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Online Masters in Chemistry: Admission and Careers



Online Masters in Chemistry



The principles of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, as well as Physical Chemistry, are taught in an online master’s in chemistry program. Chemical Biology and Nuclear Chemistry are covered in other Chemistry curricula. Students learn in the laboratory by analyzing chemical reactions, exploring research methodologies, and evaluating their findings. Analytical chemists, chemical engineers, pharmacologists, and other positions are available to graduates. It also acts as a stepping stone toward obtaining a Ph.D. or earning extra knowledge and experience in preparation for a career in industry. 

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According to Data USA, the total number of chemistry degrees conferred was 22,597, up 3.44 percent, with an average income of $110,040 for chemical-related occupations. A normal master’s degree in chemistry focuses on research and coursework. Comprehensive examinations and, in some cases, the submission of a research-based thesis are required at the end of the program. 


For the money spent on a master’s degree in chemistry, it’s a good idea to double-check that the program is both accredited and industry-accepted. A number of online degree programs are accredited, which should always be favored over unaccredited programs. Accreditation gives a degree more value, making it easier for graduates to find work and confirming their mastery of the topic or any sub-discipline of chemistry. The Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC), for example, sets criteria and guarantees that they are followed by Forensic Chemistry Programs. 

Graduation Duration

The time it takes to complete an online master of science in chemistry program is usually set at two years. Depending on the university, faculty, concentrations, online courses, seminars, discussions, lab and research work, and other factors, a student may be able to complete graduate school in as little as 5 years. There are hardly any universities that offer a part-time program because the course can be highly demanding, requiring a strict schedule and a significant amount of coursework and research. Although chemistry studies provide for flexibility in terms of time and place, the length of the program is determined by the student’s success in each course, whether or not they choose to write a thesis or opt for the non-thesis option, and any university on-campus requirements.

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What are the requirements for an online Master of Chemistry degree? 

Students who want to get an online Master of Chemistry should look for programs that have been approved by the American Chemical Society. Either a general online Master’s of Chemistry program or one with a speciality must be approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Polymer science, nanomaterials, inorganic or organic chemistry, biochemistry, or analytical chemistry are some of the specializations offered by several online schools. The learning format is another important search factor. Some graduate programs in Chemistry involve extensive laboratory requirements; therefore, if you don’t have easy access to the university’s laboratory facilities, you should look for another option. 

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The majority of online Master’s of Chemistry programs take two years to complete, requiring 30 credit hours of classroom and independent research. Many graduates use a master’s degree in chemistry as a stepping stone to doctoral studies. For some students, finishing a thesis is an important part of completing a graduate program in Chemistry. Some graduate schools, however, offer non-thesis Master of Chemistry programs online. Non-thesis choices will prepare students for management careers by providing them with the skills and information they require, culminating in a capstone/final project. In comparison to the thesis-based online Master of Chemistry program, students in the non-thesis route will take more courses.

What are the prerequisites for an online Master of Chemistry degree? 

Students who want to get an online Master of Chemistry degree should look for programs that have been approved by the American Chemical Society. The American Chemical Society (ACS) must approve either a general or a specialty online Master’s of Chemistry program. Polymer science, nanomaterials, inorganic or organic chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry are some of the specializations available at several online institutions. The learning format is another key search factor. If you don’t have easy access to the university’s laboratory facilities, you should choose another solution. 

With 30 credit hours of classroom and independent research, most online Master’s of Chemistry programs take two years to complete. Many graduates pursue a master’s degree in chemistry as a stepping stone to a doctoral degree. Completing a thesis is an important part of several students’ graduate programs in Chemistry. Some graduate schools, however, offer non-thesis courses in their online Master of Chemistry programs. Students will gain the skills and information they need for management careers through non-thesis choices, which will culminate in a capstone/final project. When compared to the thesis-based online Master of Chemistry degree, students in a non-thesis route will study more courses.

What can I accomplish with a Master of Chemistry degree earned online? 

If you recently earned a Master of Chemistry degree, you have a wide choice of job options available to you. The chemistry industry is a booming sector with multiple growth potential, whether it be in an outdoor, laboratory, classroom, or workplace setting. Graduates of online Master’s degrees in Chemistry typically pursue the following professional paths: 

Materials Scientists and Chemists 

These chemists study and learn about different atomic levels in order to design and test novel and customized materials. Because materials science is such a large field, most materials scientists specialize in one type of material, whereas chemists can specialize in one of several areas, such as forensic chemistry, physical chemistry, or analytical chemistry. An online Master’s in Engineering or Chemistry is required for many research opportunities. 

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Professor of Chemistry at the Post-Secondary Level 

Chemistry for Post-Secondary Students Students are taught the academic principles of chemistry by instructors. They work regular school hours and after hours to create lesson plans, based on the school’s agreement. While most schools demand a Ph.D., many community colleges will hire post-secondary chemistry lecturers who have a master’s degree in the subject. 


Geoscientists investigate minerals and rocks, as well as how they move through water and soil, to learn about the Earth’s chemical components and properties. Geoscientists understand how to theorize Earth’s changes over time, making it one of the most essential chemistry careers. These experts also assist oil and mining businesses in reducing their environmental impact. They collect samples in the field and study them in a laboratory environment. Geoscientists work irregular hours since their job requires them to travel to remote regions on a regular basis. An online Master of Chemistry degree with a focus in Geosciences is required to work as a Geoscientist. 

Biophysicists and biochemists are two different types of scientists. 

Biophysicists and biochemists are scientists who research the chemical processes and qualities of living organisms. The study of biological and chemical components is referred to as biochemistry. The bulk of these specialists do their study in a lab. Different species, such as animals and plants, as well as microscopic organisms, can be studied. Biochemists can change an organism’s bad traits while keeping its positive ones. Although a Ph.D. is required for most biochemistry jobs, a Master’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry will suffice for entry-level positions. 

Professor of Atmospheric Science 

Weather and climate patterns are studied by atmospheric scientists. Some of them will branch out into more specialized fields, such as meteorology. An atmospheric scientist can work in a lab, an office, or a weather station, with some fieldwork thrown in for good measure. These experts usually work regular hours, however during a weather disruption, they may be required to work overtime. Applicants for research employment must have a Master’s degree in chemistry as a minimum requirement.

Where can graduates with an online master’s degree in chemistry find work? 

Most chemists work in engineering, architecture, scientific research and development, and pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing services, albeit it depends on personal interests. The government sector, such as the Federal Executive Branch, is another key employment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of chemists work in highly industrialized areas such as California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. 

What are the prospects for someone with an online Master of Chemistry degree? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers are encouraging. Between 2019 and 2029, the growth projection for chemical scientists and professionals in the United States is 5% faster than the national average. However, in chemistry-related occupations, competition is expected. Those with advanced degrees will have better opportunities, with a Ph.D. leading to higher pay, particularly at larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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Universities that provide online master’s degrees in chemistry 

Heriot-Watt University, Dubai

Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing and Distilling program Dubai equips people for careers in the malting, brewing, and distilling industries, as well as for research. From brewing science and chemical engineering to business studies and production management, it covers a wide range of topics. 

Curtin University is located in Perth, Western Australia. 

Curtin University’s Chemistry program strives to broaden knowledge beyond undergraduate honours and postgraduate diploma levels, culminating in a research thesis. 

Keele University is a university in Keele, England. 

Our Clinical Pharmacy Practice distance learning program at Keele University was created to address the needs of pharmacists working in any patient-facing setting, such as hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, or a GP practice. 

Deakin University is a public university in Melbourne, Australia. 

With this Biology and Chemical Sciences course from Deakin University, you can deepen your understanding in the field of biological and chemical sciences by conducting autonomous, sustained, and academically supervised research. 

Northeastern University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs program is designed to generate graduates who are highly competent to manage worldwide regulatory processes for companies creating cutting-edge healthcare and food safety products. 

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edX is an online education portal. 

The Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability MicroMaster Programme is offered in conjunction with Wageningen University and Research – WageningenX on EdX, an online learning platform with over 12 million users. Assist with the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources and the creation of a biobased future. 

Technological University of Dublin is a public university in Dublin, Ireland. 

This study from Technological University Dublin is designed to offer Science/Engineering graduates with specific knowledge and abilities to work in (Bio)Pharma in both a production and research context. 

North Carolina University, Wilmington

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is consistently ranked in the top 5% of all Masters-granting institutions in the country. 

Kwazulu Natal University 

The Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Kwazulu Natal’s fundamental mission is to prepare pharmacists to work in all spheres of pharmacy, including community/retail, hospital, industry, pharmacy education and training/ academics, and pharmaceutical research and development. 

Southern California University is located in Los Angeles, California. 

Students with a background in preclinical biological and pharmaceutical research should apply to the University of Southern California’s Management of Drug Development MSc program.


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