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List of Colleges that Accept GED

List of Colleges that Accept GED




The GED is a renowned standardized examination that covers language arts, science, mathematics, and  a number of social subjects. The GED exam requires a minimum score of 145 out of 200 on each of the four tests to pass. Passing the GED exam is the equivalent of receiving a high school diploma. The GED exam is available through every state’s department of education. Furthermore, there are several resources available on the Internet and through state education departments that explain where to obtain study materials, enroll in GED preparation sessions, and take the GED test. Even better, you can get your GED online. 


Are GED Certificates Accepted by Colleges? 

With a GED, can you attend college? In the vast majority of circumstances, yes. According to the GED Testing Service, GEDs are accepted by 97 percent of colleges and employers. However, whether or not a college or university will accept a GED in lieu of a high school graduation is entirely up to the college or institution. 

Some colleges, such as Wichita State University, need a minimum score of 150 out of 200 on each of the four subtests; Arkansas State University, a minimum overall score of 600; and the University of Arizona and Boise State University, both requiring a minimum score of 170 on each subtest. These results are based on GED examinations taken between 2014 and present. Prior to 2014, the scoring was different; nevertheless, colleges that recognize the GED provide information on acceptable outcomes from previous tests. 


Universities and Colleges in the United States 

Despite this, a number of universities in the United States accept GED certificates. Remember how difficult it was primarily for selective colleges? 

As a result, you are protected whether you attend a public or private institution in the United States. 

In addition, some institutions will require you to have a GED in the state where the school is located in order to be considered. As a result, before taking the GED test, you’ll need to pick which institution you want to go to. 

However, you’ll need to double-check the school you’re applying to because you don’t want to be rejected on the first try. There are certain colleges that specifically state that they accept students with GED credentials; keep an eye out for them. 

Arizona State University is a public university located in Tempe, Arizona 

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida. 

New York University is a public university in New York City. 

Penn State University is a public university in Pennsylvania. 

University of Texas at Austin 

DePaul University, University of Southern California


Other schools may require a GED holder to pass a placement exam, such as Accuplacer, which assists universities in placing students in the appropriate reading, writing, or math classes. If the GED holder does not provide ACT or SAT scores, all of these schools will demand extra testing. 

The GED tests are graded on a scale of 100 to 200 points, with the minimum passing score (145 points) counting for all four tests (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics). You must obtain a minimum of 165 points in each GED subject to receive the GED College-Ready score. 

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Keep in mind that the GED exam is quite difficult, and that adequate preparation is essential. Approximately 40% of high school graduates would fail the four GED subtests on their first try! 

On the GED exam, there are four separate modules. Adults without a high school graduation must take the exam. The minimum age to take the GED test in most states in the United States is sixteen, while other states demand a higher age. 

Applicants who are under the age of 16 or 17 must, however, meet extra conditions. They must be officially withdrawn from high school and have parental consent, for example. 

When you score enough (145 and higher) on all four GED modules, your state grants you a GED diploma or certificate (depending on the state). The GED test is given both in person and online at state-approved test centers.

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Which Online Colleges Accept GED ?

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If you don’t know what to search for, finding an online institution that accepts GED can be a difficult task. What makes the difference is “accreditation.” 


Many online colleges will promise you a degree if you submit your GED exam certificate. However, before applying, be sure that the online university is accredited. 

This is your greatest option for getting an undergraduate degree if you have trouble studying in a classroom. It’s also appropriate if you have other obligations that necessitate your personal attendance. 


Here are some of the greatest online universities where you may acquire a GED and earn an online degree: 

Ashford University is a private university in Ashford, England 

Capella University is a private university in the United States. 

DeVry University is a private university located in DeVry, 

University of Excelsior 

Grand Canyon University is a public university in Arizona. 

Southern New Hampshire University is a public university in the state of New Hampshire 

Kaplan University is a private university in the United States. 

New York University is a public university in New York City. 

New York University, or simply NYU, is one of New York City’s most well-known universities. NYU has been dedicated to offering a practical and relevant education in a diverse context to its students since 1831. 


The University of Phoenix is located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In 1976, John Sperling started the University of Phoenix with the goal of allowing working men and women to attend college and receive a degree. The University of Phoenix’s programs are created for students who can’t put their lives on hold while pursuing a degree. 


Grand Canyon University is a public university in Arizona. 

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Grand Canyon University has a 65-year track record of assisting students in achieving their goals and educating them on how to do it. They accomplish it by providing over 200 degree programs as well as a dynamic, family-oriented culture.


What are my options for obtaining a GED? 

Taking the GED test is a basic and uncomplicated process. All you have to do is go to the official website, sign up, and then follow the on-screen instructions. 

However, there are several prerequisites to meet before attempting any of these. 

To take the GED test, you must be at least 16 years old and have not attended any high school for a length of time. 

Additionally, you must not have earned a high school diploma before taking the test. 

Furthermore, you may be required to take the test in the same state as the university to which you are applying. 


Is the GED Admissions Process Distinct? 

There isn’t much of a difference between a high school graduate’s application and yours if you have a GED. The sole distinction is that a GED score does not equate to a GPA. 

That, however, is unimportant to you. All you have to do now is focus on getting a high GED score. 

Meanwhile, certain colleges may require you to complete a separate application than diploma holders. 

You may also be required to provide your high school transcript up to the time you quit attending. In addition, a SAT or ACT score, as well as other additional college prerequisites, may be required. 


Is it Possible to Get Financial Aid with a GED? 

Yes, you certainly can. Having a GED test certificate does not make you any less of a student in college. Indeed, there may be scholarships specifically designed for you and your like. 

To find out, you’ll need to contact your school’s financial assistance department. 

You are, nevertheless, eligible for the same types of scholarships as other students. If you’re interested, you’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Overall, your financial need should encourage you to apply for scholarships. Just like other students, you are free to examine your school’s scholarship board for financing opportunities. 


Do Employers Disregard the GED? 

There are more important things for employers to know about you than this. Employers are more interested in the abilities, expertise, and experience required for the position when evaluating an application for a position. 

You should also be aware that you are not alone in this, which should encourage you. Several employees with a university diploma enrolled in the school with a GED. 

However, certain employers may be biased. As a result, it’s a good idea to go into interviews prepared for everything – even the worst. 


What is the difference between a GED and a high school diploma? 

Academically, a GED and a high school diploma are equivalent. In fact, a GED is accepted as equal by 96 percent of companies, in addition to the vast majority of colleges and universities. 

The fundamental distinction between a GED and a high school diploma is that the GED is intended for individuals aged 16 and over who did not complete high school for various reasons. 

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While obtaining a high school graduation provides benefits that a test cannot, such as life experience and the companionship of peers, obtaining a GED removes any intellectual barriers to getting a college degree, which is why so many universities accept GED diplomas.


Is it Possible to Get into College With a GED? 

A GED is accepted as a high school diploma equivalent by nearly all colleges and universities in the United States. Many colleges, however, have extra admissions criteria in addition to a GED or a high school diploma. 

For each of the schools listed below, some of the entrance requirements are listed. Taking the SAT or ACT is frequently part of this process. Before applying to college, the GED Testing Service advises that all students with a GED take one of the standardized tests. 

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Is it possible for me to repeat the GED in order to enhance my score? 

If you passed the GED but are unhappy with your score, you can retake it. You must, however, first get permission from the GED testing agency by giving a brief explanation of why you wish to repeat the test. You are not required to retake all of the tests; instead, you may seek to only retake the exam in one of the courses. 


Is a GED equivalent to a GPA? 

Your GED score is usually in the three- or four-figure range and does not reflect your grade point average. However, you can convert your GED exam results into a grade point average (GPA). To calculate your mean score, you must first divide your overall result by the number of tests you took. If you had a total score of 2500 and took five examinations, your average would be 500. Then, to calculate a percentage, divide this average by the greatest possible score you could have achieved in an individual test (typically 800). When we divide 500 by 800, we get 0.625, or 62.5 percent. Finally, multiply the decimal by 4 to convert this percentage to a grade point average. As a result, multiplying 62.5 by 4 yields a GPA of 2.5. 


Will obtaining a GED have an impact on my financial assistance package? 

Financial help is available to anyone who has a recognized high school diploma, such as a GED. Scholarships, federal grant programs, and financial aid for veterans are all examples of this. 

How many colleges and universities in the United States accept GED students? 

According to the GED’s official website, GED holders are accepted by 97 percent of universities and 98 percent of institutions in the United States. 

Are GED holders accepted at Ivy League schools? 

Harvard and Columbia, for example, are two Ivy League universities that accept GED students. 

Are GED holders accepted at online colleges? 

There are several online universities that accept GED holders if distance learning suits you better than on-campus learning. Purdue Global University, for example, an online college for working people, will accept a GED as part of the admissions process.

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