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Edx vs Udemy: Differences, Features and Costs

Edx vs Udemy



Udemy is an online learning platform. It is aimed towards people who are employed. Udemy is an online learning platform that allows instructors to create online courses on a variety of topics. By downloading movies, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, audio files, zip files, and life lessons, you may create courses utilizing the Udemy course creation tools. 

Instructors can also communicate with students via online discussion forums. Edx is a pioneer in the field of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) (MOOCs). It offers university-level online courses in a wide range of topics to a global audience of students, with certain courses available for free. 

EdX and Udemy are two of the top e-learning systems available at the moment. We’re all aware of how hectic our lives are, what with job, housework, kids, and so on. Enrolling in a university or institute and allocating set time to studying skills, languages, or subject-related courses becomes difficult. 

Employers are also on the lookout for educated applicants to join their employment these days. In this regard, online courses have proven to be lifesavers. However, before enrolling in any online course, you should be aware that they differ from traditional courses in a number of ways. Choosing a curriculum depends on your learning style and requirements. It can help you advance in both your schooling and your work.


Key Differences Between Udemy and EdX 



The costs of an LMS software include software licenses, software training, subscription fees, personalization fees, hardware, and maintenance and support. These expenses must be taken into account when calculating the system’s total cost of ownership. 

Udemy is available for $109 per month per user. On a scale of one to ten, Udemy scored a four-star rating, which is quite low when compared to the average cost of LMS Software. 

Udemy’s USP is its low pricing, which is why it is so popular among students. For about $10, a student can obtain a course that would normally cost $200 or more. Udemy has a lot of flash deals, where pricey courses are sold for a fraction of their original price. Instructors attempt to entice pupils by providing several coupons and discounts. Udemy, on the other hand, does not provide course completion certificates for all of its courses. 

EdX licenses start at $50, and the program has a 4-star rating, which is higher than its competitors. This is also a bargain compared to the average cost of LMS Software. In short, both Udemy and EdX have similar pricing. 

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The platform is largely determined by the quality of the content, particularly in the market for online courses. The quality of content on Udemy is generally regarded as mixed. Many people say the courses are satisfactory or average. 

However, some evaluations on Udemy courses claim that they are not even worth considering. People may find it difficult to choose a course on Udemy due to differences in viewpoint. 

Yes, it is impossible to check out every single course on the platform in order to assess the site’s and its courses’ legitimacy. What’s more, you should be aware that practically all of the courses given here are being advertised by the course instructor! 

The success of an online platform is totally dependent on high-quality content. A website may boast of having top professionals, a high-end server, and excellent graphics and visualizations; yet, if the content quality isn’t up to par, the website will fail! Though individuals may rush to any platform at first, word-of-mouth quickly spreads like wildfire. 

There are some differing viewpoints about EdX’s courses. Some students have had an overwhelmingly excellent experience in their course, while others have complained about a few poor classes. 

A few users have said that the courses are worth the money, while others have said that the quality of the courses is poor owing to platform technical issues or the instructor not being as good as expected. Users of the Mac iOS platform have reported that the platform crashes on a regular basis. 

EdX prides itself on offering high-quality courses and collaborating with some of the world’s best colleges and organizations. As a result, it must concentrate on resolving difficulties with the website’s performance or other minor issues that users may encounter. 

Experiential Learning 

When we talk about the learning experience, it varies from person to person and is dependent on a variety of elements such as the course chosen, the speed of internet connections, the general mood, expectations, and so on. 

However, there is always a general consensus on whether the platform is enjoyable and worthwhile. Udemy offers advice to its educators on how to improve learning quality and student engagement. It shows that the organization cares about its students and wants to provide them with the finest learning experience possible. 

In general, people on this platform appear to be divided over their learning experiences — they are either extremely pleased or quite dissatisfied. There is no such thing as a middle ground. Despite a few duds, the platform offers several excellent online courses. EdX is the best option if you want to take a high-level education course. You may read edX reviews to help you pick which course to take. 

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Features of edX 


There are a few major elements worth mentioning about this online learning platform. Here’s everything you need to know about pursuing a career in education. 

Learning Segments Every Week 

edX is a collection of online courses organized into distinct blocks. Weekly learning sequences will contain short movies, interactive learning tasks, and other activities. 

Tutorial videos are frequently included in courses and will give you the same level of professional education and hands-on experience that you would receive if you were studying at a school on campus. You can ask and answer questions, as well as engage with classmates and teaching assistants. 


Some edX courses come with completion certificates, while others are credit-eligible. This is up to the individual university, however edX has a variety of learning options. You have the option of auditing a course (also known as a verified course) or completing a bundled set of up to seven confirmed courses for a single subject. 

A Diverse Range of Learning Possibilities 

You can choose from a range of different courses and programs on edX. You can take one-off courses in your spare time, as well as MicroMasters programs that will help you improve your abilities even further. Professional credentials are available, as well as a global Freshman Academy for first-year university students. 

Do you want to learn more about a specific topic in depth? With its unique XSeries Program, edX also has it. This program will allow you to delve further into a topic and obtain a better understanding of a hot topic. “Astrophysics,” “The Civil War and Reconstruction,” and “Water Management” are just a few examples. These seminars require you to pay and sign up for a big number of courses that you will study as a group. 

User Interface 

The fact that the courses are extremely flexible is something that most edX evaluations mention. Instructor-paced courses follow a set schedule with explicit due dates for all tests, assignments, and quizzes. Self-paced courses follow a fixed schedule with specific due dates for all exams, assignments, and quizzes. You’ll get your course materials at predetermined intervals and have a specified amount of time to complete the course. 

You are free to study at your own speed and turn in all assignments whenever you like. 

The user interface is clear and easy to browse, as most edX course evaluations will tell you. English (in fact, the majority of classes are taught in English), Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and Chinese are among the languages taught. Subtitles in English are also available for all videos. 

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Courses on edX can be downloaded and viewed offline. That way, you can work on your phone, computer, and other devices. You can even get an edX app for your Android or iOS device. If you enroll in the confirmed track, you’ll have access to your course materials long after the course has completed. If you are auditing a course, you will only be allowed to access it for the number of weeks mentioned on the enrolment page.

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Features of Udemy 

Udemy’s key features include course marketing, retargeted ads, search & discovery, and email campaigns, as well as partnerships with large specialty content sites, a course quality checklist feature, and the option to share assignments. Here are some further details: 

Course Marketing 

One of Udemy’s best features is its course marketing capabilities, which allows instructors to sell their courses and personal brands to students and the relevant audience. Udemy offers four different options for instructors to advertise their courses: retargeting ads, external partner promotions, email campaigns, and search and discovery. 

Targeted Ads 

Instructors can utilize this feature to communicate with the audience or students who have wished to list, view, or preview a course but have not purchased it. Their course marketing will appear on the Facebook news feeds of their students as well as on other websites. 

Email Campaigns and Search & Discovery 

Instructors can use Udemy to increase their course searchability. Furthermore, this online learning platform sends out email campaigns to assist teachers in promoting and marketing their courses to the appropriate audience. The emails are personalized depending on the student’s previous purchases and conduct. 

Collaboration with Major Niche Content Websites 

Udemy collaborates with Groupon, LivingSocial, and other daily deal sites to assist teachers in marketing their courses. 

Checklist for Course Quality 

This feature guarantees that instructors’ courses are marketable, professional, and capable of providing students with a unique and additional learning experience. 

Capability to Share Assignments 

Students on Udemy are given the opportunity to work on assignments in order to put the knowledge and training they received in their chosen courses to use and enhance their abilities. Students can also share their completed assignments or outputs with other students in order to receive or provide feedback.

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