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Best Online Masters Degree In Human Resources

Online Masters Degree In Human Resources: One of the most popular options for earning a master’s degree is online learning. There are several schools that offer an Online Masters Degree In Human Resources. These programs can be completed at your own pace, and they often have flexible hours so you can work while completing your studies.


Top Schools Offering Online Masters Degree In Human Resources

University of Southern California

  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • The University of Southern California has a program in Human Resources. There are two possible degrees you can obtain from USC: the Masters of Science in Human Resources Management and the Masters of Science in Human Resources Management (Online). The first degree requires a total of 33 units, while the latter only requires 25 units to complete. In addition to these two programs, USC also offers an online part-time program that is taken over 9 months.

University of West Florida

The University of West Florida offers a Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program that is designed for working professionals. The MSHRM degree is offered online, and the program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

This graduate-level curriculum consists of 36 credit hours, including nine core courses and 27 electives. Core courses include:

  • Human Resource Management (3 credits)
  • Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • Compensation & Benefits Administration (3 credits)

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University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is a public research university located in Arlington, Texas. Founded in 1895 as the State Normal School of North Texas and originally known as the University of North Texas, UTA was established by the 77th Texas Legislature through House Bill 774.

During its first year, the university offered eight departments: a high school department, an English department, three departments for female students only (Home Economics, Household Science and Fine Arts), two departments for male students only (Mechanical Engineering and Agriculture), and one department that served both genders (General Science).

The mission statement of The University of Texas at Arlington is: “To discover new knowledge through interdisciplinary research that advances society’s interests” and “To provide educational experiences that enrich our community both personally and professionally”. The vision statement reads: “The University will distinguish itself through excellence in teaching; service to students; promotion of scholarship/creativity/innovation; community engagement; stewardship.”

Saint Joseph’s College (Maine)

Saint Joseph’s College (Maine) offers a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and competencies needed to advance their careers as human resources professionals.

  • Degree Type: Master’s Degree
  • Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
  • Length: 32 credit hours (1 year full-time)

University of Scranton

Online Masters Degree in Human Resources

The School of Graduate Studies offers this online Masters degree program that integrates business and human resource management. Students who obtain their degree through the online route can choose from one of four specializations:

  • Employee Relations Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Performance Management and Workforce Planning

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University of La Verne (California)

If you’re looking to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work in human resources, this online master’s degree program from University of La Verne will teach you how to develop employee relationships through conflict management and negotiation.

The program includes a capstone course that gives students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned by working on real-world case studies. With an emphasis on practical applications, this program provides participants with a variety of specializations including benefits management, compensation planning, diversity in human resources and leadership development.

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Applicants must have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with at least 24 credits in business administration or other related fields within five years prior to beginning their study at University of La Verne.

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be admitted under provisional status if they can demonstrate that they possess equivalent knowledge or experience through professional certificates or military service records provided they complete all admission requirements within two years following matriculation into the program.”

Colleges and universities are offering more options for earning masters degrees online

The number of schools offering online masters degrees is increasing. In fact, according to a report by, between 2011 and 2013 alone the number of available online master’s degree programs rose from 1,867 to 2,336 — an increase of 20 percent in just two years!

Along with this growth in available online degrees comes an increase in demand for qualified human resources professionals who can help businesses function more efficiently through HR services such as employee benefits management and recruitment strategies.

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What Can You With a Masters In Human Resources Management?

Human Resource Consultant

The human resource consultant is a specialist who helps organizations design and implement HR programs. They help organizations manage change, develop their workforce, develop their employees and design training and compensation programs.

Employment Specialist

Set a goal

In order to achieve your goals, you must have a clear idea of what they are. Think about what you want to accomplish and how it will benefit your life. Once you’ve decided on a goal, write down all the steps required to reach that objective. Then break these steps into manageable tasks with deadlines for completion.

The more specific the goals, the easier it is for others (and yourself) to understand exactly what needs done and when it needs done by. Be sure not only to include what you want out of life but also how much effort and time it will take before achieving those results!

Training and Development Manager

Training and development manager:

  • A training and development manager is a career that requires a Masters in Human Resources Management.
  • The training and development manager is a manager who is responsible for managing the training needs of an organization.
  • This professional is responsible for creating and implementing training programs for employees, as well as evaluating them to ensure they’re up-to-date with current practices.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits managers are responsible for creating and implementing an organization’s compensation and benefits programs.

They are responsible for ensuring that their organization is competitive in attracting and retaining top talent, which includes analyzing the market to identify trends and best practices, designing compensation packages that address employee needs, recruiting high quality candidates, developing effective strategies to retain employees, helping people understand their value in a company’s overall success, conducting performance reviews on employees to determine whether they should be given pay raises or bonuses.

Compensation managers also administer compensation and benefits programs including salary administration (determining salaries based on job description), bonus plans (awards given to employees based on performance), retirement plans (employer contributions towards an employee’s future earnings).

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Human Resource Director

Human Resource Director

If you want to become a Human Resource Director, you’ll need a Masters degree in Human Resources Management. The job duties of this position include hiring, training, and supervising employees. In addition to these duties, you will also be responsible for developing personnel policies and procedures. As an executive-level employee with lots of responsibility on your shoulders, the salary range can vary between $77,000 and $96,000 per year.


You don’t have to work for a recruiting firm to be a recruiter. Recruiters can find jobs for you, or you can find jobs for them. The job of the recruiter is finding candidates who are good fits for the position, and also good fits for the company culture. They need to be able to understand what both parties need, so that they can match up those needs with each other seamlessly.

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This can be done by interviewing candidates on your own time and forwarding them onto your hiring manager if interested, or by taking on more of an agency-based approach where you will have access to databases of qualified candidates from all over that might be missing out on chances because they didn’t know they were qualified in some way or another.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Your main job as a Talent Acquisition Manager is to recruit and hire new employees. Your responsibilities will include setting up the interview process, reviewing resumes and background checks, conducting interviews, and choosing final candidates.

You’ll also be responsible for organizing orientation programs for new hires and keeping track of their progress throughout their time at work. You may help with training programs as well as performance reviews or salary negotiations depending on what your employer expects from you.

The best way to succeed in this role is by having excellent communication skills, being able to work well under pressure, knowing how to use technology like software programs or databases efficiently, problem solving skills (e.g., figuring out how the company can afford a new hire), ability to work with others toward common goals (i..e., getting someone who meets all requirements), knowledge about legal issues related to HR practices such as discrimination laws or whistle-blower protections.

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Labor Relations Manager

Labor relations managers are responsible for resolving workplace issues. Labor relations is the process of managing and resolving workplace issues such as contract negotiations, arbitration and mediation. Labor relations managers have a great deal of influence on how the company’s employees feel about their job, which can impact other areas of business (e.g., sales).

Labor relations managers must be able to interpret contracts, conduct negotiations, train and educate employees and resolve disputes between management and unions. The ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management is also critical to success in this role.

How Much Does a Human Resources Manager Make?

The average HR manager salary is $111,000. This figure reflects the salaries of all managers in this field within the United States, whether they’re based in large cities or small towns.

The median HR manager salary is $91,000 and represents the middle-of-the-road figure when all salaries are lined up from smallest to largest. The median salary is lower than the average because there are more low earners than high earners—in fact, there are twice as many people earning less as there are earning more than this amount.

The average human resources manager salary for those working in the U.S., regardless of where they live or what company they work for, is approximately $110,000 per year (as reported by Payscale).

It’s worth noting that these numbers don’t take into account differences between industries with regard to compensation levels; though it’s possible that an entry level HR worker might make less money than someone who works at a Fortune 500 company (depending on what kind of experience he brings), generally speaking his annual earnings should still be comparable if not higher due to better benefits packages offered by larger companies and higher levels of job security compared with those found at smaller firms (where layoffs tend occur more frequently due to financial difficulties).

HR Manager Salary By State

  • Average salary, by state:
  • $85,240 (highest)
  • $72,260(lowest)
  • *Highest paying states include: New York, California and District of Columbia
  • *Lowest paying states include Louisiana and Mississippi.

Human Resources Manager Job Description and Salary Outlook

Human resources managers are responsible for leading their organization’s efforts to attract, hire and retain talent. They also help to create a fair and equal working environment in which employees feel valued and respected.

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HR managers need strong analytical skills, as well as excellent communication and leadership abilities. They’re often responsible for hiring new employees or firing existing ones, so they must be able to make sound decisions based on data-driven analysis.

Human resources managers typically earn an annual salary between $50,000 and $125,000 per year depending on their exact job duties; however, there are several factors that can affect an HR manager’s salary—including where they live or work (state/city), industry type (private vs public sector), employer size (small vs large company) as well as experience level within their industry field overall..

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Best-Paying States for HR Managers

The best-paying states for Human Resources Managers are California, District of Columbia, New York, Texas, Virginia, Illinois and Georgia.

California is the highest paying state for human resources managers at $114K. The average salary in California is $106K.

The median salary for a human resources manager in the state of California is around $112K per year and ranges from $73K to $90K depending on experience level.

Top Paying Industries for Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers can earn a strong salary in most industries. The highest paying industries for human resources managers are healthcare (average annual salary of $93,000), technology ($93,000), and banking ($91,000).

The lowest paying industries for HR managers are federal government ($81,500) and education ($83,700). These figures include all forms of employers including private businesses, state or local government agencies and nonprofit organizations that hire human resources professionals.

An HR manager’s salary depends on the level of responsibility and the type of organization

The salary of an HR manager depends on the level of responsibility and the type of organization. For example, a human resources director for a large company may make $190,000—but if you work for an organization with fewer than 100 employees, your salary may be closer to $60,000 per year.

It’s also important to note that most HR managers have advanced degrees: at least a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), human resources or industrial relations; or a PhD in organizational psychology or sociology.

Admission Requirements For Online Masters In Human Resources

Core requirements for admission to a Master of Science in Human Resources degree program include:

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) from your undergraduate program.
  • At least three years of managerial experience in human resources, unless you have extensive professional training and/or education in this field (for example, if you already hold a master’s degree).

GPA requirements

Some programs have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0, some require 2.5, and others require 2.0 or 1.8. It’s important to check the specific program requirements before you apply because if you don’t meet those requirements then your application won’t be considered by the admissions committee at all and you’ll have wasted your time and money on an application fee!

Additional admission requirements

You may be required to take a standardized test, such as the GMAT or GRE. Some schools require interviews, essays, and letters of recommendation as well.

Admission Requirements For Online Masters In Human Resources

Core Requirements

A bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for admission, as well as completion of an approved program in human resources and related degree work. You may also need to submit your resume and/or transcripts, letters of recommendation and other information that supports your application for admission.

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A master’s degree in HR is a great way to enhance your career prospects and skills. If you are interested in pursuing an online master of arts in human resources (MHR) program, contact the schools listed in this article.

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