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Kazan Federal University, Russia

 Kazan university

Russia’s 210-year-old Kazan University is one of the oldest University in Russia. Russian Emperor Alexander established the University in November 1804. Kazan Federal University is noted for its contributory research in Biomedicine, Pharmaceutics, aerospace technologies, Petroleum studies, informal communication, Chemistry, as well as in areas of humanities. The University has an indigenous students population of 43,333 and international students of 5,573 spread across 16 faculties and 164 departments.


KFU occupies 441-450 position according to QS World Universities of 2018. Its modern languages are ranked 151-200. The University is well-ranked in Linguistics, BRICS, and humanities.

Admission requirements

With its over 3000 professors of international repute, KFU offers students a world standard undergraduate and post-graduate education in diverse fields of studies. Students studying in the University benefits from its globally competitive research institutes and world-standard laboratories.

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Undergraduate admission

For Undergraduate admission, KFU requires that official academic certificates should show the applicant’s subjects and grades.

KFU accepts a secondary school certificate or diploma for admission into the various field of study.

All foreign documents should be submitted to the Russian embassy for legalization and recognition. Certificate of recognition is required for admission to all programs offered by the University.

Applicants will also be subjected to entrance examinations by the University.

Post-graduate admission

Doctoral applicants are required to submit abstract written in the prospective area of study, research publications, or other evidence of scientific/research qualifications. Two letters of recommendations required from the applicants. One of the letters should be from the applicant’s research supervisor, and the other should be from a professor in KFU.

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Admission for international students

International students are expected to score a minimum of 80% of the maximum grades in secondary school examinations organized by their home country’s examination bodies.

All foreign documents will be subjected to the legalization process at the Russian embassy to be valid for use in Russia

For Master degree, applicants are expected to present their Bachelor’s certificate along with other qualifications relevant to the applied course of study.

Language requirements

KFU requires that students should have a minimum of level B2 of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Possessing a certificate in the Russian language is not compulsory, but KFU will confirm from the prospective student’s Russian Language teacher, the student’s level of competence.

The University organizes a ‘Russian Language Summer School for international students’ in August for international students at an additional fee.

Also, the University offers free Russian Language course for exchange students.

The University offers the following courses in English

  • Data Science
  • Geology (Stratigraphy of oil and gas basins)
  • Pharmacology
  • Software Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • General and Strategic management
  • European and International Business Law
  • International relations

For admission to the University’s Yelabuga Campus or NaberezhnyeChelny Campus, prospective students are required to send email to or for NaberezhnyeChelny campus.

Other basic requirements

Medical card: All students planning on staying in Kazan for more than three months are mandated to undergo a medical test which will also cover HIV screening. A certificate of fitness indicating that the student is fit enough to live in the Russian climate is issued to the student.

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Recommendation Letters: Students interested in participating in the one-semester/year visiting students program are required to submit a letter of recommendation to the University. The letter should be from a faculty member or the student’s academic supervisor. Financial arrangements covering special economic conditions is also compulsory.

  • Scanned copy of the notarized translation of all academic certificates
  • Scanned copy of the notarized translation of passports along with six passport photographs of 3X4
  • Scanned copy of original visas and all academic documents.
  • Russian medical insurance


Prospective students are to fill the University’s online application form free of cost.

Tuition fees for Bachelors and Masters Programs taught in English varies from 272,220RUB ($4 128.7) to 488,100 RUB ($7 402.9) (applicable to international students).

For programs taught in Russian Language tuition varies from 147000RUB ($2 229.52) to 236,800 RUB ($3 591.49).

Pre-university training in English costs 199 200 RUB ($3021.22) while the same training in the Russian language costs 115,200 RUB ($1,746.04). Also applicable to international students.

Table of tuition fees for major courses in English

Majors taught in English


Specialist General Medicine–379740 RUB

Dentistry–488100 RUB

Management –242760 RUB


Biology –294120 RUB

Geology –294120 RUB

Petroleum Engineering –294120 RUB

Digital Diplomacy –272220 RUB

Mathematics –272220 RUB

European and International Business Law –272220 RUB

Fundamental Informatics and IT–272220 RUB

General and Strategic Management –272220 RUB

Software Engineering –294120 RUB


Admission periods

Admission into KFU opens starts from November.

KFU closes all applications two months before the commencement of its various programs.

For Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs, the application closes by 1st of June

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For pre-university training, the application closes by 1st of July

All applicants will have to write an entrance examination after completing a mandatory preparatory course of Russian Language.

Cost of living in Kazan

The cost of accommodation in ranges from 270 RUB monthly for old hostels to 540 RUB monthly in the ‘Universiade Village.’

Renting an apartment off-campus: the cost of renting a residence outside of the campus depends on its location, size, and condition. Price ranges from 15,000RUB to 20,000 RUB yearly, phone bills not inclusive.

Students can benefit from KFU’s family stay with host families for 20,000 RUB monthly. Breakfast inclusive.

Kazan has a moderately expensive cost of living with a meal in an inexpensive restaurant starting from 500 RUB

Cost of living in Kazan


One-way Ticket for local transport costs 27 RUB

Monthly Pass at regular price costs from 1,000 to 2,040 RUB

Taxi at standard tariff cost per kilometer 49 to 100RUB costs 9 to 15RUB

1litre of Gasoline costs 41 to 45 RUB


1 liter of milk costs 40 to 60 RUB

12 eggs cost 50 to 70RUB

A kilogram of beef costs 350 to 599 RUB

Fruits and vegetables range from 20 to 140RUB.

Final word

Kazan Federal University has strong participation in local and international industries and networks with institutions and universities in more than 53 countries of the world. The University aims to reach the highest ranking in global educational rankings by participating in project 5-100.

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