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Why Study Nursing Online?

One of the most sought-after vocations nowadays is nursing. And it’s easy to understand why.

With enormous responsibility come significant benefits and personal fulfillment for nurses. They encourage patients throughout the healing process and assist patients at their darkest and most vulnerable moments. What are the best justifications for pursuing a nursing degree, though? Is training to be a nurse still worthwhile in 2023?

Let’s investigate!


Nursing Is a Rewarding Career

It goes without saying that nurses are trusted, valued, and respected in the majority of nations. Rightfully so. The efficient operation of healthcare systems depends on nurses. They accompany patients who are dealing with physical and mental suffering, assist with medication administration, and can offer solace to worried family and loved ones.

Being a nurse instills a deep sense of fulfillment because you receive immediate feedback on how your profession affects the wellness of so many people. This enables you to develop deep relationships with others and perhaps get insight from their problems and life experiences.

If you’ve ever witnessed someone cry or become extremely terrified, you know how natural it is for people to want to reassure and uplift them. As a nurse, you can assist patients relax and let go of any personal anxieties or fears by explaining the processes and functions of medications. Children especially need this, but adults also need it because no one is made of stone.

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Nurses Enjoy Job Stability and Security

The need for nurses is very great. Despite the fact that many students pick this academic and career path, available positions for nursing professionals are not filled in many nations. The UK is only one of the nations dealing with this issue.

So it should come as no surprise that working as a nurse is safe, stable, and pays well. While many nurses (correctly) lament that their pay doesn’t match the amount of stress, overtime, and night shifts they put in, they won’t have to worry about losing their jobs even in trying times like economic downturns.

For instance, the job outlook in the US predicts a 12% growth in nursing jobs between 2018 and 2028. The typical yearly wage is roughly 73,300 USD.

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Opportunity To Work In Other Countries

The nicest thing about a nursing degree is that you can use the medical knowledge and abilities you gain there as long as you understand the language.

Even if certain states are more developed than others and even though medical devices and systems may vary, nurses nonetheless play the same important roles. Of course, in order to work as a nurse abroad, your nursing degree and experience must be accepted. You might need to pass additional tests in some places to demonstrate your proficiency.

Nurses also have the freedom to choose where they want to work:

  • public hospitals
  • private clinics
  • nursing homes
  • military bases
  • schools

While other places of employment could provide a flexible work schedule, private clinics might offer a larger salary. It all comes down to finding a workplace that suits your needs.

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Your medical knowledge is essential outside of work

Although this feature is evident, it is nonetheless easy to overlook. Everybody wants to be safe and healthy, but occasionally tragedy comes knocking. And when that occurs, it’s better to be ready.

Knowing that you can administer first aid in an emergency as a nurse will give you peace of mind no matter what happens outside of work. Just consider:

  • How many people could perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if needed?
  • How many people know what to do if someone faints?
  • How many people know what to do if someone has an asthma attack or an epileptic fit?

Of course, the list could continue on, but the point is that not every professional or employee can state that nurses can save lives even outside of hospitals.

No Two Days Are The Same For Nurses

Nursing work is anything but monotonous. New patients, new problems, and the ongoing need to set priorities and make sure everyone is taken care of are all part of every day.

The type of work you undertake also differs depending on the nursing degree specialization. However, keep in mind that you can alter your specialization and employment location.

Emergency room physician Darria Long describes in this TEDx Talk how cases are prioritized there and how you may use the same strategies in your own life.

Studying Nursing Online Makes It Easier To Learn

The field of nursing is viewed as one requiring more practical training and interpersonal skills than specialized medical knowledge. Therefore, it may seem contradictory that you may get a nursing degree while relaxing in your own home.

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However, you may accomplish that; there are numerous courses from which to choose, regardless of whether you’re interested in an online Bachelor’s or Master’s in Nursing. These courses frequently feature less expensive tuition and provide you the flexibility to study whenever you want.

Experienced nurses who desire to further their careers or switch to another specialization often turn to online master’s programs in nursing.


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