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Southern Arkansas University Ranking: Admissions and Requirements



Southern Arkansas University Ranking

Southern Arkansas Institution (SAU) is a public university in Magnolia, Arkansas, that was founded in 1909. The university offers 70 undergraduate programs, including pre-professional tracks, 2+2 degree completion programs, and 19 graduate programs in four academic colleges, including the David F. Rankin College of Business, College of Education, College of Liberal and Performing Arts, and College of Science and Engineering. 

When it comes to the Southern Arkansas University ranking, US News & World Report – Regional Universities South has the university ranked 99 for 2021. Previously, the university was ranked 96 for 2019 and 2020. As part of their rating system, US News & World Report considers Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, and Number of Publications Cited (12.5 percent each), among other factors.

Southern Arkansas University: A Quick Overview 

Southern Arkansas University (SAU) is a public institution and research centre based in Magnolia, Columbia County. It was founded in 1909. It was founded in southwest Arkansas as a district agricultural high school. SAU obtained the authority to provide postgraduate degrees in selected fields of study in 1975, after various names and structural modifications since its foundation. As a result, under its current name, it converted from a college to a university. The Higher Learning Commission has granted it accreditation. 

The institution has a lovely residential and coeducational campus that covers 1,418 acres. The campus is made up of well-kept structures that house cutting-edge classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices, recreational spaces, and athletic facilities. Students can live on campus in one of the university’s eight residence halls or on-campus residences. Students can purchase clothes, housewares and decor goods, presents, tech devices, and other things at the campus store. On campus, there are four dining locations that offer a wide variety of beverages and cuisines. The university provides a variety of health services to support the mental, physical, and emotional needs of students and faculty. A bookstore, multipurpose arena, community hall, counseling center, and ATM are among the other on-campus amenities. 

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SAU offers expertise in business, liberal and performing arts, education, science, and engineering through its five colleges and one school. It offers more than 70 full-time undergraduate programs. The institution also offers 19 post-graduate degrees that are available in face-to-face, online, or a hybrid format. It now has approximately 4,771 students enrolled, with 3,287 undergraduates and 1,484 postgraduates. The student-teacher ratio at the university is 17:1, with 43.9 percent of classrooms having fewer than 20 pupils. 

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NCAA II is the university’s sports affiliation. Muleriders and Lady Muleriders are the names of the men’s and women’s sports teams, respectively. Aside from that, the students’ organization organizes a variety of activities and competitions for students to test their leadership skills and pursue their particular interests. Several sororities and fraternities work to promote harmony and partnerships among people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Admissions at SAU: A Quick Overview 

Students applying to Southern Arkansas University should be encouraged by the university’s 67 percent acceptance record. Students who meet the institution’s SAT/ACT score and GPA standards have a decent probability of being accepted. This university has a thorough admissions procedure that includes a variety of academic criteria. An online application is required of all applicants. A convincing essay and glowing recommendation letters, as well as involvement in student organizations and taking a demanding course load, can help you stand out. Even though their GPAs are beyond the admissions office’s mean range, students with exceptional talents and accomplishments can still be given serious consideration. Students who are interested should visit the university’s website, which has useful information and contact information for the admissions offices. Students should visit the campus to see if the university is a suitable fit for them. 


Southern Arkansas University’s admissions process is competitive, with a 67 percent acceptance rate. A SAT score of 1080-1080 or an ACT score of 19-25 was required for half of students accepted to Southern Arkansas University. However, ⅓ of those who were admitted had scores that were slightly higher than these ranges, while the rest had lower scores. The application date for Southern Arkansas University is August 27. 

The GPA of a student is an important academic criterion for admissions personnel at Southern Arkansas University. Southern Arkansas University considers an applicant’s high school class rank, as well as letters of recommendation, where available. 

The student-to-faculty ratio at Southern Arkansas University is 18:1, with 61.2 percent of classes having fewer than 20 students. Among the most popular majors at Southern Arkansas are Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Education; Health Professions and Related Programs; Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Visual and Performing Arts; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Psychology; Agricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; and Computer and Information Sciences and Technology. The average freshman retention rate is 68 percent, which indicates that students are satisfied with their education. 

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Southern Arkansas University’s Undergraduate Admissions 

All students at Southern Arkansas University have access to a wide range of undergraduate courses. Aspirants can select their preferred field of study. 

Where Should You Submit Your Application: Online Applications Portal 

The application fee is $90. 

Admission Requirements: 

Applicants must submit the following documents: 

You can register an account and pay your fees using the international student service website. 

High school and college transcripts must be submitted

An English proficiency exam score is necessary for international applicants. TOEFL/IELTS score 

It is necessary to submit a financial statement with a minimum amount of 22500 USD. 

Health-care insurance and coverage 

Transcripts are certified by authorized services. 

Student loan debt at Southern Arkansas University 

The amount of student loan debt you owe has a long-term financial impact on your life. In principle, your total student loan debt should be less than your estimated starting pay once you graduate. 

Borrowers who completed their undergraduate degree at Southern Arkansas University had an average federal loan debt of $18,945. The median monthly federal loan payment for debtors who graduated is $181 (if repaid over 10 years at 5.05 percent interest). 


Scholarships are non-repayable sources of financial assistance. Need-based scholarships consider a student’s financial circumstances. Students who perform academically or athletically are awarded merit-based scholarships. Your involvement in community service, unique hobbies or characteristics, personal background, or a parent’s employer or military association may all qualify you for a scholarship. 

Some scholarship recipients receive sufficient funds to cover both their tuition and living expenses.


Is it possible for international students to work while attending school? 

Without specific clearance from the Department of Homeland Security, students with F-1 visas are not permitted to work off-campus. While school is in session, a student may work on campus for up to 20 hours per week, and during school vacations and holidays, a student may work for up to 40 hours per week. Because there are more students looking for jobs than there are job openings, there is no certainty that a student will find work on campus. It is the responsibility of the student to look for jobs on campus. After arriving at SAU, students should consult the Employment Resource Center for job openings. 

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Is it possible for international students to receive financial help or scholarships? 

Financial aid options for international students are not available through the federal or state governments. 

SAU, on the other hand, offers three scholarships to first-year undergraduates who apply for the fall semester. These scholarships have a March 15 deadline for applications. These scholarships are not available to students starting in the spring semester. Students who have completed 15 credit hours at SAU are also eligible for the retention scholarship. 

Graduate students can apply for graduate assistantships, but the number of available positions is limited, so there is no assurance that you will be offered one right away. 

Is it necessary for international students to submit English test scores in order to get admitted? 

For most nations, English competence is required if you want to start an academic program right away. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. Even if you attended an English-taught institution, proof of English competence is still required. Undergraduates and graduates have various English proficiency requirements. 

If you don’t satisfy the basic English standards, you might wish to look into SAU’s ESL program. Do you provide transportation for international students? The ESL program at SAU does not require English competence for entrance. 

For international students, SAU provides complimentary transportation to and from the Texarkana airport, bus, and rail stations at the beginning and end of each semester, as well as during holiday breaks. On Fridays, we have a van accessible to take international students shopping in Magnolia. 

How do international students transfer credits earned at a previous university in another country? 

If you want to transfer academic credits from an international university, you’ll need to request an official transcript from your previous institution. Your transcript will also need to be evaluated by an evaluation organization. 

If you are transferring from another American school, you must provide us an authentic transcript as well as complete the transfer questionnaire. 

The academic deans will determine how many transfer credits you will receive after the transcript examination is completed. If SAU does not offer a course that is equivalent to the one you took, it will not transfer.

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