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Best Online Dual Master’s Degree Programs


Online Dual Master's Degree Programs



Dual degree programs not only provide more professional options, but they also have the ability to increase earning potential and job growth over time. 

There may be a dual degree program choice that is a good fit for you and your professional ambitions, with selections ranging across many academic areas. 


Universities that offer online dual master’s degree programs 

Dual master’s degree programs give you the opportunity to get two master’s degrees in separate fields of study at the same time. These combined degree program choices are available in both online and on-campus forms, depending on the school. 

You can enroll in a dual master’s degree program to gain experience in two different but complementary fields of study. Earning combined graduate degrees may allow you to broaden your job possibilities and raise your earning potential.


College of Engineering at Auburn University 

The dual Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering/MBA program is a non-thesis program that enables students with an interest in both engineering and business to quickly advance into management positions in their respective industries while also broadening their industrial and systems engineering knowledge. 


New Zealand’s Victoria University 

With an executive qualification that increases your analytical rigor and strategic intelligence, you can advance into a position in senior management. The popular Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA) is based on a trimester. 


Executive MBA Program in Barcelona 

This degree is designed to help students advance their careers as directors, area managers, or entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to make informed decisions in the field. Students will have the opportunity to study disciplines that are the foundations of company management from a multidisciplinary approach, rather than only specific tourism and hospitality management subjects. 


Marconi International University

The Master in International Business Administration prepares students to compete and achieve on a global scale. It gives students a better understanding of economics, finance, business, general management, and marketing, as well as preparing them to work in international or multinational firms. 


California Lutheran University is a private institution located in Sacramento, California. 

The Cal Lutheran MBA includes a rigorous curriculum that may be personalized by choosing one of our emphasis areas. It is ideal for people who wish to gain a solid foundation in essential business skills while also pursuing a specialty. 


Westford University is a private university in Westford, Massachusetts. 

The learner will get a dual certification, a Postgraduate Extended Diploma in International Business Management from Cambridge International Qualifications in the United Kingdom and a Master of International Business Administration from UCAM in Spain, after completing this course. 


Carolina College

The MBA program at Carolina is geared for working individuals who want to grow in their jobs. Whether you’re a mid-level manager looking to advance your career into senior management, a non-profit professional looking to start a charitable organization, or a recent graduate from a non-business discipline, the Carolina MBA will prepare you with the cutting-edge business disciplinary competencies and skills required for success in the twenty-first century business environment. 

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University Edith Cowan 

In an international business context, this course creates highly qualified global managers and leaders who can effectively and responsibly contribute to organizations.


The University of Southern Queensland is located in Queensland, Australia. 

The dual degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Professional Accounting allows you to learn professional accounting knowledge and abilities while also getting a grip of the broader management context, and getting you prepared for future senior management positions. 


Singapore Kaplan 

The program’s philosophy is based on the concepts of reflective practice and experiential learning. You will study business, management, and organizational principles and theories, which will provide you with frameworks for examining, reflecting, analyzing, and criticizing current individual and organizational practices. 


University of Scranton Online

The MBA-MHA degree combines the two degrees into a single program. If you take each program separately, you’ll finish your degree faster and with fewer credits. The MBA-MHA prepares you to manage healthcare organizations by providing broad-based business experience and an in-depth understanding of health systems. 


Our Lady of the Lake University Online

Our Lady of the Lake University’s combined MSW/MBA program is designed for students with a Bachelor’s in Social Work from a CSWE-accredited program who want to advance their careers in leadership, administration, and management. It is offered online and is CSWE and ACBSP approved. This curriculum provides you with the unique skills you’ll need to work with Hispanic children and families, as well as preparation for the licensed social worker exam. 


Benedictine University Online 

The dual Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) online degree program intends to prepare you for a career as a public health leader by providing you with the skills and information you’ll need. 


Executive Business School in Barcelona 

BEBS created this MBA Program in Project Management to teach students how to become successful translators of their employers’ aims. Students will be able to transform their ideas into actual results once they graduate.


List of Dual Online  Master’s Degree Programs 


Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health are two different types of master’s degrees. 


A dual degree program in Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) can prepare you for leadership and advanced positions in public health and other fields. 

Skills in business administration and public health can be applied to a range of jobs in this industry. Health information managers, chief executive officers, chief operating officers, epidemiologists, and health educators are among the professions available. 

Financial reporting, marketing management, business law, ethical leadership, business analytics, and leadership communication are common course subjects. Quantitative research methods in public health, health policy and law, biostatistics, population health, and global health are examples of such courses. 

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Master’s degree in social work and a Juris Doctorate 

A dual degree in Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor (MSW/JD) may allow you to work in the fields of social policy and law. A dual degree in MSW/JD can provide a unique perspective on a variety of legal topics, such as equality, child welfare, social policy, poverty, and mental health. 

This educational path can lead to careers as a social worker, lawyer, nonprofit administrator, victim advocate, policy analyst, social and community services manager, arbitrator or mediator, and other c-suite positions. 


History and philosophy of social work and social welfare, human behavior in the social environment, American racism and social work practice, and foundations of social work practice are some of the topics covered in MSW training. Civil procedures, criminal law, property law, legal research and writing skills, and torts law are some of the topics covered in Juris Doctor courses. 


Many authorities regard the JD to be a doctorate degree, and many colleges offer masters and JD degrees in combination. The dual masters and PsyD programs offered by several colleges are an example of a combined masters and doctorate. 

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Master of Public Administration plus Master of Science in Criminal Justice 

A dual degree program in MS in Criminal Justice and Master of Public Administration (CJ/MPA) may lead to a career in which criminal justice and public administration collide. 

Policy analyst, political scientist, law enforcement officer, correctional treatment specialist, and survey researcher are all jobs connected to these fields of study. Other jobs could include management positions in nonprofits, government, and private industry, especially in the fields of criminal justice and social welfare. 

Criminology, victimology, gender and crime, violent crime, law and society, and policy analysis in criminal justice may all be covered in your criminal justice education. Principles of nonprofit management, public finance, human resource management, law and public policy, and public sector ethics are some of the topics covered in public administration courses. 


Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Marketing 

A combined MS in Marketing and MBA degree can aid in the development of important upper management and leadership skills. Chief marketing officer, chief executive officer, director of marketing, advertising and sales manager, and market research analyst are examples of advanced marketing and business occupations. 

Managing brand identity, digital advertising techniques, integrated marketing communications, and marketing for social impact may all be included in your dual degree program. Foundations of leadership, microeconomics, managerial communication, and corporate finance are examples of other course topics. 


Master’s Degree in Finance

Pursuing a dual master’s degree in finance and business analytics will provide you with a unique set of skills for careers in finance, risk management, portfolio analysis, and data analysis. 

Financial managers, accountants, chief financial officers, chief data officers, financial analysts, business operations analysts, and management analysts are examples of professionals with extensive education in finance and business analytics. 

Financial accounting, statistical analysis, valuation, investment management, multivariate data analysis, and data programming are examples of course topics. 

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Marketing Master’s Degree 

A dual master’s degree in marketing and business analytics combines marketing theory and implementation with a thorough understanding of data analysis techniques and procedures. 

Business intelligence analyst, e-commerce manager, marketing manager, director of advertising and marketing, and chief marketing officer are all examples of marketing and business analytics jobs. 

Business statistics, marketing research, digital marketing principles, data mining procedures, simulation modeling, and project management are some of the topics covered in business analysis courses.



What Is a Dual Degree Program and How Does It Work? 

A dual degree program is a type of education that allows you to achieve two degrees at the same time. 

Various colleges offer dual masters degrees as pre-defined, stand-alone programs. They can assist you in establishing a solid foundation and level of skill in two different academic fields. 

Each stream of study in a dual degree program has its own set of prerequisite credits and course requirements. In some cases, the two fields overlap, allowing you to use some credits toward both degrees. 


What Can a Dual Master’s Degree Get You? 

A dual masters degree program, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, can help you qualify for a number of advanced professions, including those in leadership and management. 

Top executive, lawyer, human resources manager, epidemiologist, arbitrator, policy analyst, survey researcher, health educator, social worker, social and community services manager, and nurse practitioner are all career opportunities that often need graduate-level schooling. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that the types of jobs you might be eligible for will differ substantially depending on which joint-degree program you enroll in. 


How Long Does It Take to Earn an Online Dual Master’s Degree? 

Depending on the university and your selected expertise, dual masters programs might take anywhere from two to three years to finish. The total length of time it takes to complete your degrees depends on a variety of factors, including whether you enroll part-time or full-time. 

Your degree combination and if you’re required to complete a thesis or internship as part of one or both degree programs are further factors that can affect your completion time. 

The number of credits you may be able to apply to both programs can also affect how long it takes you to complete your degrees.


Is a Dual Degree Program More Expensive? 

It’s possible that enrolling in a dual degree masters program will cost you more than enrolling in a standard single degree masters program. When compared to finishing two masters degrees independently, a dual degree option can save you money. 

Other considerations, such as whether you attend classes online or on campus, can affect the cost of your degree. Additional fees and expenditures, like lodging or parking, may be charged for on-campus classes. Another factor that could affect your total fees is whether you’ll be attending school as an out-of-state student.

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