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How much do Computer Hardware Engineers make ?



A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is required for most entry-level computer hardware engineers, while a degree in electrical engineering or computer science is also acceptable. A computer engineering major is comparable to an electrical engineering degree, however it focuses heavily on computer science. Read on for info on how much computer hardware engineers make.

The American Board of Engineering Education (ABET) accredits many engineering programs. Candidates who have completed an accredited program may be preferred by employers. Students should have a strong background in math and physics to prepare for a major in computer or electrical engineering. 

Because hardware engineers frequently work with computer software systems, they should be conversant with computer programming. Courses in computer science can provide this background. 

A master’s degree in computer engineering may be required by some large companies or specialized jobs. A master’s degree in business administration is earned by certain experienced engineers (MBA). To stay up with rapid technological advancements, all engineers must continue to learn throughout their careers.

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Computer Hardware Engineers Have a Wide Range of Careers 

Engineers in the Aerospace Industry 

Aerospace engineers work on planes, spaceships, satellites, and missiles, among other things. Additionally, they design and test prototypes to ensure that they perform as intended. 

Scientists who work in the fields of computers and information 

Computer and information scientists discover and design novel methods to computing technology, as well as identify new applications for old technology. They research and solve complicated computational problems in industries such as business, medicine, science, and others. 

Managers of Computer and Information Systems 

Computer and information systems managers, often known as information technology (IT) managers or IT project managers, are in charge of planning, coordinating, and directing computer-related operations within a company. They assist in determining an organization’s information technology goals and are in charge of creating computer systems to achieve those goals. 

Computer Network Architect

Local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets are all examples of data transmission networks that computer network architects design and develop. Small connections between two offices to next-generation networking features like a cloud infrastructure that serves many clients are all part of these networks. 

Computer Programmers 

Computer programmers create and test the code that enables computer applications and software programs to work properly. They convert the program designs created by software developers and engineers into computer-readable instructions. 

Electrical Electronics Engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for the design, development, testing, and supervision of electrical equipment such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, and power generation equipment. Electronic engineers design and develop electronic equipment such as portable music players and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, as well as broadcast and communications systems. 

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Mechanical Engineers 

Mechanical engineers create mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, such as tools, engines, and machines, and design, develop, produce, and test them. 

Administrators of Computer and Network Systems 

Computer networks are essential components of practically every business. The day-to-day operation of these networks is the responsibility of network and computer systems administrators. 

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Software Dev

The minds behind computer programs are known as software developers. Some programmers create software that allows individuals to perform specific tasks on a computer or other device. Others work on the underlying systems that control networks or run gadgets. 

What do computer hardware engineers get paid? 

Computer hardware engineers collaborate with engineering technicians, designers, and support workers to build and change product prototypes based on user needs, and sometimes as supervisors. During product development and execution, they may also function as technical consultants to other teams. These experts may also inspect current hardware systems to ensure that they meet the needed system specifications and to plan the layout of hardware upgrades. These experts may also collaborate with software developers to guarantee that operational and performance standards are met. The majority of people in this area have a bachelor’s degree, though experience may be substituted in some situations. 

A Computer Hardware Engineer’s salary can range from $70,100 to $192,110, depending on experience and industry knowledge. may expect a yearly salary of $126,140. 

They are compensated at the highest average pay in Washington, where they can earn over $168,320 on average. The highest salary for those with this job title is in Finance and Insurance, where they can make up to $145,650.

How to Become a Hardware Engineer: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Engineers who work in the field of computer hardware create things. To become a computer hardware engineer, you’ll need a collection of tools, diagnostic devices, and a brilliant idea. However, because the field of computer hardware engineering is evolving at such a quick pace, you should seek professional training to set you on the path to success. You should first pursue an engineering bachelor’s degree. You’ll need a good aptitude for physical and software design because the subject is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. You could next pursue professional certification and a master’s degree. 

Is Computer Engineering the Right Major for Me? 

You must first choose whether computer or hardware engineering is right for you. Some people are drawn to computer hardware engineers because of their high wages, but this is not a good basis for such a rigorous job. Most computer hardware engineers discover that they have a natural affinity for the fundamental abilities that they use on a daily basis. Many computer hardware experts, for example, spent endless hours as youngsters making toys, progressively integrating motors, circuit boards, and even computer programming. Toy sets from the Lego brand are popular among aspiring computer hardware engineers. 

Consider whether soldering little components to a circuit board for hours on end is something you prefer doing with your hands. You should also be able to write computer code and come up with fresh ways to solve old problems. Computer hardware engineers are also mathematicians who have completed at least one year of Calculus before graduating from high school. In fact, great mathematical abilities are required, as is a comprehensive understanding of science. 

Enroll in a recognized engineering program. 

You’ll need to discover an accredited engineering program that supports your long-term ambitions once you’ve determined that you need to be a computer hardware engineer. Certification from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology is the gold standard for computer hardware engineers. Employers will look favorably on persons having ABET qualifications, even if you can locate a locally approved undergraduate program. ABET has certified 776 academic institutions in over 31 countries and has programs in every state. 

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You should also look for programs that are most suited to your professional objectives. Some programs, for example, may place a greater focus on software integration with hardware than hardware itself. You’ll also want to make sure that your program has the resources you’ll need to do the research you wish to do. If you have a strong interest in robotics, look for schools that promote such projects. Others may be more interested in nanotechnology and how to construct ultra-small computers that will one day be nearly undetectable in our daily lives. 

Acquire Hardware Engineer Skills 

To be a top computer and hardware engineer, you’ll require a wide range of high-tech abilities. Most importantly, you must have a strong mathematical foundation, including high-level Calculus. You should also have prior programming and computer science experience. Being able to communicate in a variety of languages, operating systems, and network kinds will be beneficial. 

You might also take many physics classes, depending on what expertise you choose to pursue. After all, your gear must be capable of running specific applications in specific circumstances. As a result, concerns like heat transmission and mechanics may have a significant impact on your projects. A background in statistics will also be beneficial in assessing the probabilities and data sets involved in your work. 

Computer hardware engineers must also have a high level of patience and the capacity to be critical of themselves without sabotage. That’s because you’ll be putting your assumptions and outcomes to the test on a regular basis. Every step you take on the path to creativity will be scrutinized, tested, and scrutinized again. Because this procedure takes a long time, the top computer hardware engineers must be able to go through it until you get the best results and account for all the factors.

Certifications in the Industry 

While you won’t need a state license to practice your job, you’ll probably want to continue your study, unlike your civil engineering colleagues. In fact, because the profession of computer hardware engineers is rapidly expanding, continuing education is essential if you want to stay competitive and productive. 

Because you’ll be learning all the time, a professional certification is a good idea. You instantly boost your status in the field when a nationally renowned computer engineering association validates your abilities and expertise. When it comes time to hunt for a job or go to graduate school, you may often add letters to the end of your name, and verifiable credentials will always set you apart. 

The PE Electrical and Computer test offered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying is one option to consider. After you’ve worked in the profession for at least four years, you’ll be eligible to take the 8-hour exam. 

Enroll in a Graduate Program 

Though a Bachelor’s degree and industry certifications are likely to be sufficient for a successful career as a computer hardware engineer, you should explore graduate school at some point. You have the option of taking one of two paths. A Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Computer Engineering or a Master of Business Administration are two options. If you want to advance in your company’s management ranks or establish your own business, an MBA can help. 

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Many computer hardware engineers believe that getting an MBA will help them broaden their horizons. That is, the non-analytical components of a business degree can be a great complement to a computer hardware engineer’s quantitative analytical approach. You’ll not only learn how to better integrate and drive a team, but you’ll also receive valuable insights into your end-users, allowing you to create even better electronic devices. 

A computer hardware engineer, often known as a computer engineer, is a scientist who spends their days developing, testing, and refining new computing equipment for a variety of purposes in a laboratory. Others may work on larger products such as circuit boards or handheld gaming gadgets, while others may spend endless hours using microscopes to produce nanotechnology that aims for microscopic computing and storage systems. 

You might begin a project by first determining the precise problem you want to tackle with a client or colleague, and then the best technique for solving that problem. You will begin to design devices that meet the project’s specific constraints as a result of this procedure. You could, for example, try to develop the next great wristwatch-sized computer or a touchscreen that works underwater. You’ll not only have to fit the electronics into extremely small or watertight areas, but you’ll also have to evaluate whether the software will run in that environment. 

You’ll need to keep track of all you learn while you work on a project. In fact, you’ll probably be taking measurements all the time. For example, you might design a gyroscope for your watch project and then spend days testing it to ensure that it produces consistent feedback in response to a set of movements. This information can then be compiled and provided to your team or client.

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List of Universities that offer Computer Hardware Engineering

University of Washington, Seattle

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering or Computer Science with a specialization in hardware engineering and design is available at the University of Washington in Seattle. A Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering is also offered at the school. An accelerated curriculum, which combines bachelor’s and master’s level studies and takes five years to finish, is available to students. 

University of Florida, Gainesville

Computer System Architecture, Computer Communications, Computer Network Architecture, Computer Systems and Controls, Machine Learning, Man-Machine Interaction, Robotics, and Machine Intelligence are among the concentrations available at the University of Florida in Gainesville. 

Marquette University is a private university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Students at Jesuit Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can get a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with a hardware engineering focus. The opportunity to pursue a tailored course of study or minor in computer science or math is unique to the curriculum. The Ashoka Institute named Marquette the 10th highest education institution to get the Changemaker Campus designation. 

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Central Piedmont Community College is a community college in Central Piedmont, North Carolina 

Students can get an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Engineering Technology at Central Piedmont Community College. Hardware engineering subjects such as hardware interface and instrumentation are covered in the curriculum. Graduates can find entry-level IT jobs or transfer to engineering technology bachelor’s degree programs.


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