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Korea University Acceptance Rate


Korea University Acceptance Rate


Admission to Korea University is extremely difficult for Korean students. To get accepted into Korea University, you must rank in the top 1% of all students in Korea. 

International students, on the other hand, have an entirely different experience. While thousands of Korean students aspire to attend Korea University, overseas students are less interested. 

As a result, the acceptance rate for undergraduate international students at Korea University is projected to be around 25%. Around half of graduate students get accepted, according to estimates. 

Why is it that overseas students are accepted at such a high rate? Professors do not have to spend a lot of money to attract overseas students to their labs, which is one of the reasons.

Popular Alumni 

Korea University is one of South Korea’s oldest and most distinguished universities, and it has hosted a lot of notable and influential people over the years. Nearly 300,000 people have graduated from the university. 

Former President Lee Myung Bak, two former mayors of Seoul (Lee Myung Bak and Oh Se-hoon), a former prime minister (Heo Jeong), and a former mayor of Irvine, California are among their alumni (Sukhee Kang). 

Several Olympic gold and silver medalists (Hwang Young-Cho, Jang Mi-Ran, Yuna Kim, and Sohn Kee-Chung) as well as several outstanding football players are among the other notable graduates (Park Joo Young, Hong Myung-bo, Cha Bum-Kun, and Seo Jung-Won).Korea University has also produced a lot of accomplished actors, directors, singers, and writers.

Is it possible to study in Korea without learning the language? 

To cut a long story short, YES, you can study in Korea even if you have no prior knowledge of the Korean language. Basic English skills will aid you in surviving university life and obtaining a much-needed degree. 

As a result, education has gone worldwide, and students now have the freedom to go wherever they choose in the globe to take the courses that are best suited to them. By 2025, more than 8 million students are expected to study abroad for their higher education. As a result of this tendency, major institutions around the world have become more uniform in order to accommodate students from all over the world.

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Korea, like the majority of countries, welcomes students and professionals from all over the world, and they blend in seamlessly to make a life. Korea is noted for its warm and generous hospitality, which makes it simpler for visitors to fit in with the country’s culture.

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Korea, like the majority of countries, welcomes students and professionals from all over the world, and they blend in seamlessly to make a life. Korea is noted for its warm and generous hospitality, which makes it simpler for visitors to fit in with the country’s culture.

Tuition Fees in korean Universities

Korea is a relatively inexpensive country with a low cost of living. As a result, students can enroll in classes without burning a hole in their pockets. These private tutoring sessions can help you improve your language skills and cost around $6,000 on average.

So, what should you be expecting? 

At the end of the day, Korea offers a wealth of educational opportunities and is one of the best investments you can make. So, if you ever find yourself in Korea and don’t speak the language, bear the following in mind: 

Students may find the English taught in Korean universities to be a little unusual and difficult to follow at first, but with time, they will adjust and it will be a smooth ride. 

Even though the classes are in English, double-check that they are in English because it is natural for people and trainers to revert to their home tongue. 

If things aren’t going as planned, you may always discover a few common names for their traditional dish, which will never let you down. Yes, the cuisine is amazing, whether it’s Kimchi, Chimaek, Barbecue, or Ramyeon. 

If English is your only language, you may find that your Korean classmates shun you. While you may be self-conscious about your Korean, Koreans may be self-conscious about their English and might want to avoid you entirely. 

When it comes to group initiatives and collaborations, this could be a difficult issue to manage. So give it time, and everything will fall into place.

The Benefits of Studying in South Korea 

Learn a New Language 

South Korea’s official language is Korean. It is the only official language in the country. Korean is utilized for formal communication regardless of dialect. 

Learning a new language while studying in South Korea is a great chance. This is due to the fact that you will need to learn how to converse in Korean.


The indigenous of South Korea live a Confucian way of life that emphasizes family and community values within families and amongst individuals. 

This explains why you will have a pleasant and welcoming environment when you choose to study in South Korea.


South Korean cuisine 

While studying in South Korea, you will have the opportunity to sample the diverse cuisine that Korean culture has to offer. 

South Koreans typically serve many dishes at a meal, including staples such as vegetables, rice, and legumes, as well as specialty items such as soups, noodles, and stir-fried dishes.

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Studying abroad, particularly in South Korea, will undoubtedly provide you with valuable connections and long-lasting friendships. Making friends as a foreign student will not be a problem. All you have to do now is get there. Those connections will prove to be a career saver in the future.

International Notoriety 

South Korean universities have achieved international acclaim, and the country’s ranking history isn’t awful either. Employers and other universities all across the world recognize almost all universities. 

South Korea is a wonderful destination to visit! Despite the exorbitant expense of living, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making it a viable option. The chances available are similar to gold mines. To be honest, you have a better chance of winning than losing.


How to Apply to a South Korean University 


Make an application to a South Korean university. 

Find out where you should send your university application. 

Many universities in South Korea allow students to submit their applications online. Because there is no centralized system, you must go to each institution’s website to discover the application form.

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Find out what language requirements there are. 

Those daring enough to pursue a Korean-language degree must first pass the official Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK). 

Most overseas students, on the other hand, will choose for English-taught programs, for which they must present IELTS Academic and TOEFL iBT scores.

Before the application deadlines, submit your application. 

There are two admission periods at most South Korean universities: 

For the spring semester, September-November 

For the autumn/fall semester, May-June 

We recommend double-checking the particular dates before you start applying because application deadlines can change year to year. Also, keep in mind that the visa application process takes time, so factor that into your schedule.

GPA requirements in Korea’s universities 

Korea University in South Korea requires students to have a minimum GPA of 2.8 in order to be considered for admission. To boost their chances of acceptance, students must also engage in other activities such as sports, project leadership, and community service.

The following is a list of the most prestigious Korean scholarships. 

The Korean Government Scholarship for Undergraduates 

This scholarship is offered by the Korean government to international students. The scholarship covers all of their tuition costs as well as their living expenses while in Korea. 

The major goal of a Korean government scholarship is to entice brilliant overseas students to study in Korea and have a beneficial impact on the Korean community. 

Students who meet the program’s requirements can attend any Korean university affiliated with the program. Any student who obtains a Korean Government scholarship in 2021 will have the opportunity to study at a top university in Korea.

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Seoul National University For Graduates And Undergraduates 

It is one of Korea’s elite universities, known as the sky, and is classified alongside Korea University and Yonsei University. It is one of Korea’s most prestigious institutions, offering science, technology, and design majors. 

Students with strong English language skills and an excellent academic record will be given priority. This program has a lot of competitiveness because it is many students’ ambition to be a part of the university. The university offers fully paid Ph.D., Master’s, and undergraduate scholarships. Admissions are held once a year.

Yonsei University Undergraduate Program 

Yonsei University is one of Korea’s ivy league universities, as previously stated. It is unique in that it features an international college, the Underwood Overseas College, for undergraduate international students. 

This college’s teachers and students come from all over the world. Students who meet the criteria will get a fully financed scholarship.

Graduate And Undergraduate Programs at Korea University 

The university is based in South Korea and provides international students with fully financed scholarships and students. Although its STEM majors are the most popular among other institutions, non-STEM disciplines such as political science, business, and humanities are also popular.

KAIST Graduate And Undergraduate Programs 

KAIST is one of the greatest colleges in the world for science and technology. It was established as Korea’s first research university less than 50 years ago. 

The research at KAIST is funded by the Korean government as well as private firms such as Hyundai and Samsung. 

Every student admitted to KAIST, whether domestic or abroad, receives a fully financed scholarship. The classes are taught in English to facilitate improved communication and global thinking.

Hanyang University is located in Hanyang, South Korea. 

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available. It is located in Seoul, Korea’s capital. Thousands of students attend the institution, which provides a wide range of major courses. 

The school is well-known for its academic excellence. It has produced distinguished alumni, including the CEO and Chairman of Hyundai Motors. The scholarship covers 70% of undergraduate tuition and is fully subsidized for master’s and doctoral programs.

Inha University is a university in Inha, South Korea 

It was formed by Korea’s president, and it provides completely financed scholarships to both graduates and undergraduate students. It is one of the best colleges in the world for engineering studies.

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