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Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs Online

Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs Online. For anyone looking to advance their career in education and leadership, there are many options. But not all of them are created equal. Here are the top schools offering doctoral programs in educational leadership online:


Top Schools Offering Education Leadership Doctoral Programs Online

University of Colorado Denver

The online Doctorate in Educational Leadership program at the University of Colorado Denver is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers courses in a hybrid format. The school has earned high marks for its commitment to producing quality leaders. This full-time, on-campus program is offered in the evening and during summers.

University of Memphis

The University of Memphis offers a PhD in Educational Leadership that can be completed entirely online. Students have the option to schedule classes on a part-time basis, full-time basis, or at their own pace. The program is designed to develop scholars who are able to demonstrate evidence of scholarly accomplishments in educational leadership research. This degree will provide students with the necessary skills needed for leading organizations and communities through change efforts with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

University of Florida

  • The University of Florida offers a PhD in Educational Leadership. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).
  • Admission requirements include a minimum GPA and GRE scores.
  • Tuition is $10,450 per year for out-of-state students and $7,750 per year for state residents.
  • Students can expect to complete the program within 4 years on full-time status or within 5 years on part-time status.
  • Graduates have reported excellent job prospects upon completion of the program, particularly with regard to their ability to compete for leadership positions in schools within Florida’s public school system.

Walden University

Walden University is a private, nonprofit institution that was founded in 1970. The university offers more than 100 online degree programs through its campus locations and online programs.

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Walden University’s doctoral program in educational leadership is designed to help aspiring leaders attain their dream job through advanced study and practical experience. Graduates of the program can expect to be eligible for certification as an educational administrator or superintendent by their state department of education upon completion.

Liberty University

Liberty University, a private, non-profit university based in Lynchburg, Virginia, was founded in 1971. Liberty offers a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership. The program is available on campus or online. Students have the option to complete the thesis or non-thesis route—the latter requires fewer units but still requires students to complete an internship and pass an oral defense of their dissertation proposal.

Capella University

Capella University offers an online PhD in Educational Leadership. The program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a private, for-profit university.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s School of Education offers an Educational Leadership doctoral program online. The program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and available in either full-time or part-time formats, as well as a hybrid format (both on campus and online). Students may also take the program entirely online.

These schools offer accredited online PhD programs in Educational Leadership.

Online PhD programs in Educational Leadership are the same as campus-based PhD programs. They are taught by professors with PhDs, teaching experience, and experience in the field. All of these schools offer accredited online PhD programs in Educational Leadership.

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What Can You Do With Educational Leadership Degree?

There are many career paths for people with an Educational Leadership degree. In the past, teachers were typically the only professionals who held leadership roles in education, but today there are several different positions at the highest levels of administration that require an EDL.

The following are some of those jobs:

Become an Educational Leader

As a leader, your responsibility is to help guide the people around you. You are responsible for setting the vision, creating a culture and motivating others to accomplish goals. You can use your leadership skills to motivate and inspire others in various settings:

  • as an educator
  • in business
  • as a coach or mentor
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Management in the Classroom

  • Management of teachers
  • Management of students
  • Management of staff
  • Management of resources
  • Management of time, people, tasks and projects
  • Problem solving skills are essential for any manager. They should also be able to anticipate problems and prepare contingency plans in case they arise. A good leader is able to identify potential problems before they occur and find a solution to them. For example, if someone has been slacking off recently, it might be time for an evaluation meeting or for providing additional training so that he or she can improve his performance.
  • Managers must always keep their team motivated with clear expectations so that everyone knows what is expected from them and how they will be evaluated at the end of each project or task (or at least every few months). This way there won’t be any misunderstandings between employees who think they didn’t do as well as they thought they did because no one told them otherwise!

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Be a Program Designer

As a program director, you’ll be in charge of designing programs. This is a big part of your job, and it can include several components:

  • Developing the structure for your program
  • Meeting the needs of specific groups of people
  • Meeting the needs of a specific location

Find a job with more responsibility

The educational leadership degree can help you to gain more responsibility and move up the career ladder. You will be able to take on more responsibility as you gain experience, but if you have a higher degree or management experience, then it is possible that your employer may give you more responsibility sooner.

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Take on a larger role at your school or workplace

An educational leadership degree can lead you to a variety of roles. Here are some examples:

  • You can become a principal, which means you’ll be in charge of all things relating to the school as well as being responsible for hiring teachers and staff members.
  • You may choose to work as a superintendent, which is similar to being a principal except your focus will be on multiple schools instead of just one.
  • If you want to make decisions about policy and budgets at the district level, this is an option for you.
  • There are also opportunities for people with advanced degrees who want careers in education policymaking or research—these jobs often require doctorate degrees or other postsecondary credentials like master’s degrees or certificates (like those offered by programs through institutions like Columbia University).

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An Educational Leadership degree is useful for many different careers.

If you’re considering a career in educational leadership, you may have questions about what this type of education can do for your future. An educational leadership degree is useful for many different careers. In fact, there are many opportunities that exist for those with this certificate or degree.

When it comes to choosing a career, the most important thing to consider is the type of work that interests you most and how much time you want to dedicate each day or week. There are many fields where an education can be beneficial no matter what age or experience level someone has; therefore, an educational leader might consider working with children who have learning disabilities or as a professor at a university where they teach students who want to become teachers themselves one day (or perhaps even someday).


Educational leadership is a growing field that will only continue to expand as schools look for qualified leaders. If you’re interested in working with students and teachers, this could be an ideal fit for you!

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