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There are only 79 percent of people who get into Lynn University. More than half of the people who get into Lynn University have SAT or ACT scores between 810 and 1280. Based on data available, about 1/3 of the people who got in earned above normal ranges, while 1/4 scored below these ranges. Applications for Lynn University have to be in by March 1. 

Admissions officers at Lynn University think that a student’s GPA is very important to their education. When an applicant’s high school class rank is available, it’s important for admissions officers at Lynn University to know that. Letters of recommendation are also important for Lynn University. 


Tuition Fees 

In Lynn University, the cost of a year of tuition is $40,900. Lynn University costs less than the national average of $41,281. 

Fees vary from institution to institution. These fees might cater to library services, gym equipment, student hubs, student technologies, and campus clinics. 

When you review the average costs of different institutions, think about the cost involved and the net price. People who want to go to school will have to pay more than the sticker price, which includes the cost of living in a dorm and other things like transportation. It costs $58,968 to go to Lynn University all at once. If you get need-based aid, you pay about $49,286 for a year at the university. The net price is the average cost of the university after aid and scholarship funds are taken out of it.


Statistics about financial aid 

Financial aid is money that students can use to pay for college. Most of the time, it is given to people who need it or who are good at what they do. 

Need-based aid is based on your or your family’s ability to pay for college, as determined by the FAFSA, which is also known as the FAFSA. First-year students at Lynn University were given an average of $8,951 in need-based scholarships and grants each year. More than that, 52 percent of first-year students received need-based financial aid in the fall of 2019. 

Those who need help can get help from the federal government and from work-study. There was $6,282 worth of need-based self-help aid given to first-year students. 

Merit-based aid, also known as non-need-based aid, is given to people who have a specific talent or have done well in school. The average non-need-based scholarship or grant given to first-year students at Lynn University, excluding any athletic scholarships, was $14,201. This figure doesn’t include any athletic scholarships, if any.


Early Application

Lynn University doesn’t have early decisions, but it does have early action, which means you can make a decision right away. 

This is a big deal: The Early Action deadline is November 15, which is coming up quickly. If you want to be an EA, Lynn University will let you know by December 15. 

The early decision acceptance rate at Lynn University is 0%, compared to a general acceptance rate of 79. At Lynn University, they accept about 77% of people who apply early and about 79% of people who apply at any time. It took Lynn University until 2021 to accept 1,927 of the 2,546 people who applied early action. 

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They think applying early will help their chances. Early deadlines may make it more likely that you will get in, because applying early shows that you are very interested in a school, and your application is being looked at before all the regular decision applicants do. 


How Hard is it to get into Lynn?

Lynn University is a school that isn’t too hard to get into. Lynn University takes a lot of time to look at applicants and decide which ones will be accepted and which ones will be denied or put on a waitlist. 

In 2021, Lynn University accepted about 6,336 out of the 8,053 people who applied. 

Lynn University, for example, isn’t easy to get into, but it’s not impossible. It only accepts less than 85% of all applicants. A lot of the people who get into college have GPAs in the top half of their high school class and scores on the SAT or ACT that are above 1010. 

It’s a little hard to get into college as a transfer student. For people who don’t live in Florida, getting into Lynn University is a little more difficult.


I want to go to Lynn University. What is the GPA requirement? 

Your high school grade point average (GPA) is a number that shows how well you did in school. There are two types of GPA scores that colleges look at: one that has been weighted and the other that hasn’t. 

It’s the sum of your grades from each class on a four-point scale. 4.0. From 4.0 to less than 1.0. How well you did in each class is taken into account when a weighted GPA is calculated. When you take honors or Advanced Placement classes, your GPA gets a little better because you get more points for them. 

There is an average unweighted GPA at Lynn University of 3.2. 

More than a third of the students who were accepted had to give a class rank. 2.7% of Lynn University’s students were in the top 10% of their high school class, 3.4% were in the top 25%, and 9% were in the top 50%. 

There is no way for Lynn University to look at your ACT or SAT scores when it comes to getting you into school. 

Lynn University doesn’t require students to take a test to get in. Some schools let students decide whether to send in their ACT or SAT scores with their applications or not. 

SAT scores were submitted by 29% of first-year students at Lynn University in 2021. 10 percent of the people who were accepted sent their ACT scores. 


SAT score: What is a good score for Lynn? 

The SAT is a test that can help you compete with other Lynn University applicants. You should try to score between 1000 and 1140 on the SAT. Many people who were accepted to Lynn University scored somewhere in the middle of the two numbers: 25% had scores above 1140 and 25% had scores below 1000. The average SAT score for a student at Lynn University is 1079, or 1079 out of 1600. 

SAT Math: 25% of Lynn University students scored 700 or better, and 75% of students scored 450 or better. When they took the SAT Critical Reading section, which was also called the Verbal section, 25% of Lynn University students scored 580 or higher, and 75% of them scored 450 or higher. 

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It’s important to get a score between 21 and 24 on the ACT if you want to be most competitive at Lynn. 


When Lynn University accepts students, a score of 24 on the ACT means you’re in the 75% of them. One in four students scored above 24, and three in four students scored below 24 on the ACT. 

If you go to Lynn University, you’ll be in the 25th percentile if you get a 21 on the test. Only one out of every four students got a score of less than 21 on the test.


Getting a Bachelor’s Degree 

For example, Lynn’s program for people who want to get a 4-year degree in three years is very unusual. Students who take part work with academic advisors to design a degree program that fits their own needs and wants. There are many benefits to taking part in this program. Students who are taking the accelerated bachelor’s degree can take extra classes for no extra charge. They also get to graduate early, pay less, be able to design their own path of study, and start their careers quickly to get ahead in the workplace. 



The January Term is a one-of-a-kind way for students to apply what they learn in class to projects, social initiatives, and internships. The goal of a J-Term is to help students learn more about their fields through real-life applications. Students are supposed to take one class each January Term that focuses on a specific topic and is used in real-world situations. 

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Study Abroad Programs

During Lynn’s study abroad programs, students can go to more than 30 cities around the world for no extra charge. If you go to Lynn instead of another school, you don’t have until your sophomore year to study. You can go to another country as soon as your second semester. Trips can last from three weeks to a year, and new cities are always being added to the list. The Center for Learning Abroad is a great place for students who want to find a program. It helps students plan the logistics of going to another country, while also making sure the program helps them get their degree done. 


Close-knit classrooms

There are about 20 students in an average class at Lynn. This helps students learn in a way that is both personalized and unique. With small class sizes, students can thrive in a place where their unique skills are valued and respected. Large lecture classes where students are just numbers aren’t being taught by faculty. Instead, they are actively working with small groups of students to push their academic abilities and achieve success in school, instead of just waiting for them to come along. 



Everyone who works at Lynn College was chosen because of their love of education and success in their fields. Dr. Robert Watson, a professor of American studies, is a popular media commentator. He has been on CNN, MSNBC, “Time,” “USA Today,” and many more. It’s also his job to write and direct a report for the White House, which is made every four years after the Inauguration. Gary Carlin, a former vice president for the Hasbro Toy Company, has a lot of experience in advertising. He worked with brands like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue. Lynn professors are all big fans of experiential learning, including Dr. Lisa Dandeo, who takes fashion and retail majors behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and leads their annual spring student fashion show, which they put on every year. 

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Experiential Learning

People at Lynn don’t just read or listen to lectures. They also work and do things to learn. It’s possible for everyone to work with their hands in more than 50 undergraduate and graduate majors, so they can get to learn about the things they want. In order for students to keep up with the latest trends in their fields, they do projects, interviews, trips, and internships. Whether they study Aeronautics, Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, Education, or International Communication, students learn important skills that will help them be more successful in their jobs and in their lives. 


Lynn University History

When you go to Lynn University, you’re on the southeastern coast of Florida. Boca Raton is in that area, about 45 miles north of Miami. First-year students at Lynn University can choose from more than 20 undergraduate majors. They can also apply for the Lynn 3.0 program if they’re really excited about their chosen field. Those who are chosen can take advanced classes and graduate in three years instead of four, which could save them a lot of money in tuition. In the education college, there are more than 20 master’s degree and certificate programs for students who want to learn more about education. 

Lynn students can join more than 30 groups and play club and intramural sports when they’re not in class. It’s possible to try out for the Lynn University Fighting Knights sports teams, which are blue and white and belong to the NCAA Division II Sunshine State Conference. They compete in more than 10 different sports. Students who live off campus are in a great place to enjoy the warm weather all year long, with the beach just 3 miles away and Miami, Orlando, and the Florida Keys all close by. 

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Today, U.S. News & World Report named the “Best Colleges” for 2020. Lynn University was named one of the best universities in the south. When it comes to “Most International Students, Regional Universities South,” Lynn came out on top this year. It was also 65 of 133 in “Best Regional Universities South,” which is up 35 places from last year. 

A new category called “Campus Ethnic Diversity” was added to the report for the first time. Lynn was ranked 25th out of 39 in the region. 

Gareth Fowles, the vice president for enrollment management, said that Lynn’s rise in national rankings shows that Lynn’s value is rising. As a result, more students are choosing Lynn because of its unique and global education. 

A record 1,224 new undergraduate and graduate students came to Lynn in August, breaking the old record. The number of students at the university has grown by about 45 percent in the last decade, to more than 3,200 people who are pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees both on campus and online. Eighteen percent of the students are from other countries.

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