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Online Technology Management Degree: Requirements and Tuition

Online Technology Management Degree


Online Technology Management Degree: The online technology management degree programs are designed to help you build your skills, knowledge and experience in managing technology. You can choose from a number of different degrees that will give you a competitive advantage in the workplace.


Online Technology Management Degree

Online technology management degrees are an excellent choice for those who want to earn a degree while working full-time. These programs allow you to complete your education at your own pace, whether it be a few classes each semester or all at once. You’ll also have access to libraries and other resources that might not be available at a physical campus. If you’re interested in earning an online degree, read on to learn more about what it takes and how much time you’ll need to complete one of our programs.

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Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology with a concentration in Management

In the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology with a concentration in Management program, you will learn how to design, implement and manage information systems that support organizational goals. This degree program is designed for students who want to develop their management skills in an IT setting.

Program Length: 120 credits

Program Cost: $1,500 per credit hour (in state) or $4,000 per credit hour (out of state)*

Program Requirements:

128 total hours required for graduation; includes courses from area A: Core Curriculum Requirements and Area B: Major Requirements

  • Please note that all costs are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating tuition rates and fees set by each institution or educational system board. Contact your local university representative for current fees associated with this online degree program.*

Bachelor of Information Technology and Business Administration with a concentration in Management

If you’re interested in going into the business world and learning how to manage people and technology, this is the degree for you. The online Bachelor of Information Technology and Business Administration offers students a hybrid program that allows them to work on their degree while also completing their coursework on campus or online.

This program prepares students for careers in management by providing a foundation in both information technology (IT) as well as business administration. Students will study topics such as project management, project financials, management theory and organizational behavior. They will also examine how all of these areas interact together within different industries such as manufacturing and service sectors.

Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Information Systems and Technology

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in management with an information systems and technology concentration at Walden University. Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits schools in 19 states and Washington D.C., including Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. The university has also been accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council since 1975.

Online Master of Science in Management Information Systems

The online Master of Science in Management Information Systems program is offered in a hybrid format. This means that you may take some courses online and others on campus. The following options are available:

  • Full-time (completing your degree by taking classes during every semester)
  • Part-time (completing your degree after finishing another degree or working full-time)

Your program will be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which ensures that it meets high academic standards. You’ll have access to a wide range of resources such as study groups, individualized attention from professors, peer learning communities and more!

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The MISM program has a concentration in Management Information Systems so you can focus on this area if it interests you most.

Master of Science in Project Management

In simple terms, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Projects are often undertaken to meet unique goals and requirements. Projects often involve multiple tasks and activities. Most projects require the coordination of people with different skills and expertise, who will be working together on common goals. Each project requires its own management structure because each one has different requirements–but most projects have similar organizational structures:

The Project Team (or Task Force): This group consists of all people who contribute to the project in any way (including those outside your organization). The Project Manager coordinates this team by delegating responsibilities and providing leadership during meetings; he/she also manages communication across departments. The Project Manager should understand how each member contributes towards achieving their goal(s).

The Functional Areas: These are all departments within your company that contribute towards completing this particular task or activity of your overall goal(s). For example, if I’m working on an inventory management system for my retail store then Accounting will probably need information about what products we currently have available so they can give us real-time estimates on stock levels while IT needs feedback from Marketing about how many units need to be produced based on projected demand so they can purchase enough materials beforehand; meanwhile Designers need input from Manufacturing Engineers so they know what kind of machinery would work best in producing these goods etc..

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Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance

The Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance (MSISA) is a 36-credit program that is offered entirely online. It provides students with the knowledge necessary to succeed as cybersecurity leaders in their field, including:

  • Identity and access management
  • Risk management and governance
  • Cryptography, security protocols, and information assurance

Universities offering Online Technology Management 

Walden University

Walden University is a nonprofit, accredited university. It was founded in 1970 and has been in business ever since. Walden University is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota; it also has campuses in Phoenix, Arizona; Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin; and Tampa Bay Florida.

The university offers both undergraduate degree programs for students who have not yet completed their bachelors degree as well as graduate degrees such as MBA programs or an MSN program for nurses who wish to pursue further education post-licensure.

RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)

RIT is a private university located in Rochester, New York. The school has a strong focus on technology and art, design and photography. RIT was originally founded as a technical school in 1829 by an act of the New York State Legislature and opened its doors to students in 1885. Today, RIT offers over 200 degrees at all levels with many different majors available within each degree program.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

This university is a public institution with a rural campus setting. The school was founded in 1866. Undergraduate population: 6,819. The student to faculty ratio at University of Wisconsin-Platteville is 20 to 1 and the average class size is 16 students.

University of Maryland University College

UMUC offers an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management. This program is designed for working professionals in the technology industry who want to advance their knowledge and skills to become more competitive in their current roles and for future career advancement opportunities.

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The degree may be completed part-time or full-time, with a summer intensive offered every three years. The curriculum includes foundation courses covering business fundamentals as well as more specific topics like strategic management, organizational behavior and leadership, economics for managers and marketing strategy. Students can choose from three concentrations: Information Systems; Software Development; or Technology Management.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited university. It offers online degree programs in business and technology.

In addition to its bachelor’s degree program in Technology Management, SNHU also offers Associate of Science degrees in Applied Science (Computer Science) and Information Technology; Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems (CI) and Cybersecurity; Master’s degrees in Applied Computing (AC), Cybersecurity Management (CSM), Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (DABI), Software Engineering (SE); Doctorates in Engineering Education (EEdD).

WVU (West Virginia University)

WVU is a public, land-grant, research university with two main campuses: one in Morgantown and one in the state capital of Charleston. With an undergraduate enrollment of 30,183 students and 6,110 postgraduate students (as of 2010), WVU has been ranked in the top ten nationally by U.S. News & World Report as it relates to its online graduate degree programs for technology management.

The school offers a bachelor’s degree program in business administration with an emphasis on technology management along with other majors like accounting or finance that can help you advance your career trajectory as well as help others to do so through various leadership roles within a company or organization (like being its CEO). Students can also enroll into their online master’s program called “MBA”, which stands for Master Business Administration—a professional graduate degree designed specifically for those who want additional training beyond their bachelor’s degree but don’t necessarily want another full-time job after graduating just yet either.”

How to Apply for Online Technology Management Degree

Finding the right program

First, you will want to make sure that the program you are applying to is accredited. This means that your degree—and any credits earned from it—will be recognized by employers and other programs.

Another important factor when choosing the right program for you is whether or not it fits with your schedule. You may have a demanding job and family, so it’s important that the school offers flexible options for taking classes on evenings or weekends.

You also want to consider how much money you can afford to spend on tuition fees each semester before picking a program because some schools charge more than others (and some don’t charge anything at all). You might also consider taking out loans if necessary or applying for scholarships.

Choosing a school

When choosing a school, there are several things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the school is accredited. Accreditation from an organization such as the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) or the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) signifies that an institution has met certain standards of quality in its educational offerings, administration and operations.

Second, consider if you want to pursue a degree program online with a specific university or college that has some sort of reputation for excellence within its particular field of study. For example, Western Governors University is a nonprofit online university with outstanding programs in fields such as healthcare management or technology management.

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Thirdly, find out how much tuition costs at various institutions so that you can compare prices before making your choice. Fourthly and finally, look into student services offered by each college or university to see if they meet your needs including advising services related directly to admission requirements (i.,e., prerequisites), financial aid advice regarding scholarships and loans available through national/state governments along with private sources like banks).

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Evaluate your finances

To determine how much money you need to apply for an online technology management degree, you will want to consider all of your costs. This includes any tuition, books and supplies, housing, food and transportation.

Your first step should be calculating how much money you will need out of pocket each semester. If the cost of attending your desired school is significantly higher than what they offer in financial aid packages (scholarships), then this could be a good option. The other option is applying for loans through the college after they have accepted you into their program.

Have a plan B

If you’ve decided to apply for an online technology management degree, but want to ensure that you’re making the right choice, make sure you have a plan B. The University of Phoenix is one of the most prominent institutions in the country when it comes to online learning. But what if they don’t offer the degree program that fits your needs? What if they can’t get you started as quickly as you’d like? Or what if they just aren’t right for your personal learning style?

We understand those concerns, which is why we offer three levels of support:

  • Consultation (free)
  • Guidance ($199/month)
  • Full-on Coaching ($399/month)

Meet all the requirements

The first step in applying to any school is to review the admission requirements. You may find that you need certain prerequisites or standardized test scores in order to be eligible for a particular program.

There are also specific deadlines and fees associated with online technology management degrees, so take time to read through all of these requirements before moving forward with your application.

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This is how you don’t screw up your application to online school.

  • This is how you don’t screw up your application to online school.

If you find yourself having a hard time getting into an online technology management degree program, here are some things to consider:

  • Be prepared to work hard. Online education is not easy and it requires a lot of work from the student, but it can be done if you are willing to put in the time and effort required. You need to be disciplined with your time management and have self-motivation so that when assignments come out or deadlines approach, nothing will keep you from completing them on time (or even early).
  • Be prepared for failure. If an applicant fails one assignment or exam in traditional classroom settings, they may still get accepted depending on where their overall GPA lies; however this is not the case with online programs since there is no way for professors or mentors at these institutions know what type of person they are dealing with until they actually start talking over Skype or through email threads with them directly so do not take rejection personally even though it hurts!

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