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Scholarships and Financial Aid for International Students in UK

Are you looking for Scholarships in UK?

Are you looking for Financial Aid to Study in UK?

Are you an international student seeking cheap universities in UK?

Universities in UK are among the top best in the world. Every year they’re flocks of students from all the different parts of the world applying to study in all the various universities in the UK. Although the cost of studying in UK is somehow low, for many mid countries the fees could be high somehow.

If you’re looking forward to having any financial aid in UK, they’re many of them according to your requirements, level, and your nationality. Although they’re different types of financial aid to all nationals who are willing to live and study in UK.

Why do you need financial aid to study in UK?

If you’re planning to enroll yourself in any university in UK, they’re many things you have to consider. The most important of them all is the fees you’re likely to spend before, during and after your studies. You’re prone to spend a whole lot of money as an international student if you’re sponsoring yourself to study there.

Right from the beginning of your application processes like visa and international passport (if you haven’t gotten any before), permits, flights, and most importantly your tuition fee and your upkeep. The tuition fees and your living expenses is the most ridiculous payment you must be wary of.

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This is why most of the European countries have developed financial aid programs to help international students coming to study to help them through some fees.

The fees for studying in UK as an international student varies according to your nationality. Those from the EU/EAU tend to have lower tuition fees compared to other international countries. If you’re a student from any country among the EU/EEA, your average tuition fee for public universities in Europe is about £363 per semester or about £726 per two-semester exams (yearly). For international students who are non-EU/EEA, the average tuition fee for European universities start from £727 per semester or £1,454 per year and can be higher for certain courses. For private universities within Europe, you’re likely to pay not less than £6,000 to £15,000 yearly for a degree program.

For those enrolling themselves in master’s degree or Ph.D. in UK, the payments also vary from countries and the fees are paid per semester course credits.


Colleges and Universities in UK that gives Financial Aids to International Students

If you’re in haste to know within the various universities in UK that give financial aid to international students, below is the list of the prominent ones across UK.

Cardiff University (UK): Beacon Scholarship

The Beacon Scholarship is specifically for certain nationals to live and study in the UK. It is open to the nationals of financially disadvantaged countries mainly, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. The scholarship is given to those wishing to study 3 to 4 years courses excluding medicine.

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The fees are divided into three, the first part of the fees will be handled by the university while another half by the beacon. The third part of the fees will be handled by the student either sponsors or anyone. The offered programs are leadership training & development, a home country mentor network, and a goal-setting performance management system.

Sciences Po (France): The Emile-Boutmy Scholarship

This is a scholarship offered by the sciences Po to international students outside or who are not members of the European Union and first-time applicants. The criteria for this scholarship program is a demonstration of academic excellence and other minor requirements.

The Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship

The Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship is offered to all nationals of sub-Saharan Africa who demonstrate good success in their academic pursuits and enroll in Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe-Africa program.

University College London (UK): Denys Holland Scholarship

University College London is another university in Europe that helps students with good financial aid through their payments schemes. It is open to all the various nationals in the world who could not afford the money to study at UCL. Normally the scholarship is worth about £9,000 for every year throughout the 3 years program.

University of Oxford (UK): Reach Oxford Scholarship

Formerly known as Oxford Student Scholarship, the Reach Oxford scholarship program has helped many international students to pursue their studies at Oxford University. The scholarship is usually given to students from less-income countries. The beneficiaries are normally given on the basis that they cannot for any political, financial, or suitable facilities not study in their own country. It is normally open for 3 to 4 years programs.

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Sheffield Hallam University (UK): Transform Together Scholarship

This scholarship program is granted to international students who are EU members and those from countries that are not. The scholarship is given to applicants based on their academic success and individuals must demonstrate excellent academic performance. The scholarship is also available for a waiver (50% discount) for those wishing to undergo their postgraduate programs.

University of Westminster (UK): Westminster Full International Scholarship

The University of Westminster also features many financial aids to international students coming to study in the UK. The scholarship program grants full tuition fee waivers, living expenses, accommodation, and your flights.

Cardiff University (UK): Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Cardiff University offers scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for nationals who are intending to study in the university. It has over £2million awards spread across to all international students.

University of Birmingham (UK)

It is divided for nationals as follows;

GlobalStudyUK Outstanding Achievement Scholarships (For Egyptian citizens only) and the fee is £3000 to each Egyptian normally three.

Bridge House Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, SI-UK Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarships, and UKEAS Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarships (For Nigerian citizens only).

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