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Catholic University Acceptance Rate: Admissions and GPA

Catholic University Acceptance Rate



With an acceptance rate of 82 percent and an early acceptance rate of 88.6 percent, Catholic University of America admissions is more selective. The Catholic University of America admits half of its candidates with a SAT score of 1130 to 1325 or an ACT score of 23 to 30. Note that more than  ¼ of all accepted candidates earned grades that were averagely higher than normal ranges, while the rest got scores that were lower. The Catholic University of America has a January 15 application deadline. 

The GPA of a student is a highly essential academic criteria for admissions authorities at The Catholic University of America. When available, an applicant’s high school class rank is examined, and letters of reference are valued by admissions authorities at The Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America has an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, with 64 percent of courses having less than 20 students. Political Science and Government, General; Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse; Architecture; Psychology, General; Mechanical Engineering; Digital Marketing; Finance, General; Business/Commerce, General; Psychology, General; and Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering are examples of popular courses at The Catholic University of America. The average freshman retention rate is 87 percent, which is a good sign of student happiness. 


Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee at Catholic University is $52,156. The Catholic University of America is more costly than the national average tuition cost of $41,281. 

It is also possible that Library usage, student gym, recreational centers, technological hubs, and campus health centers could well be covered by these fees, which might vary across universities. 

Consider the overall cost as well as the net price when comparing the costs of various institutions. The overall cost at The Catholic University of America is $69,386. The net price is the average cost of a university after financial aid and scholarship money are deducted from the overall cost, which for a need-based student is $37,277. 


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, often known as the FAFSA, is used to establish your or your family’s proven capacity to pay for college. At The Catholic University of America, the average need-based scholarship or grant offered to first-year students was $34,900. In the autumn of 2019, 64 percent of first-year students received need-based financial help. 

Federal loans and work-study programs are examples of need-based self-help assistance. First-year students received an average of $3,182 in need-based self-help assistance. 

Merit-based assistance, also known as non-need-based help, is given to students who have shown a particular skill or academic success. The average non-need-based scholarship or grant given to first-year students at The Catholic University of America was $25,377, excluding any sports scholarships.


The Catholic University of America’s student loan debt 

How much student loan debt you have may have a long-term financial impact on your life. Your overall student loan debt should, in theory, be less than your expected beginning wage after you graduate. 

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The typical federal loan debt among borrowers who finished their undergraduate degree at The Catholic University of America is $26,036. For student federal loan debtors who graduated, the typical monthly federal loan payment (if repaid over 10 years at 5.05 percent interest) is $248. 

In addition, 15% of The Catholic University of America’s graduating students took out private loans. At graduation, students with private loans owed an average of $52,403 in debt.



The Catholic University of America is a private coeducational university in Washington, D.C., United States. The Roman Catholic Church is linked with the institution. The School of Law, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, and the National Catholic School of Social Service are among the 12 faculties or institutions that make up the university. Engineering, architecture, religion, and liberal arts and sciences are among the undergraduate programs offered at the institution. These disciplines also provide master’s and doctorate degree programs, as well as three interdisciplinary programs: early Christian, medieval, and Byzantine studies. The Vitreous State Laboratory and the Life Cycle Institute are two research institutions. The total number of students is estimated to be about 7,000. 

In 1887, Catholic University was founded. It is the Roman Catholic Church’s national university and the first Catholic bishop-founded institution of higher learning in the United States. When the institution first opened its doors in 1889, it exclusively provided doctoral studies; undergraduate sessions started in 1904.


GPA Requirements at Catholic University of America 

Many schools typically ask for a minimum GPA requirement, although you should expect this to be the bare minimum GPA required to submit an application to avoid being rejected. 

Note that the only GPA criterion that truly matters is the one that gives you a real hope of getting in. 

At Catholic University of America, the average GPA is 3.46. 

Catholic University of America needs you to have a 3.46 GPA and be in the middle of your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with a few C’s thrown in for good measure. If you have a poor GPA, you may make up for it by taking more difficult courses such as AP or IB subjects. This will improve your weighted GPA and show solid proof of your college readiness. Many colleges will tell you that they do not have a specific SAT score cutoff, but the truth is fact is that they do. This is based on the average score for the school. 

Catholic University of America’s average SAT composite score is a 1230 on a 1600-point scale. 

Catholic University of America is competitive for SAT test scores because of this score.


Analysis of SAT Scores at Catholic University of America (New 1600 SAT) 

The New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1140, while the New SAT score for the 75th percentile is 1320. In other words, a score of 1140 on the New SAT puts you below average, and a score of 1320 puts you above average. 

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Subject Test Requirements for the SAT 

The SAT subject exam requirements vary per school. Typically, elite schools need them, although the majority of public institutions do not. 

SAT subject examinations are suggested, according to Catholic University of America. SAT subject exams are often not compulsory, although submitting them might highlight certain skills. If you’re applying to an engineering school, for example, taking science and math SAT topic exams can help you stand out. 


It’s important to note that The SAT/ACT and GPA are considered more important than theSAT Subject Tests. If you have to pick between boosting your SAT/ACT score and improving your SAT Subject Test scores, go for the SAT/ACT score. 

Because this institution is just moderately selective, you have a good chance of getting in if your grades aren’t too poor. If you score 1140 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT, you’ll nearly surely get accepted. You’ll be a shoo-in if you satisfy the remainder of the application conditions listed below. 

However, if your score falls below our suggested goal, you may be one of the unfortunate few who is refused.


Student Life Involvement

There will never be a better moment to learn about yourself than now, and there will never be a better location to learn about yourself than here. 

Life occurs in everyday activities such as football games, late-night meetings, seminars, campus concerts, social events, and so on. 

It’s a place where friendship, religion, unconditional support, and heart come together to form a community. Every day, lifetime friendships are formed and defining events occur. 

Whether you like music, volunteering, ballroom dancing, fitness, travel, activism, or anything else, you will find a home here with 100+ student groups and a schedule jam-packed with events and activities year-round. 

You have the chance to research and uncover undiscovered interests and hidden abilities at every on-campus event, student production, club meeting, and volunteer activity. Every time, you’re a little bit more aware of who you are — and who you want to be. 

Discover your true calling. Make your own college experience. And make memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


Language Proficiency

All students from countries and locations where English is not the common, spoken language (even if the student currently is a resident of the United States) must have a practical grasp of spoken and written English to benefit from teaching, study, and tests. The Catholic University of America’s course material requires university-level English language knowledge and competencies. The Catholic University of America, however, requires all candidates whose first language is not English to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language or an International English Language Testing System test before they may be considered for final admission. 

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When applying for graduate schools, the minimum TOEFL scores are 550 on paper, 213 on the computer, and 80 on the internet. On the TOEFL, students should score at least 20 out of 30 in each of the subcategories. The minimum IELTS score for graduate students is 6.5. In addition to the overall IELTS score, individual IELTS test module results are examined. 

The Catholic University of America should get test results directly from students. The Educational Testing Service’s test code is 5104. (ETS). 


If the candidate has adequate proof of successful completion of one of the following, the TOEFL/IELTS requirement may be waived on a case-by-case basis: 

Catholic University’s Intensive English Program Level 112 in an ELS Language Center’s intensive English program 

An authorized institution of higher education that offers a comprehensive Intensive English curriculum. 

With a grade of B or above, a college-level English Composition class is considered to be the equal of or more advanced than Catholic University’s English Composition 101 course.



Definition of being a Catholic institution of higher learning? 

It implies that everything we do is based on service and faith. Catholic Institution is the Catholic Church’s national university in the United States, created and funded by the country’s bishops with Holy See sanction. Learn more about Catholic University’s Catholic commitment. 


What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Catholic University? 

Catholic University does not have a minimum GPA requirement. Successful Catholic University candidates choose a mix of college preparation, Honors, and AP/IB courses that complement their interests and abilities. All students are evaluated in the context of their high school, with course options, timetables, and class rank factored in as needed. Learn more about Catholic University’s admissions process. 


Is Division I Catholic University? 

Catholic University is classified as a Division III institution. There are 25 varsity programs at the university. Learn more about Catholic University’s athletics. 


Is there a requirement for SAT scores at Catholic University? 

SAT scores are not required at Catholic University. We think that without SAT or ACT results, we can make efficient admission judgments. Your academic accomplishment is the strongest predictor of your future success. Learn more about Catholic University’s admissions process. 


What is the cost of attending Catholic University? 

After scholarships and grants, the average tuition and room-and-board cost for first-year students is $33,325. Learn more about financial help and tuition. 


What is the size of Catholic University? 

There are 2,929 undergraduates and 2,130 graduate students on the campus. Catholic University is the biggest and greenest campus in Washington, D.C., with 176 acres. 


Is there a scholarship program at Catholic University? 

Catholic University provides a variety of scholarships that honor and reward strong academic achievement in high school, as well as outstanding leadership and service in your school, church, and community.

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