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Best GMAT Prep Books


It is not easy to prepare for the GMAT Exam. While practice questions are vital, it’s also critical to consider test-taking tactics and the philosophy behind different question kinds. Fortunately, there are a plethora of GMAT prep books available to assist you in acing the crucial business school admissions exam. 

Best GMAT Preparation Books 

Advanced Quantitative GMAT (Manhattan Prep) 

GMAT Advanced Quant from Manhattan Prep is another excellent resource for improving your Quant score. It covers advanced problems and strategies for test takers who have already excelled in the quantitative part. It is a good approach to ensure that you are ahead of the pack because the level can be higher than the level of many questions on the actual GMAT. 

Total  GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann) 

Total GMAT Math by Sackmann fits within the good yet unfriendly category. It’s a fantastic way to improve your arithmetic skills. 

It covers a lot of ground, but you’ll need a firm foundation to get the most out of it. This book may leave you puzzled and intimidated rather than enlightened if you are rusty with arithmetic or need to review the basics. Foundations of GMAT Math (Manhattan Prep) might help fill in the gaps for test candidates who don’t have a strong math basis. Starting your studies from the basics is a fantastic way to refresh your math knowledge. It’s important to note that this book serves merely as a baseline resource and does not fully explain all of the Quant methods you’ll need. 

The Sentence Correction Strategy Guide for the GMAT (Manhattan Prep) 

The Sentence Correction Strategy Guide is widely regarded as the most comprehensive guide to sentence correction. It covers all of the English grammar ideas you’ll need for Sentence Correction, as well as a breakdown of the questions in the Official guide. 

Unlike many other good but unfriendly GMAT materials, it’s also relatively nicely laid-out and easy to understand. 

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The Bible of Critical Thinking (PowerScore) 

The PowerScore Critical Reasoning Bible is a fantastic resource. This comprehensive resource is jam-packed with theory and mini-drills to help you grasp the fundamentals of Critical Reasoning. 

It explains how to solve questions and covers all of the tactics you’ll need for the various Critical Reasoning question types. If you want to improve your Critical Reasoning understanding and score, it’s well worth your effort. 

The Official GMAT Guide 

The GMAT Official Guide is the one book you absolutely must have. To aid in the development of your GMAT comprehension and intuition, there is no alternative for the real GMAT questions in the Official Guide. There are trends in real GMAT problems that are absent from questions created by test prep companies, to the point where a seasoned GMAT coach can often detect the difference between real and fake GMAT questions. 

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Going through questions to further your comprehension of concepts is an important part of the learning process. The book walks you through problems as well as extensive explanations to the solutions, from critical reasoning to reading comprehension. 

GMAT Prep Plus by Kaplan 

This new GMAT prep book includes over 350 practice questions written by specialists, making it an ideal alternative for students who wish to acquire and hone established test-taking tactics. Users can take six online GMAT practice exams that are computer-adaptive and examine full answer explanations. All of the strategies have been put to the test by students. Kaplan even promises that the book will improve your GMAT score or your money back.

GMAT Prep Book by Mometrix 

The most significant concepts, vocabulary, and principles underpinning the writing, logical organization, math, and verbal components of the GMAT are explained in Mometrix’s newest GMAT prep book. You’ll get a full-length practice test and in-depth answer explanations with this book. 

Official GMAT Advanced Questions 

This official GMAT practice guide, geared toward top scorers, focuses on only the most difficult questions from previous exams. You’ll get 300 challenging GMAT practice problems with solution explanations with this guide. 

GMAT Advanced Quant is a course offered by Manhattan Prep. 

This GMAT prep book is essential for those who wish to give it their all in order to get a perfect Quantitative section score. More than 250 of the most difficult GMAT math problems are included in the guide. 

This comprehensive prep guide will be especially useful to test candidates who have already earned at least a 47 on Quant. 

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GMAT Math Workbook by Kaplan 

With over 300 practice questions, this handy prep book provides an in-depth breakdown of the GMAT’s most important arithmetic principles. Test takers will discover how the Quantitative part is graded, as well as crucial problem-solving and data-based question strategies. 

Drills in often tested disciplines like algebra, data analysis, and geometry are also included, along with extensive answer explanations. 

The GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible from PowerScore 

This GMAT prep book helps test takers grasp argumentation by focusing on the concepts behind several critical reasoning question types. You’ll learn to answer questions more rapidly and improve your GMAT score as a result of this procedure. The ideas you learn will help you with reading comprehension as well. 

This well-reviewed GMAT practice book comes with access to a website with additional exam tips and advice. 

GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay from Manhattan Prep 

The Integrated Reasoning (IR) and Analytical Writing sections of the GMAT are rarely addressed in GMAT prep books. Fortunately, Manhattan Prep has put together a comprehensive guide that covers all of the important details concerning these two parts. 

Test-takers will discover important time-management and problem-solving tactics for the GMAT’s IR and essay sections in this book. Additional practice is also available online for students.

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Why Should You Use a GMAT Prep Book? 

The average student should anticipate to spend roughly 120 hours studying for the GMAT, according to Kaplan. The top GMAT prep books teach students how to employ effective test-taking tactics, how to recognize frequent question types on test day, and how to make the most of their study time. 

The following GMAT prep books may be particularly useful for those who plan to devote a significant amount of time to studying in order to improve their scores. Knowing what areas you need to work on can help you choose the best books and resources to assist you prepare for the GMAT. 

GMAT Preparation Tips 

Developing a GMAT study plan for early MBA and business master’s applications include a lot of moving parts—essays, letters of recommendation, resumes, and so on—and the last thing you want to do is juggle all of them while also studying for the GMAT on a tight schedule. 

Set a GMAT study strategy early in your business school journey to prevent this problem. Did you know that the GMAT exam may be prepared in just eight weeks? The free Official GMAT Exam 8-Week Study Planner, from the makers of the GMAT exam, gives you the goals, resources, and recommendations you need to work toward your business school goals in as little as two months. 

Choose your GMAT study materials carefully. 

There are a plethora of exam prep options accessible, but choose wisely because not all of them are created equal. 

We recommend using GMAT Official prep resources to effectively prepare (and simulate the real test-taking experience). They employ the same GMAT scoring mechanism as the original test and feature real questions from previous tests because they were prepared by the GMAT’s creators. 

Recognize your GMAT flaws (and work on them) 

The most important part of your total preparation strategy is determining which abilities require the most attention. To assess your talents and determine your weak areas, we recommend using the GMAT Official Guide Series. Analyze your findings and then design a personalized, targeted study plan to brush up on the areas where you need to improve your skills in order to achieve your objectives. 

Remember to be realistic with yourself—a GMAT score of 700 or above isn’t always attainable. 

As part of your GMAT preparation, keep track of time. 

Pacing oneself is critical to your GMAT achievement because you only have so much time. If you know the Verbal segment will be difficult for you, for example, work on improving your verbal skills while also ensuring that you can execute them fast. 

Start keeping track of time once you’ve trained enough and grasp the principles so you can teach yourself to solve problems quickly. As you progress through the four timed portions on practice examinations, you’ll need to keep track of your time. 

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Don’t get bogged down in a GMAT question. 

Remember that failing to complete each segment of the test will result in a penalty, and your score will drop with each unanswered question. 

Don’t get caught up in worrying about whether you’re answering each question right. Obviously, do your best, but stay to a schedule. Give each question no more than two and a half minutes of your time. Make a calculated estimate if you’re stumped. This leads us to the next point. 

As part of your study strategy, work on improving your mental math skills. 

When it comes to the quantitative part, mental math is a time-saving technique you’ll want to have in your toolbox. 

When you’re practicing, avoid the impulse to pull out your calculator at every opportunity. Instead, do mental math computations. Because you won’t be able to use a calculator on the GMAT’s Quant part, you’ll need to hone your mental math skills. 

Advanced Questions will test your limits. 

Do you aspire to enroll in one of the world’s most prestigious MBA or business master’s programs? With a high GMAT exam score, you can drastically improve your chances. There’s no greater resource than the GMAT Official Advanced Questions to push the boundaries of what you’re capable of. 

Get quick access to 300 GMAT questions that have been hand-picked from previous tests. You’ll also get access to an Online Question Bank where you may design your own practice sets. This is the greatest option for individuals who want to achieve a high GMAT score—the kind that will get you that MBA or master’s acceptance letter you’ve been hoping for. 

Make sure you have the materials you’ll need to succeed as you pursue your graduate business degree. Receive exclusive information, GMAT prep materials, and the tools you need for each step along the route with the help of Create an account today to get started! 

During GMAT preparation, practice visual literacy. 

Time management is a crucial GMAT test-taking approach, as we’ve established. Looking for a quick approach to boost your productivity? Visual literacy, or the ability to understand symbols, charts, and tables, is a must-have skill. 

This type of visual data appears frequently on the GMAT, so knowing how to evaluate it quickly is essential. You may see non-standard mathematical notations (or symbols particular to a problem) on the GMAT Quant section of the exam, so be sure you’re comfortable with visuals and can stay calm. 

When you come across questions for which you are unsure of the solution, don’t waste time. To come closer to the correct answer, rule out the erroneous responses when in doubt. Choose the best option from the remaining options before moving on to the next question. 

Figure up a guessing approach ahead of time in case you run out of time (despite your best pacing plan) to prevent excessive GMAT score deductions.

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