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List Of Universities In Melbourne, Australia

universities in MelbourneWe are going to look at the list of top universities in Melbourne, Australia. But before that, let’s look at the benefits of studying in Melbourne.

Benefits of studying in Melbourne

Let’s briefly look at the reasons many international students choose to study in Melbourne, one of Australia’s biggest cities.

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Melbourne’s café culture is well-known, but there are a plethora of options beyond the crowded laneways of the CBD, which attract throngs of tourists. While there are some wonderful spots in the city, a short drive to areas such as Richmond, Fitzroy, South Melbourne, and Collingwood will provide you with some of Melbourne’s best meals and coffee, while districts even further afield (Camberwell, Preston, and Essendon) have lots to offer as well.


It is not just residents who believe that the Victorian capital is a safe place to reside. Melbourne received an 87.30 on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index last year, placing it sixth in the world behind Toronto, Osaka, Singapore, and Tokyo.


The race for Australia’s cultural capital is heating up, and Melbourne is clearly a contender. The National Gallery of Victoria, a plethora of specialized events, and street art strewn around the city are just a few of the city’s cultural attractions.


Students find it tough to adjust to a new nation, yet one of Melbourne’s advantages is its cosmopolitan community. There are a range of people from diverse cultural backgrounds due to the large number of international students from China and India, as well as suburbs known for their ethnicity (think the Italian population in Carlton).

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Let’s now go to the business of the day…we are about to provide you with the list of top universities in Melbourne for international students.

List Of Top Universities In Melbourne 

Monash University

Monash University, which is only 55 years old, is a relatively new research institution with a huge student body of 63,000 students. The institution is ranked 69th in the world and includes six campuses around Victoria, as well as two foreign campuses. The school’s slogan, “Ancora imparo,” means “I am still learning,” and emphasizes the school’s commitment to innovation and growth. Its main campus is located in Parkville, close to the University of Melbourne, and is home to the Victorian College of Pharmacy, which amalgamated with Monash University in the 1990s and is now regarded among the top 10 universities in the world in the subjects of pharmacy and pharmacology. Monash University is a member of the Group of Eight.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, the city’s highest-ranked university and Australia’s second-oldest, is located in the city’s Parkville area and is ranked 31st in the world. The institution is now in its 160th year and has approximately 38,000 pupils enrolled. Parkville is recognized for its lush lanes and heritage buildings, as well as Melbourne Zoo, one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions. The university is located near the city’s central business district and offers a variety of cafés, shops, and sports facilities, as well as convenient transportation. Parkville was also home to the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Village, which serves as a welcoming community space and a social legacy of the games. The university belongs to the famous Group of Eight, an association of Australia’s top research universities.

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RMIT University

RMIT University, which was founded in 1887 as the Working Men’s College of Melbourne, is ranked 291 in the world and has a strong concentration on design and technology. Its main campus is located on the outskirts of the central business district in the northern part of the city. The institution takes pleasure in being one of Melbourne’s few central universities, as well as the fact that it is not enclosed within itself but is an important component of the city’s cultural hub. RMIT University’s Australian campus has about 57,000 students, with an additional 17,000 enrolled at its foreign campuses. The school’s operational wind tunnel, which is used in the automobile design course and by industry partners, is noteworthy.

La Trobe University

La Trobe University was founded in 1964 and now has six campuses across Victoria. Its main campus is located in Bundoora, a city suburb about 16 kilometers north of Melbourne’s city center. In Melbourne city, the school has two art museums and a sculpture park. The institution is ranked 390th in the world, with the arts and humanities subjects achieving the highest rankings. In the heart of Melbourne’s core business sector, La Trobe University has almost 35,000 current students and also teaches postgraduate business students.

Deakin University

Deakin University has a very metropolitan vibe, while being predominantly located in the adjacent city of Geelong and the suburb of Burwood just outside of Melbourne. Deakin University began as a modest regional university in 1974 and has since combined with two other institutions in Victoria to become a major participant in the western part of the state, excelling in a wide range of topics and ranking among Melbourne’s best universities. The institution presently has about 44,000 students spread across three campuses and is ranked 380th in the world. The Geelong campus, with its contemporary facilities and open areas, is located on Corio Bay.

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Victoria University

Victoria University, ranked 701+ in the world (at the further end of the spectrum covered by the QS World University Rankings, but still very much among the world’s most elite schools), comes in last on our ranking of top universities in Melbourne. Victoria University offers a diverse range of educational opportunities, from short courses and apprenticeships to postgraduate degrees. Victoria University has almost 50,000 students enrolled, and the Footscray Park campus, located 5 kilometers outside of Melbourne’s city center, boasts a state-of-the-art sports facility that cost US$60 million to construct in 2011.

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