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Is Studying Abroad Worth It ?

Is Studying Abroad Worth It


If you’re a college student, you’ve probably seen or looked into study abroad opportunities. For most individuals, this begs the basic issue of whether or not studying abroad is worthwhile. There are several compelling reasons to travel throughout your undergraduate years. There are various ways to make financing for your study abroad more convenient. Here are the top ten reasons why studying abroad is a great idea. 

Is studying abroad worth it ?

While having fun, push yourself beyond your comfort zone. 

Have you ever heard the expression “life starts at the edge of your comfort zone”? 

Sure, living in Indonesia is simple and involves little work, but moving abroad (where you must be completely self-sufficient) is terrible. 

However, as you take on new challenges and negotiate the difficult terrain of being an international student, you’ll find yourself evolving in ways you never imagined. 


Make Long-Term Friendships with Interesting People 

As an international student, you have the unique chance to form strong bonds with your peers and develop lifetime relationships. Take it from us when we say that these pals will become your home away from home, and you will learn to adore them. 


Now, depending on whether you’re returning to your native country or not, you may or may not get to see these pals regularly after you graduate. When you finally meet up with your buddies, it’ll be as if you never left.


Pursue a Master’s Degree Abroad to Improve Your Career Prospects 

You may also improve your résumé and expand your future work chances by studying overseas. Students that thrive in their studies often benefit from collaborations between their university or school of higher education and globally famous corporations. If you fall in love with your host nation, you may be able to find a job that allows you to remain indefinitely. 

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Whether you want to return home or work overseas, you will undoubtedly benefit from your experience in terms of how employers see you and your CV. Your CV will be differentiated by the abilities you obtain from studying abroad and the exposure to a new market. 


Getting your master’s degree abroad can also aid and boost your career by allowing you to participate in high-quality internships and programs at top institutions with world-class resources such as libraries, laboratories, and technology. These accomplishments will look fantastic on your CV. According to research published in 2019, there is a link between study abroad experiences and employment. Having international study experiences improves a graduate’s job market competitiveness. 

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Immersion in Different Cultures 

Studying for your master’s degree abroad will allow you to immerse yourself in a new culture and way of life. When studying abroad, it’s common to face culture shock. You have the opportunity to discover other lifestyles and make friends with individuals from all origins when you question your preconceptions and venture beyond your comfort zone. 

Over 17% of potential master’s students polled by consider studying abroad to be an experience. Getting a master’s degree in another country can broaden your horizons and motivate you to pursue new interests. If you acquired a specific interest while earning your bachelor’s degree, you may have contemplated continuing your education with graduate school. Studying abroad, on the other hand, may expose you to things you may not have been exposed to at your own institution. 

Programs in literature, politics, languages, and history vary a lot depending on where you are in the country. Investigate Germany’s political structure, Japanese literature, or Italian art history. If you have an interest in a topic, make it a passion by learning about it firsthand. Different cultures will build social situations and lifestyles that are distinct from one another. While pursuing your master’s degree abroad, you will have plenty of opportunities to thoroughly immerse yourself in your host nation, try new things, and grow as a person. 


Boost Your Self-Confidence by Trying Something New 

Did you complete your bachelor’s degree in your homeland? It could be time to take the next step and seek a master’s degree in another country. 

Don’t put any restrictions on yourself! You may be terrified about living alone in a different place at first, but show to yourself that you are strong and that there is nothing to worry about. 

You may extend your views by pursuing your master’s degree overseas. You’ll make long-lasting friends and professional connections by socializing with a diverse group of international students from different nations and backgrounds. You’ll also learn how to interact more effectively across cultural and linguistic divides. Doing your master’s degree abroad will boost your confidence since you will not only overcome your worries but also gain a wealth of information and experience. 

Studying for your graduate degree abroad may provide you with a lifetime of rewards. You’ll have a great time and come home with a lot of amazing memories. Doing your masters abroad may also be a great option to relocate overseas if you’ve been seeking for a means to do so. 


Take up a new language and learn it. 

To round up our list of advantages of studying abroad, you will find it much easier to learn English. 

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Of course, you may attend your local English class to learn a language no matter where you are, but being immersed in another country’s culture (and obliged to speak a certain language) can hasten the process significantly. 

It’s likely that you’ll come home proficient in a second language. Isn’t it amazing?

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad 



This fact will undoubtedly assist you in deciding whether or not to study abroad. Some colleges in other countries don’t even accept your credits, so it wouldn’t be a wise option to study there. 

Before making any decisions or choices about going to a foreign university, learn everything there is to know about their policies. A good option is to call the school or learn more about them by visiting their websites. So, before you finally make the move, avoid the risk of studying abroad. 



This is something you might have to deal with if you travel to another country. Racism has always existed, and we are even targeted by it in our own communities. Some people will find it unbearable to go through this while studying abroad. Consider it because racial harassment is a possibility, and you should be prepared to deal with it. 

In some parts of the world, this may not be a major concern. A large number of communities are aware that foreigners travel to universities to study. Remember that this situation may arise while studying abroad. 


It’s Too Expensive to Study Abroad 

Some colleges will charge you a lot of money to attend. When you include education prices, transportation costs, and even the cost of living, it may become a tremendous obligation to transition to an entirely new way of life. 

If you’re planning to study abroad, consider if it’s worthwhile to travel for education. Calculate how much it will cost each day and how you will get around. Walking is always an option, but some people do not feel safe when entering a new location. 


You miss home 

When you leave your nation to study abroad, you will encounter new experiences, but you will inevitably crave home. It takes a lot of time to study away from home, and you could become discouraged since it takes longer. 


Prepare yourself properly to deal with being alone away from home. You will be doing everything on your own, meeting new people and attending various events. Being sociable will help you feel at ease in a new setting. 


Some individuals are introverts who have a difficult time meeting new people. It will be tough for you to grasp the new country’s language if you have a speech impediment. 

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Adapting to a new culture will become a strain for you. Remember that it will be difficult for you. You’ll miss the convenience of studying at home and socializing with old friends and family members. 

You get alone and depressed as a result of the unfamiliarity of this new situation. If you can’t remain away from home for an extended period of time, studying abroad is not for you. Select alternative institutions that will help you feel at ease in any scenario. So keep this in mind if you’re considering studying abroad. 


 Communication Issues

For some people who have just started learning a new language to communicate throughout a new trip, this is a huge obstacle. Sometimes what we’ve learnt isn’t enough to communicate effectively with new folks. 

That is why some international colleges need a language exam as part of the admissions process in order to establish if you will be able to comprehend lectures and material. 

You don’t need to be concerned if you are already proficient in the language. If you’re traveling to a different region of the globe where your language is spoken differently, this might be an issue. Dealing with this communication barrier becomes a little stumbling block for you during your whole time abroad. 


Transportation-related issues 

When intending to study abroad, not having a car is also a huge drawback. As a result, you will have to pay money out of your own pocket to get to school, activities, and other markets. Know your way around the city you’ll be visiting. 

Do well to understand the different transportation modes available at your new location inorder to avoid coming disasters. 


Cultural Differences

You’ll experience cultural shock whenever you are at a new place. You need to be prepared for the not-good experiences you might encounter. Prepare mentally to overcome these challenges.

It’s on record that some people generally do not like to experience new things, and if you are such a person, then this will be a big problem.


Be Positive While Going to Study Abroad: In this article, we have listed all the disadvantages of studying abroad and still, there are many more. Learning about other countries  will serve you well regardless of the challenges you might encounter. 

Find out if it is right for you to study abroad and read all the details about it. Know all the inside and out of the environment, including schools, reviews, food, and crimes. 

These are the overall disadvantages that you will face when going to study abroad. You must know about all these before you make your ultimate decision.

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