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Online Forestry Degree: Requirements and Tuition

Online Forestry Degree


Forestry is a field of study that focuses on the science of managing forests and woodlands. The field encompasses many different areas: ecology, biology and genetics, botany, wildlife management, animal sciences, forestry engineering and management. Forestry students learn how to manage forests for commercial purposes like timber production or harvesting trees for fuel or medicine.

Forestry is a growing field with many employment opportunities available right now. If you’re interested in learning more about forestry careers or starting your own career as a forester then read this article to help you get started!


What is Forestry?

Forestry is the science, art and practice of managing forests. It involves protection, conservation and use of forests. The title “forester” is used in North America but also more widely in other English speaking countries.

The term forestry was coined in 1607 for an area of study to be devoted to caring for trees; it was then a word borrowed from French or evolved from the word forestere (an older spelling).

Types of Forestry Degrees

There are a number of different forestry degrees available, depending on your career goals and level of academic achievement. Below are some common degrees available for students who want to pursue a career in forestry:

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor’s degree (associate, bachelor)
  • Master’s degree (master of science, doctorate)

Online Forestry Schools

There are a number of online forestry schools, each with its own unique advantages. For example, students at Clemson University can take advantage of the school’s innovative Green Machine program, which provides students with hands-on experience in forestry through several field trips and projects throughout the year. Students at Penn State University can choose from one of three undergraduate degrees: Forest Resources Management; Natural Resource Conservation; or Forest Products Processing Technology. All three programs provide extensive training in managing forests and other natural resources, along with coursework in ecology and environmental science.

Michigan State University offers an online bachelor’s degree program that combines core classes with electives selected by each student based on his or her interests. This degree offers flexibility while still providing a robust curriculum covering topics such as forest management strategy development; sustainable forest management practices; land use planning; forest inventories; economics and policy analysis related to forests; ecological processes related to ecosystems (including climate change impacts).

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Online Forestry Degree

Graduating with an online forestry degree means you’ll be able to enter the workforce as a forester, forest manager or conservationist. You’ll also have the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career in this field.


Universities offering Online Forestry Degree

University of Maine

  • Master of Science in Forestry at the University of Maine

The University of Maine’s Master of Science in Forestry degree is available online. The program is accredited by the Society of American Foresters, whose accreditation covers all levels of education from certificates and associate degrees to doctoral degrees.

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University (NCSU) offers an online Master of Science in Forestry degree program designed for professionals who wish to advance their career in the field of forestry. It is also intended for students who want to gain knowledge in this important and growing field.

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Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a public research university in Corvallis, Oregon. OSU offers more than 200 undergraduate degree programs and over 100 graduate degree programs in ten academic colleges. Oregon State University is a member of the Pac-12 Conference and the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.

Colorado State University

  • Online forestry degree
  • Online forestry degree programs
  • Online forestry degree programs offered by Colorado State University

Utah State University

Utah State University is a public university in Logan, Utah. It is the largest of the state’s colleges and universities, as well as its flagship campus. The university has over 33,000 students across all campuses, with approximately 23,000 students on the Logan campus alone. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 200 majors and master’s degrees in 100 specialties; it also offers doctoral programs in biology, chemistry education research methods science education and teacher education.

Utah State University also offers an online forestry program that provides students with expertise in all aspects of forestry practice including management planning/environmental analysis forest surveying fire ecology silviculture timber production wildlife management recreation/recreation planning watershed management

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech offers a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree, as well as a Master of Science in Forestry and PhD degrees.

Online Forestry Degree Programs are available.

Online Forestry Degree Programs are available.

The following universities offer online forestry degrees:

  • University of Maine: Master’s in Forest Resources and Conservation, emphasis on sustainable forest management; Master’s in Natural Resources Management, with focus on sustainable forest management; Doctorate in Forestry, with specialties in wildlife ecology or forest landscape ecology.
  • North Carolina State University: Master’s degree with concentrations in forestry extension or natural resources management; Ph.D. program that focuses on environmental science and policy as well as forest management practices that have been tested at the undergraduate level (this program is offered by an interdisciplinary team).
  • Oregon State University: Ph.D., MPA, MSFSM and MSFIM programs focusing on all aspects of forestry including program development, operations research applications and decision modeling techniques for resource management problems across various scales from private landownerships to international institutions such as the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (UNFAO). They also offer an online certificate program for practicing professionals interested in learning more about their profession from a scientific viewpoint without pursuing full-time study at OSU.


If you’re considering applying to an online forestry degree program, you may be wondering how the process works. After all, we live in the digital age—many of us take most things online for granted. So it’s natural to assume that applying for an online forestry degree would be similar to applying for other courses or programs that are offered only through distance learning. However, this isn’t always true; there are some important differences between getting accepted into a traditional brick-and-mortar institution versus one that offers its classes over the internet. So what do you need to do once you’ve decided on a particular school? First things first: make sure it’s accredited! You don’t want your hard work paying off with nothing but disappointment at graduation day because your school wasn’t accredited by any reputable organization like ABET or NCATE (two examples).

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How to Apply for Online Forestry Degree

The application process for online forestry degree programs is similar to that of other degree programs. If you would like to apply, start by reviewing the eligibility requirements listed in the program pages on your school’s website. Then, follow these three steps:

  • Complete an application and submit it before the deadline date
  • Submit transcripts and other supporting documents as requested by the program via email, postal mail or fax
  • Arrange for official test scores if applicable (such as GRE or SAT)

Online Forestry Degrees

There are a number of reasons for choosing an online forestry degree program:

  • Convenience. Online degrees allow you to take classes in the comfort of your home or office, at any time during the day or night. You can even listen to lectures while walking your dog!
  • Cost-effectiveness. Online programs are typically much less expensive than on-campus programs because they don’t require expensive facilities like classrooms and dormitories. They also give you access to more affordable textbooks and other materials for your studies, since many publishers offer discounts for students enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • Flexibility of schedule – Since there aren’t any physical requirements involved in completing an online degree program, you can study whenever it’s convenient for you! This means that if there’s something else going on in life that requires your attention (such as work), then it will not interfere with the completion of this degree coursework unless otherwise specified by school policy

Contact Your Institution’s Admissions Department

Contact your institution’s admissions department. The admissions department is located in the college office, and their responsibilities include helping prospective students apply to their school. You can contact them to ask questions about the application process, such as:

  • What is the application deadline?
  • Is there an application fee?
  • What are the requirements for applying?

Filling out the Application

The first step in applying for a forestry degree online is filling out the application. You can do this on the school’s website and it will ask you to enter information such as your name, address, date of birth and email address. The application may also ask you some questions related to your academic history and work experience.

It is important that you fill out this section correctly because if there are any mistakes or omissions in what you write here it could affect whether or not you get accepted into the program and/or get financial aid if needed.

Sending Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are another vital part of your application. It’s important to get letters from professors, employers and community leaders who can speak to your academic ability, work ethic and citizenship. While some schools don’t require them, many do.

Letters should explain how you’ve demonstrated good judgment and leadership skills in the past. They should also discuss any extracurricular activities that demonstrate your commitment to learning and civic engagement.

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Include a list of people who could write letters for you as well as specific information about where they work or study so the admissions team has an idea of what kind of credentials they have (i.e., if they’re professors at Harvard University or community leaders in New York City). Your goal is to put together a list that shows the admissions committee that there are plenty of qualified people willing to vouch for their student’s abilities before he even arrives on campus!

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Applying for Financial Aid

The first step to applying for financial aid is to file your FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (If you’re a current student or parent, apply with the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool.) The information on your FAFSA determines the amount of aid you’ll receive—and whether you’ll get any at all—so it’s important to fill it out carefully.

This year, students can submit their FAFSA up until June 30th; however, since most colleges have rolling admissions processes and accept applications on a first-come-first-served basis, it’s best to submit yours as early in October as possible.

In addition to filing your FAFSA online at and verifying your social security number with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (if applicable), there are other steps you can take that will help ensure successful approval:

Passing the Examination

The exam is proctored by the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges. Candidates will be given a date, time and location to take their exams at a testing center near them. Exams are timed and open book, but candidates may bring non-programmable devices with them if they wish. The exam is multiple choice, scored and graded by computer. If you pass your exam on the first attempt you will receive an official transcript from ASU indicating that you have earned your degree. If not, there are three other opportunities for re-taking the test at no additional cost (but don’t worry–it only costs $200 in total).

The process of applying to an online forestry degree program is similar to that of other degree programs.

The process of applying to an online forestry degree program is similar to that of other degree programs. You’ll need to fill out an application, submit letters of recommendation, and apply for financial aid if you require it. Additionally, you will be required to pass a written exam at the end of your program; if you don’t pass this test, you will not be able to graduate. Finally (and this isn’t true everywhere), many programs require that students who have already earned another degree complete a certain number of credit hours in order to earn their second degree.

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Forestry is a great field to get into if you like working outdoors and being around animals. Forestry jobs are available all over the world, so you will be able to find something that suits your passion. With an online forestry degree program, you can get started today!

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