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Is Bursary free Money? – Why you should apply for a Student Bursary Today

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Is Bursary free money?

On several occasions, we come across the topic phrase ‘Bursary’. While it might seem new to many people, others are very familiar with it, especially those who are always surfing for financial aid. The next question is what bursary is all about and how it works.

However many do not know what it actually means to apply and be granted a student bursary, this is when the question of “is bursary free money” sparked in. In simple language, bursaries are free money that is not to be paid back unlike loans. To further brighten your knowledge about it, this is how it works, but first of all;

What is Bursary?

A few actually know the existence of this awesome program. It is a form of a charitable grant which are offered to students who are already enrolled in school to help in cutting down their financial burden by paying up some bills.

Interestingly if you’re a university or college student and you’re looking for any forms of grants that can help you cover some of your education fees, a bursary is there to serve a lot of purposes. It is widely open to all types of students and the various fields they’re studying.

Why you should apply for a student bursary today

Recall that they’re numerous forms of financial aid to students both indigenous and international, student bursary is one of the most common of them all. Also, it is the easiest, and less competitive financial aid to apply.

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Unlike student scholarships or any forms of grants, bursaries are different in their mode of rewards. There is no doubt, both scholarship and bursary help students in reducing their academic financial burden, but scholarship application and its criteria are based on academic performance. This is not so in the case of the bursary as individuals are accessed and granted the offer based on different criteria. To be granted a bursary, there must be clear proof that you’re not financially sufficient to support your education. Such individuals who do not have funds to help in their studies are granted a bursary to sustain themselves during their times of studying.

In contrast to student loans, bursaries are not to be paid back, this is to say, you’re not obliged to repay any amount of bursary granted to you after graduation. It is a form of charity either from the government or any private organization.

Where can I find a student bursary?

They’re numerous bursaries out there for both international students and locals to apply. All you have to do is brainstorm, ask individuals or you can easily access all kinds of bursaries online with a simple click on the internet.

If you’re a student in any college or university, there’s a probability that your institution may have a number of bursaries allocated to students. Find out and determine your eligibility if you’re qualified to apply or not.

In most cases, they’re government own bursaries for students to apply and be granted, you can find them by simple scrutinize, it could be a state or the federal government. You can apply as many as you can while counting on them for approval.

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