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Tuition Free Universities In Norway

Tuition free universities

In this article, we are going to focus on tuition free universities in Norway for international students. We shall also provide links to the university’s websites, so read on and learn more.

Norway can be one of the most expensive countries to visit, but all the students, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to free public education. Norway is steadily making a name for itself, despite the fact that it isn’t as well-known as other learning destinations. Currently, Norway has over 9,500 foreign degree-seeking students, with the number predicted to increase in the coming years. You, too, can join the burgeoning international student community. All you have to do is apply to one of Norway’s tuition free universities.

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Norwegian University Of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) NTNU has a distinct advantage over many other European and North American universities in that there are no tuition fees. Students do, however, pay their own living expenses. Furthermore, in order to be given a student visa, all foreign students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to live in Norway.

  1. University Colloege of Applied Sciences in Oslo

HiOA does not charge tuition since it is a state-owned institution. Both Norwegian and foreign students are affected. The semester fee, which covers membership in the Student Welfare Organization, the use of printers, and other expenses, is currently NOK660 per semester. You are automatically excluded from any fees if you choose to join HiOA as an exchange student.

2. University Of Nordland

University of Nordland (formerly Bod University College) is a university in Nordland, Norway. Tuition is not paid at the University of Nordland. The Norwegian government, on the other hand, needs students from outside the European Union (EU) to be able to provide a minimum sum of money to cover living expenses in Norway for one academic year. The current sum to be moved to University of Nordland for the academic year is NOK 92 500.

3. Bergen University, Norway

At the University of Bergen, the only charge to pay is the semester fee to the Student Welfare Organization (SiB), which is actually NOK 480. Tuition is not charged at the University of Bergen since it is a public institution. Both Norwegian and foreign students are affected.

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4. Bergen University College

At SiB Student Accommodation, Bergen University College provides a guarantee of a room. This guarantee is only true if you apply between May 1st and November 1st, and if your classes begin in August or January at the beginning of the semester.

5. BI Norwegian Business School 

Students from BI’s partner universities who are nominated as exchange summer program students by their home university are exempt from paying tuition. Non-nominated students from BI affiliate institutions receive a 50% tuition fee cut. A variety of summer program scholarships are available from the BI Norwegian Business School. Academic and personal credentials, as well as financial need, are used to grant scholarships. They are made up of a complete or partial tuition fee waiver.


6. University College of NLA

NLA University College says that it would like to attract more foreign students. In order to accommodate this, the university has agreed to offer foreign students who are on track with their studies a reduced semester fee. International students pay 1475NOK for enrollment, which is significantly less than national students. This also entitles you to become a member of the student welfare association. Mealhouse rent, textbooks, and travel expenses, among other things, are not included.

7. University College of Nord-Trndelag

There is no tuition at Nord-Trndelag University College, but exchange students are responsible for paying tuition at their home institution, if applicable. All other expenses in Norway, however, are the responsibility of the students.

8. Norwegian Academy of Music 

The Academy does not charge tuition. Students living in Oslo should expect to pay about EUR 1000 per month. In order to be issued a student residence permit, students from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (EEA) must record a specific amount to cover living expenses.

9. Norwegian School of Economics (Norwegian School of Economics)

NHH does not charge foreign students any application, registration, or tuition fees for the MSc program since it is a member of the Norwegian Council for Higher Education Council. Students are expected to pay a small welfare fee to the students association of approximately 700 NOK per semester once they have been accepted. Until students can register for courses, they must pay this fee.

10. School of Sport Sciences in Norway

International exchange students from partner universities are the only ones that are accepted. You must send your application via your home university.

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11. Norwegian Veterinary School 

International exchange students from partner universities are the only ones that are accepted. You must send your application via your home university.

12. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

NTNU has a distinct advantage over many other universities in Europe and North America in that it does not charge tuition fees to all students, regardless of their financial status. Students do, however, pay their living expenses, which include lodging, books, food, and travel. Over 40 master’s programs in English are available at NTNU.

13. Ostfold University College

Ostfold University College has a host of international trade arrangements. Students from these institutions are welcome to apply for English-taught programs and courses.

14. Agder University

The University of Agder has a host of international exchange agreements in place. Students from these institutions are encouraged to apply to Agder for one or two semesters. The deadline for degree-seeking students to apply is December 1st.

15. The University of Oslo 

Students at the University of Oslo do not pay tuition since it is a state university that is subsidized by the government. The majority of students must pay a NOK 550 semester registration fee (approx. 70 euro). This fee entitles you to use the Foundation for Student Life’s services (SiO). The University of Oslo accepts applications from eligible foreign students from all over the world.

16. Stavanger University (UiS)

NORDPLUS and ERASMUS are two student exchange programs in which the University of Stavanger (UiS) participates. In addition, the UiS has forged several bilateral exchange agreements with universities and colleges around the world.

You are welcome to apply as an exchange student if your home institution has an exchange arrangement with the UiS.

17. University of Tromso

The University of Troms is a public university in Norway. As a result, there are no tuition fees at UiT. More than 30 English-taught Master’s degree programs are available at the University of Troms. International students may apply as Quota students or as self-financing Master’s degree students. The University of Troms offers English Bachelor’s degree programs. The deadline for applications is December 1st.

Undergraduate applicants should be aware that applications to undergraduate studies at public Norwegian higher education institutions are processed by the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (“Samordna opptak” in Norwegian). The deadline for applications is March 1st. The majority of undergraduate courses are taught in Norwegian.

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Full List Of Norwegian Universities

  1. Agder University College
  2. Agricultural University of Norway (NLH)
  3. Ã…lesund College
  4. Bergen University
  5. Bergen University College
  6. Bodo Regional University
  7. Finnmark University College
  8. Gjøvik College
  9. Høgskolen i Bodø
  10. Høgskolen i Hedmark
  11. Høgskolen i Oslo
  12. Lillehammer College
  13. Molde University College
  14. National Academy of Fine Arts
  15. National College of Art & Design, Norway
  16. Nesna College
  17. Nord-Trøndelag University College
  18. Norway’s Information Technology University College
  19. Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine
  20. Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim
  21. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  22. Norwegian School of Management
  23. Norwegian State Academy of Music
  24. Norwegian Teacher Academy for Studies in Religion and Education
  25. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  26. Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education
  27. Oppland College
  28. Oslo School of Architecture
  29. Oslo School of Management
  30. Østfold College
  31. Sør-Trøndelag College (HiST)
  32. Telemark College
  33. UNIK – Center for Technology at Kjeller, University of Oslo
  34. University of Bergen
  35. University of Oslo
  36. University of Stavanger
  37. University of Tromsø
  38. Vestfold College
  39. Volda College


Work and study in Norway

When studying in Norway, several foreign students work part-time jobs. It’s a nice way to improve your Norwegian language while also increasing your budget. You should be mindful, however, that you are limited in how much work you can do in addition to becoming a full-time student.

In general, a student residence permit does not grant you the right to work in Norway. If you are given a study permit, however, you will also be granted permission to work part-time.

Students from the EU/EEA do not need a work permit and can work in Norway after registering with the police.

During their first year of study, non-EU/EEA students will work up to 20 hours per week. Be aware that the part-time work permit would not automatically renew when the research permit is extended. Students must demonstrate satisfactory improvement in their studies in order to renew their work permits. Please contact your institution for more details.

How to apply for admission 

All admissions into Norwegian universities are conducted online. Before you start, ensure that you have all your documents ready including transcripts if you are applying for graduate program. Click here to get all information about the universities and apply for admission.

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