While the curriculum is designed to satisfy the needs of a varied group of students, the program’s Master’s Thesis Program allows individuals to pursue their career interests. Students can investigate in depth any topics or areas of inquiry relevant to their specific professional aspirations in their Master’s Thesis. This well-rounded degree, combined with its affordable tuition and community involvement, makes it an outstanding option for those seeking an online degree. 

North Georgia University 

The University of North Georgia (UNG) has seen tremendous expansion over the last decade, with tuition increasing by 10-20% for the last five years. This is most likely due to the merger of North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College, two of Georgia’s best-performing colleges. UNG is also located in the state’s fastest-growing region, with five campuses dedicated to preparing students to be leaders in a varied global society. This means that online students can expect science-based, multidisciplinary curriculums that are designed for real-world success. 

The Master of Science with a Major in Physical Education (MSPE) program at UNG focuses on both the educational and coaching components of the Physical Education profession. Students will also learn about academic research methodologies in the subject, such as how to monitor and evaluate the performance of people who are involved in physical education or coaching. Students can choose to take 15 credit hours of study outside of physical education or to pursue a degree emphasis in exercise science. Students who want to learn more about particular areas outside of these two tracks can do so through the program’s professional research project. This research project is the size of a typical course, and it demands online students to actively engage their communities, local businesses, schools, or sports teams in order to collect data and achieve the high-standards of a master’s level research thesis. This project subsequently becomes a marketable tool that highlights the student’s professional interests and abilities.


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