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List of M7 Business Schools: Tuition and Admissions


The M7 institutions have a lot in common: they’re all very competitive, have a lot of academic resources, have a lot of engaged and involved alumni, and they all attract top-tier recruiters (even in down business cycles). The most crucial similarity, though, is their individuality! Their “individualism” is strong and determined, and it reflects their leadership in the MBA world. They’ve risen to prominence because they’re the best in their field, graduate business education. So, whether your area is banking, healthcare, energy, social entrepreneurship, or something else, they properly expect you – their students and prospective students – to have comparably high objectives. 

What is it about the M7s that makes them so special? 

There are, of course, other prestigious MBA programs. These seven have a long history together; their deans met years ago and created a group to meet and share information on a regular basis. These discussions eventually expanded beyond the deans to include individuals from their admissions departments, resulting in a regular flow of information. Meetings and discussions include a wide range of topics, including best practices for admissions process components and reactions to current events that have a direct impact on MBA admissions.

List of M7 Business Schools

Harvard Business School 

Harvard Business School was founded in 1908 in Boston, Massachusetts, and has produced a number of noteworthy alumni, including Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, and Michael Bloomberg, the CEO and founder of Bloomberg. 

Harvard Business School was ranked top in the world before opting out of the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking this year. MBA graduates can expect to earn a total remuneration of $230,000 (salary + incentives) right after graduation, and $210k in salary alone after three years. 


Stanford University 

The Stanford Graduate School of Business was founded in 1925 in California, and its MBA class profile is exceptional. The average post-MBA pay for Stanford graduates is $222,626, the highest among the M7 business schools. 

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Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, Jeffrey Skoll, the founding president of eBay, and Rishi Sunak, the UK’s chancellor, are among the school’s notable alumni. 

Stanford’s entrepreneurial ethos, which is a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, makes it a wonderful spot for entrepreneurs and start-ups. 


University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School 

This 140-year-old Pennsylvania college has produced notable alumni such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Warren Buffett, the business magnate, is one of Wharton’s illustrious alumni. 

With a class size of 916 people, Wharton has the largest MBA cohort among the M7 business schools, providing applicants with a variety of networking opportunities. They might also earn up to $210,000 three years after graduating. 


Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is an Ivy League school in New York City that is also a member of the M7. This Manhattan institution, which was founded in 1916, is one of the world’s oldest business schools. Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, and James P Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, are two noteworthy Columbia Business School MBA alumni. 

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Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University 

Kellogg School of Management was founded in 1908 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1979, it was named after generous contributor John L Kellogg, the son of the cereal company’s founder. John Hoeven, an American senator, and Charlie Baker, the governor of Massachusetts, are two notable alumni. 


Booth School of Business, University of Chicago 

The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago was founded in 1898 and is the country’s second oldest business school. In the Economic Sciences, it has been linked to 9 Nobel Laureates. Susan Wagner, a finance professional, James L Kilts, the former CEO of The Gillette Company, and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, are among its most well-known alumni. 

MIT Sloan School of Management was established in 1914 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

There are many possibilities for MBA students to learn at the interface of business and technology because the school is affiliated with MIT. 

It has also produced a number of well-known and remarkable alumni, including Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, and former New York Stock Exchange Chairman John S Reed.

M7 Schools’ Average Salaries and Tuition 

Let’s look at what you can make after graduating from an M7 business school: 

The M7 MBA programs aren’t named world-class for nothing: alumni earn at least $135,000 per year on average, with higher-end applicants earning considerably more. The M7 MBA programs aren’t named world-class for nothing: alumni earn at least $135,000 per year on average, with higher-end applicants earning considerably more. 

If you get into one of these programs, you’ll almost certainly start making $100,000 or more per year after graduation. This is, of course, counterbalanced by the exorbitant price tag. 

For example, Wharton’s annual salary of $81,000 is not insignificant. You should keep in mind that this is a substantial financial commitment. Given the earning potential of an M7 MBA, you may be able to pay off the cost of the degree in your first year of post-graduate work.

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Should I just apply for MBA programs at M7 business schools? 

Although the M7 business schools are highly regarded, they are not the only viable possibilities. 

When you look at business school rankings, you’ll find a broad list of other famous business schools to consider. The following are some excellent examples: 

Yale School of Management’s Hass School of Business 

NYU’s Tuck School of Business Oxford Sad Business School Stern School of Business 

Duke University’s MBA Program 

The M7 schools, on the other hand, have a lot of clout. Aside from the high average incomes of M7 graduates, the prestige of these colleges may become a crucial element in your professional advancement. 

How Can I Obtain an MBA from the M7? 

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To be one of the fortunate few who are accepted into these prestigious universities, you must stand out. While a solid GMAT score and GPA will aid your application, world-class universities like these are looking for outstanding students. 

With your business school CV, killer MBA essay, and MBA interview preparation and performance, you’ll need to do everything you can to wow the admissions committee. 

Where Can I Look for M7 MBA Scholarships? 

Scholarships are available through business schools’ specific programs. Many businesses also set aside funds to support scholarships. Scholarships can be awarded on the basis of merit, need, or an essay. 

Which M7 Business School Is the Best? 

Because different M7 schools have different specialties, this depends to a large extent on what you are searching for in your MBA program. 

Examine the tables in this article, which illustrate the M7 school rankings by specialization and the most prevalent industries in which graduates work. This should give you a decent indication of which M7 school will be most beneficial to your career. 

How Much Does an M7 MBA Cost? 

Tuition varies per institution, but expect to pay at least $140,000 for an M7 MBA program over the course of two years. 

An M7 MBA might cost upwards of $200,000 when living expenses and opportunity costs are factored in. 

Scholarships are offered at all of the schools to aid with the financial costs of education, and the predicted boost in pay you will receive as a result of having an M7 MBA should more than cover the cost of your investment.

Are M7 MBAs a Good Investment? 

If you wish to acquire an MBA, M7 is the most prestigious school available. As a result, while MBA tuition is expensive at these schools, the return on investment is excellent. 

Furthermore, you must determine what you hope to achieve from an MBA and whether an M7 institution can supply you with what you require. If the answer is yes, it is worthwhile. 

What is a good M7 GMAT Score? 

To determine whether you have the needed intellectual competence for the course, M7 MBA schools seek candidates from good academic institutions with proven academic credentials. 

For different types of applicants, a good GMAT score can be varied. If you’re an Indian engineer or consultant, you’ll probably need a 730+ to compete. You can check at each M7 Business school’s average GMAT score and range to see what kind of GMAT you should aim for. 

Can an M7 MBA be the key to landing my dream job?

The M7 business schools are highly regarded and, unfortunately, difficult to gain admission to. Each school is distinct, with its own curriculum, culture, community, and MBA experience. 

You can determine which M7 MBA will best suit you and your preferred career path by researching average incomes, tuition, graduate employment specializations, and alumni base. 

For example, you might not think of MIT as highly as the other M7 business schools, but it could be your best option if you want to work in consulting after getting your MBA. As a result, MIT may be the ideal option for you! 

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You should also make sure that your test scores are competitive enough to get you into an M7 MBA program – a strong GPA and GMAT score will help you get into your preferred institution. 

What approach should you use to narrow down your list of M7 MBA schools? 

We’ve seen that applicants who wish to attend M7 business schools are fixated on them and refuse to consider institutions outside the M7 MBA category. 

Choosing the M7 MBA as your main priority is critical since these schools offer you the assurance of stability and reputation, and you cannot go wrong with them. 

However, there are many MBA programs other than the M7 MBA programs that can be as excellent as or better than the M7 MBA programs for you. Fuqua, for example, is a great option for social entrepreneurs. In Europe, prominent schools such as INSEAD, HEC, and Said are worth considering if you’re an international student. 

Having a broad MBA application portfolio will help you feel more secure, and some of them may be as good as the M7 MBA program for your profile and ambitions. So, if you want to save money, time, and effort in the MBA application process, include T15 institutions in the mix. 

How can I make my application good enough? 

Now that we know what an M7 MBA is and what they look for, it’s time to figure out how to get into one. 

M7 management schools have routinely ranked among the most prominent MBA programs in the United States and around the world. To be accepted into the M7 MBA program, you must meet substantially higher standards than those required by other MBA programs. 


We learnt what an M7 MBA is, what M7 business schools look for, and how to get into M7 business schools in this post. 

So make sure you’re ready to answer all of these questions with a bang. To begin, you must brainstorm every area of your application and be prepared to answer any questions that may arise. Then, because there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, add your own flavor and personality to it. 

More important than moving mountains is getting into an M7 MBA program. They are the most prestigious business schools, accepting only the best pupils. And you won’t be able to get in merely by having a strong profile. You’ll need to do a lot of study to learn about yourself as well as the US business schools you’re interested in, as well as its culture and beliefs! You won’t get into these prestigious M7 business schools unless you give yourself enough time to brainstorm and network! But don’t worry, we’re here to help and support you! Prepare your game plan now and make your application for US Round 1 applications more robust than before.

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