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Online Masters Degree in Marketing: Admission Requirements and Salary


Online Masters Degree in Marketing


Marketing is a field that is ever-evolving. It’s changing at a breakneck speed thanks to technological advancements, social media, Big Data, and other things. An online master’s in marketing can help professionals interested in a career in marketing bridge the information gap. While the foundations of marketing stay the same, an online marketing degree can help you gain a deeper understanding of the field. You can also use your past school and job experiences to establish a career that is based on advanced concepts and experience. 

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are more than 270,000 marketing managers employed in the United States, with a typical annual income of $142,170. Managers who are in the top 75th percentile or higher can earn up to $191,760 per year. 

Most master’s degree holders with an online marketing degree may begin their careers as marketing professionals. A median yearly compensation of $65,810 is earned by the almost 700,000 people employed as marketing professionals or market research analysts. 

However, finding affordable online marketing master’s degrees might be tough. Many students interested in getting their master’s in marketing online are already working professionals, thus their needs may differ from those of on-campus students. That’s why master’s programs in online marketing, such as the ones listed here, are essential for furthering your knowledge. 

Admissions Criteria 

You may be required to take a graduate admissions test, such as the GRE, depending on the college or university where you plan to finish your degree. 

If you did not major in a business discipline when you were admitted, you may need to take extra business courses. You may need to take additional marketing classes if you completed a business discipline in a field other than marketing. 

Because these requirements differ by university, you should study each college’s requirements before deciding which university to attend.

Universities that offer marketing master’s degrees online 

Germany’s IU International University of Applied Sciences 

Do you want to land the marketing job of your dreams? You may have exceptional technical marketing knowledge, but a master’s degree in management and international marketing could really set you apart from the competition. It pays to exhibit your business expertise and ability to manage people, time, and projects in such a creative, inspiring, and diverse industry. The IU Master’s in International Marketing Management can assist you in doing so, as well as provide you with strong leadership and communication abilities. With IU, you have the opportunity to study entirely online, on campus, or a combination of both with our flexible studies option. 

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Liverpool – Unicaf Liverpool John Moores University is a British university located in Liverpool, England. 

The MSc in Digital Marketing is designed to provide students with the information and skills they need to build, manage, and lead digital marketing campaigns. 

United Kingdom’s University of Essex Online 

This 100% online, part-time MSc Global Digital Marketing degree will equip you with the digital skills you’ll need to succeed in a marketing career anywhere on the planet. Marketing has evolved into a very complicated and sophisticated subject in the twenty-first century, attempting to meet the particular demands of modern firms and clients. Firms of all sizes have a difficulty as a result of the increased availability of enormous volumes of data and a broader number of channels to market through: they must continually adapt to stay competitive. You will learn about the rising variety of digital platforms available for marketing through this online MSc Global Digital Marketing. You’ll also learn how to make the most of your time online in order to reach your target audience on a global basis. In order to fulfill your strategic marketing objectives, you will also gain a grasp of how to acquire, analyze, and deploy client data. You will get a worldwide perspective on marketing and the ability to flourish in a national or multinational company as a result of both course content and engagement with students from all over the world. 

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BSBI, Germany

BSBI is pleased to announce that their MSc Digital Marketing program is now 100% online. By enrolling in this course, you will be able to broaden your present knowledge and discover the most recent digital marketing trends while also generating your own digital marketing concepts. This course is ideal for students who are driven and proactive in their pursuit of a prosperous career in digital marketing., Italy

The Master Brand Extension looks at the starting and management aspects of a Licensing project, as well as the increasingly complex relationships between Brand Extension, Contract, and Merchandising operations. 

Columbia Southern University, United States.

An online Master’s in Marketing from Columbia Southern University is designed to prepare professionals for managerial positions in the sector. With part-time study, this hybrid program takes around three years to complete; students who study full-time can get the degree in less than two years. The program was designed to educate students the most up-to-date technologies in the area as well as the leadership and management abilities they will need when they enter the job. There are 36 semester hours of study, a capstone project, and a final test required for this degree. Business-to-Business Marketing, Strategic Management and Business Policy, and Organizational Research and Theory are examples of courses. 

University of Maryland — University College.

The Master of Science in Management with Marketing Specialization from the University of Maryland – University College is an excellent option for marketing professionals. This 100% online degree integrates management and marketing principles, allowing students to understand how each profession influences the other. It’s a program for people who are already working in the area and want to rise to management or leadership positions. Students may expect a professionally-designed curriculum with input from industry experts and employers, as well as a fully functional virtual school with an online library and bookstore. A capstone project and 36 credit hours of coursework are required for the degree. Legal and Ethical Issues in Global Communications, Marketing Intelligence and Research Systems, and International Marketing Management are some examples of courses. 

Bellevue University, United States

At an affordable price, Bellevue University gives students the opportunity to pursue a fully online or hybrid Master’s in Marketing degree. The degree is given in a one-course, cohort style, which means students will study on one course at a time in an accelerated time schedule, allowing them to focus on their degree requirements and allowing them to finish in less than two years. Whether a student decides to take some classes online and others on campus, they will be placed on a schedule of courses that have already been selected for them, removing a lot of the guesswork from deciding on a path of study. To get a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing, you must complete 36 credit hours of coursework. Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing, and Advertising and Promotions Management are examples of courses. 

The University of North Texas is located in Denton, Texas. 

The University of North Texas, one of the country’s major universities, with over 200 programs and over 38,000 students across numerous campuses. UNT, despite its size, strives to assist its community, realizing that many of its students live in the area. 

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The creative marketing MBA program at UNT involves 12 courses for a total of 36 credits. Students have the option of taking an expedited course that requires the same number of credits. During the fall and spring semesters, students take eight-week courses, and during the summer, they take five-week courses. This feature also allows you to choose six alternative course start dates throughout the year. 

The marketing MBA curriculum is designed to meet the demands of both present and aspiring business professionals. Students at UNT have the option of studying part-time or full-time. Residents of Texas pay a low in-state tuition rate. 

National University is a public research university in the United 

National University was founded in 1971 by a retired United States Navy Captain with the goal of providing all students with an affordable and accessible college education. It caters to active military personnel as well as distant learners. To help students combine their busy lives with their college education, NU offers four-week courses. 

The MBA with a marketing focus is totally online and can be completed in as little as 12 months. Learners have the option of taking one course per month or three courses over the course of three months. Four courses for the marketing concentration and one capstone course are required for the program. Consumer behavior, worldwide marketing, market research, and strategic marketing simulation are all part of the marketing specialization. 

NU allows up to three courses worth of transfer credits. Year-round enrolment is used at the university, so students can start at any time. The course fee is the same for all students. 

Fayetteville State University is a public university in Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Fayetteville State University was founded in 1867 by Black community leaders with the goal of providing education to Black children and those in need. Today, the institution has a robust community outreach program that encourages all students, even those enrolled in online courses, to volunteer their time. 

The online MBA with a marketing specialization was created to provide a flexible and economical option for people interested in business and marketing. It takes 36 semester units to complete. The curriculum includes core classes, electives, and a capstone project. FSU additionally ties MBA marketing students with IT and cyber courses, putting an unofficial emphasis on digital marketing in this curriculum. 

Depending on the subject and the option students choose, FSU’s online courses last 8-16 weeks. The MBA application process is flexible, requiring a bachelor’s degree from an authorized university, a GMAT score of 400 or above, and a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Why Should You Pursue an Online Marketing Degree 

Aside from assisting people in achieving their employment goals, earning a master’s in marketing online has other advantages. Some of the benefits of obtaining a marketing degree are listed below. 

Higher Pay: According to PayScale, professionals with a master’s degree earn $74,850 on average, compared to $62,057 for those with a bachelor’s degree. 

Ability to Change Careers: This flexible degree covers a wide range of marketing topics, including copywriting and user experience. Graduates can use their degree to transition to a similar but more specialized profession later in their careers. 

Job Security: Professionals can position themselves as irreplaceable team members by learning additional expertise. 

Improved Job Performance: Graduates may take what they’ve learned in school to the workplace, resulting in successful marketing efforts. Professionals with better job performance have more negotiating power when asking for a raise. 

Leadership Qualifications:An online marketing master’s degree will address leadership principles such as management techniques and goal-setting. The majority of leadership roles necessitate a higher level of education.

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Online Master’s in Marketing Accreditation 

Before enrolling, prospective students should study the accreditation status of an institution and a program. Colleges and universities can be accredited on a regional or national level. When a school achieves accreditation, it means it undergoes quality reviews on a regular basis from a third-party agency that is overseen by the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 

Some accrediting agencies can only accredited schools in a specific region if these two organizations give them authorization. Others have the authority to accredit schools all around the United States. Employers generally consider regionally recognized degrees to be more prestigious than nationally accredited degrees. 

Furthermore, certain grants are only available to students attending locally authorized colleges. This general rule, however, does not apply to vocational schools, as even the best vocational schools usually only receive national accreditation. 

Accreditation is another option for programs. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, for example, is the leading accrediting body for business-related disciplines such as marketing.

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Promotions, advertising, and Marketing Managers: These are examples of marketing careers. These people utilize marketing methods to encourage consumers to buy a product or service. To build successful advertising campaigns, they usually collaborate with web developers, public relations specialists, photographers, and graphic designers in a traditional office setting. They must be capable of delegating and analyzing information. 


Financial Manager: On behalf of a company, these managers prepare reports and oversee investment activity. They also direct additional measures that help a company’s financial health, such as looking for methods to save operating costs. 


Public relations specialists: They engage with target audiences using social media, press releases, and newsletters, among other channels. Through open and honest communication, they maintain healthy connections with community stakeholders such as funders, investors, consumers, and employees. Public relations professionals frequently plan events and campaigns in order to generate publicity for their clients. 

Market Research Analysts: These professionals must be familiar with projected marketing and sales trends. They employ statistical software to assist businesses in determining what customers desire and how much they are willing to pay for goods. To recommend successful business plans, these professionals must examine the information accessible to them.


What are the benefits of completing an online master’s in marketing for your career? 

Traditional schools can’t match with the features and benefits of an online degree. Online schools offer a considerably better choice for marketing professionals, with expedited timetables, asynchronous courses, and the flexibility to work while studying. Additionally, online degrees are indistinguishable from regular degrees. Most colleges hold all of their degrees to a high quality, regardless of how they are delivered, thus the distinction between the two is no longer necessary. 

What are the most well-paid marketing positions? 

Marketing managers earn a median compensation of $142,170, although this varies by industry. For example, marketing managers in the oil and gas extraction industry earn an average of $183,240, while those in the cable industry earn an average of $200,240. 

What can you accomplish with an online marketing master’s degree? 

With an online master’s in marketing, you can advance to roles such as marketing manager, internet marketing manager, social media manager, marketing research analyst, and chief marketing officer. 

What are the various marketing disciplines? 

From healthcare to government to education, the field is present in practically every sector in the United States. Management, advertising, public relations, communications, multimedia marketing, sales, Big Data, and other areas of business can be separated into smaller disciplines.


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