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What are some free online courses available for obtaining certifications from government platforms and other online course portals? We’ve come up with some new course concepts that anyone may take online to get free online government certificates to add to their résumé and improve their chances of getting promoted and hired. 

If you’re considering a new job that will pay more money or a promotion at work, don’t go about asking your boss to promote you without first acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to add more value to the company. No one wants to promote someone who isn’t skilled or hasn’t come up with new ideas to move the company forward. 

You can take some crucial courses and receive certificates to validate your newly gained competence using the free government certifications online listed in this post. We’ve gone over some of the advantages of getting free government certifications online and how to go about doing so in this article. 

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If you’re wondering why you should take some of these free online certificate courses, make sure you read this article carefully because we’ve addressed why an employer will prefer someone who has earned certificates online over someone who simply has good grades in school. As a job seeker or someone who is already working, you may always improve your value by obtaining a free online credential from the government or other platforms.

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining Free Government Certifications Online? 

These online free government certifications are courses and training provided by the government of a specific country to its residents for free in order to assist them gain more skills and training in order to be more productive and provide more value to society and their workplace. 

You can earn certifications by enrolling in classes related to the field in which you want to advance. If you’re interested in public speaking, for example, you can enroll in online public speaking classes to study the fundamentals of public speaking and gain confidence when speaking with others. 

If you are interested in Business analysis and already have a business degree, but want to learn more, you can enroll in business courses online that are related to Business analysis and receive a certificate once you complete the course. 

These free government certifications online are available in a wide range of areas of study, allowing you to select any course that aligns with the aspect of your career that you want to develop, and after you have completed the course, you will be given a certificate to prove that you have been trained in the area, depending on the time frame. 

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You can print the certificate and include it in your résumé as a skill. This will strengthen your resume and, in turn, boost your chances of receiving a promotion at work or finding a new career.

Why Should Employed People Get Free Government Certifications Online? 

Why should I receive free government certificates online if I’m currently employed, someone might question. 

If you already have a job, consider it something you’d like to do to better yourself and be prepared for the unexpected. Let me clarify if you’re still perplexed. 

If a firm intends to fire some of its employees, it will begin with the employees who are the least useful to the company, while those who are extremely valuable to the company will keep their jobs, and those who are not as valuable as others will be relieved of their responsibilities. 

I believe this should be sufficient motivation for you to obtain some of the free government certifications available online, such as free courses that provide you with a certificate upon completion. 

These are courses that platforms and government agencies offer to assist citizens improve their abilities and boost their value in society. Take these online courses if for no other reason than they will give you credentials upon completion that you can use to enhance your resume.

As a job seeker, why should I take free government certifications online? 

If you are unemployed, you must obtain these free certificates from government agencies as quickly as possible. 

These free government certificates online will improve your employment prospects because most employers will look beyond what you learned in school and your grades and instead focus on what you can bring to the table. 

Keep in mind that you are being hired to boost the company’s productivity. If you don’t have the appropriate abilities and knowledge to contribute to the organization, you might not get hired.

Online Government Certifications are available for free. 

We’ve attempted to clarify what free government certifications are and how to obtain one online. You’ll start to notice some of the most popular online courses for obtaining free government certifications. 

These credentials aren’t available until you spend some time in these classes. Certifications are proof that you have completed a specific type of training and have been certified to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in that field. 

As a result, spend some time looking through these courses and use the links provided to acquire access to platforms where you can complete these courses to get certifications. 

If a link for a particular course is not accessible, you can copy the course title and paste it into one of the free online course sites and take the course there. EDX, Coursera, Udemy, and others are some of the sites where you can attend online courses for free or for a little cost.

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Online Government Certifications for County Commissioners are available for free. 

Becoming a leader is not as straightforward as it may appear; this is a position that will put your temperament to the test on several levels and in a variety of situations. This free online government certification program gives county commissioners the knowledge and skills they need to improve their governance and leadership.


Competency-Based Learning: An Overview 

The World Health Organization (WHO) offers a free online government certification program aimed at equipping health workers with the skills and information needed to effectively respond to current health emergencies, such as an outbreak or pandemic. 

Because it is issued by the World Health Organization, this is one of the greatest free government certifications available (WHO). The training is meant to provide health workers with the skills and information they need to effectively respond to modern health-related emergencies, such as future viral outbreaks or any other type of health-related event.


Public Manager with a Certificate 

Being a leader is more than just having a title, and having the correct leadership abilities will always yield the right type of productivity. 

Improve your leadership skills and expertise with this free government certification online program, which will teach you how to better lead, manage, and organize.


Free government certifications are available online through the ICT Initiative. 

This is an Indian government-run online learning platform that offers a variety of free computer science and artificial intelligence online courses to anyone interested in learning for free and receiving a degree at the end. The site is also linked to other online learning platforms, allowing students to access more courses. 

Individuals can apply for and receive certification as confirmation of completion of the Indian government’s free online government certification courses. To achieve certification, students should follow the online study guide.


NASSCOM’s AI and Data Science 

Artificial intelligence and data science have made and will continue to make major contributions to the world because they can rapidly and simply answer complicated mathematical issues, as well as be integrated into other machines to solve problems more quickly. 

By finishing this free online Indian government certification course, you can discover artificial intelligence and data science capabilities, technical understanding, and how to use your new expertise into a successful profession.


Online Government Certifications for Public Works 

Government teaching colleges and public engineering specialists teach the free online government certification program in the discipline of Public Works. This training gives public works managers and supervisors practical techniques for becoming professionals in their fields, as well as good management technology knowledge and skill development, to help managers at all levels provide exceptional local government services.

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Essentials of Risk Communication 

Risk communication is the exchange of information, proposals, and opinions among specialists, officials, and individuals in order to cope with threats to their well-being, make educated decisions, and monitor and employ protective measures. This is one of the best free government online certification courses, and it will educate you how to communicate effectively with risks. 

Professionals in Economic Development 

Take part in this free online government certifications program to discover more about practical courses that will help you become an expert in economic development. It will assist you in honing and improving your skills in the areas of professionalism and initiative, technology and industry knowledge, networking, assessment, evaluation, and problem solving, as well as leadership and influence. 

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Elected Municipal Officials 

The Municipal Elected Officials is the term given to one of the several free government certificates offered online by The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Academy for managers, mayors, and council members. 

Cluster of Health 

Health clusters are a technique to satisfy affected people’s humanitarian needs in a dependable, effective, and inclusive manner while adhering to humanitarian principles. 

These courses were developed by the Global Health Cluster (GHC) as part of a free government certification online program for health clusters to train and equip more people with the skills and information needed to more effectively respond to humanitarian disasters.

Officers who enforce the law 

This is one of the free government certificates available online from the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson School of Government. 

This free course gives participants a basic understanding of how municipal and general laws are implemented in the areas under their jurisdiction. It is available to both newbies and seasoned professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in the industry. 

Waste Management: Standard Precautions 

Are you aware that there are numerous forms of waste, each of which necessitates a distinct approach to disposal? Sign up for this free online government certification course to learn about the different types of garbage and how to manage them, as well as disposal methods. 

Go.Data: An Overview 

This is another of the World Health Organization’s free online government certifications (WHO). This free Go.Data course is being offered by WHO to teach interested learners about the software’s main features and operations, as well as how to use it in the event of an outbreak. 

In Nigeria, there is a SAFe for Government Certification Training Course. 

Invensis Learning, a global learning platform, is hosting a two-day online government training session in Nigeria with credentials. SAFe for Government educates interested parties about Scaled Agile’s Agile approach, as well as SAFe principles and practices.

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