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Can I Get a Teaching Degree Online?

Can I Get a Teaching Degree Online? Are you thinking about enrolling in an online teaching program rather than a traditional one? So you’re in luck then! A teaching degree is available online.

The majority of public and private four-year colleges in the US currently provide a large selection of highly regarded online teaching degree programs at the bachelor, master, and doctorate levels as distance learning becomes more and more commonplace.

There are several options available that are well worth looking into and that provide the same demanding training and nearly identical employment possibilities as normal classroom-based teacher training programs in your state. Your degree will be equivalent to one obtained through an on-campus teacher education program if you choose a state-approved program.

Your options include:

  1. Getting your bachelor’s degree in Education online.
  2. Getting an advanced degree in Education.

Let’s take a closer look at both options.


Bachelor’s Degree In Education Online

The majority of online bachelor’s degree programs in education allow students to focus on a particular grade/age level, subject, or content area. The majority of the time, these programs will assist you in your efforts to acquire a teaching license in the state where you desire to teach.

Online graduate degree programs for practicing teachers are more widespread than online bachelor’s degrees in education leading to teacher certification.

If you locate a good online teaching degree program, be aware that you must complete a semester of student teaching in person in order to earn your teaching license even though you can do the majority of the material online.

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However, it might be possible to finish your student teaching in your neighborhood. Overall, even if bachelor’s degrees can be earned online, it may still be able to finish your student teaching in your neighborhood.

Overall, even while online bachelor’s degree programs in education may not strictly offer 100% online instruction, they do offer far more flexibility than a conventional, on-campus program for teacher preparation. For anyone who already juggles job and family commitments or who lives some distance from a school of education, without needing to attend class at a certain time each week is excellent.

Getting a teaching degree online can be the perfect option for you if you like to learn at your own speed and on your own schedule.

A high school diploma and an admissions test are often required for entry into an online bachelor’s degree program, which typically lasts four years to complete.

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Getting Advanced Degree In Teaching Online

You can apply to several master’s degree programs in teaching that don’t require an in-person component. Nevertheless, these are typically expressly made for those who currently hold a teaching license and are looking for opportunities to upgrade their credentials and earn more money. They usually take two years to finish, and well-liked choices include:

  1. MA in teaching
  2. MS in education

For those with an undergraduate degree in an area unrelated to teaching or working professionals wishing to make the switch to teaching, there are a few online master’s programs designed to provide a pathway to teacher certification.

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There are additional online PhD degrees in education that are primarily intended for practicing teachers who want to:

  • Move into research or education policy
  • Teach at the college/university level
  • Pursue an administrative or leadership role

Can One Get a Teaching Degree Online Fast?

The traditional method of teaching requires the same amount of time as an in-class program if you are starting from scratch.

However, if you already hold a bachelor’s degree (in any field), you can easily become a teacher through alternate teacher certification programs without having a degree in education.

While online options are less popular, with a few exceptions, including Teach Away’s state-approved and AAQEP-accredited TCP, they can let you enter the classroom as a working educator more quickly (in as little as a year in some situations).

why is that? You may need to make independent arrangements for a teaching practicum in a nearby school in the state where you wish to teach if you choose to pursue an online alternative teaching certification.

You must be able to arrange for your student teaching to occur nearby or be in a position to temporarily relocate during the student teaching component of your course before enrolling in an online alternative certification program.

Any state that has public schools requires licenses for graduates who want to teach there. Individuals must hold a bachelor’s degree in addition to completing a teacher education program that includes student teaching, however specific requirements vary by area. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they must pass a test for teacher certification and, in certain cases, additional exams with a concentration on specialized subject matter.

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In any state, you need to get a teaching license if you want to work in a public school. State-by-state variations exist in license requirements, although a bachelor’s degree and successful completion of a teacher education program with a teaching practicum are typically the minimum requirements.

Consult your state’s department of education for further information on how to obtain your teaching license after receiving your teaching degree online.

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