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Online Kinesiology Degrees: Admission, Tuition and Requirements


Online Kinesiology Degrees

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and the mechanics of the body.

What is kinesiology? Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and the mechanics of the body. It is an interdisciplinary science that involves biology, physics, anatomy, psychology, statistics and other disciplines. Professionals working in this field perform a variety of research-oriented tasks to better understand how human bodies move and interact with their environments. They may also conduct applied research to study the effects of exercise on humans and how exercise can be used as therapy for ailments such as arthritis or chronic pain. Some professionals work directly with patients—for example, by creating exercise programs to improve mobility in stroke victims or designing custom orthotics for people who were born with physical abnormalities that affect their ability to walk or run normally. They may also create training programs aimed at preventing injuries among athletes competing at various levels from youth sports through professional sports organizations like the NFL™️ or NBA™️.

Kinesiologists study how our bodies move, which can help you optimize movement patterns to prevent injury and improve performance.

Kinesiology is a broad field that can be applied to both personal and professional development. Athletes and coaches rely on kinesiologists to help optimize movement patterns and prevent injuries, while physical therapists use the science of human movement when treating patients with injuries or disabilities. Regardless of your specific interests, earning an online degree in kinesiology can help you advance your career or prepare for further study as you work toward achieving your career goals.

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Kinesiology is a very broad field with a wide range of applications.

Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary field, one that applies the science of human movement. It involves applying research in exercise science and rehabilitation to treat, prevent and manage injuries. Kinesiologists work in settings such as fitness centers, line conditioning rooms and physiotherapy clinics. They also run health management programs for corporations. With an online kinesiology degree you can study the human body and learn how to improve your own health or help others.

A degree in kinesiology can prepare students for careers as fitness trainers, post-rehab specialists, coaches and more.

You can use your kinesiology degree to pursue a career in fitness, sports or health promotion. Or you can choose to go into research or academia. You’ll also find jobs as a physical therapist, personal trainer, educator, occupational therapist and more.

The best online kinesiology programs offer coursework that is relevant to today’s employers through hands-on assignments in labs and internships.

Kinesiology is a field of study that focuses on the physical movements of people, as well as the underlying science behind these movements. This includes exercise and fitness, athletic performance, biomechanics, motor learning and control, injury rehabilitation through physical therapy and strength training to improve athletic performance. Graduates of kinesiology programs may pursue careers in sports medicine, physical therapy or strength training.

Online kinesiology degrees are ideal for students who are self-motivated and can work independently without direct faculty supervision. Online programs typically provide more flexibility than traditional classroom-based courses; however, you must prioritize your time effectively to successfully complete coursework and projects.

It’s possible to earn a kinesiology degree online even if you can’t relocate or attend class on campus.

As if you needed more proof that online learning is the way to go, there are now kinesiology-friendly online degrees available for people who would rather spend their evenings studying from their cozy home office than spending hours in a lecture hall. Whether you want to study human anatomy, kinesiology and nutrition, fitness and exercise science, or massage therapy and bodywork, there are programs that allow you to earn your bachelor’s degree completely on your laptop.

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It’s not just kinesiology programs that allow students to complete a course online: there are also online medical and dental degrees available at both 2 and 4-year institutions. This means that when it comes time for the real thing (aka class), you don’t have to move an inch.

Select kinesiology programs and schools

In addition to meeting the accreditation requirements, you should definitely take the time to research what each program offers and how it can help you succeed in your career. Specifically, consider seeking a program that is relevant to your needs or specific area of interest. For example, if you would like to become an athletic trainer, make sure that the program offers courses in this area. An online kinesiology degree from a reputable school with a good reputation is also ideal. A school’s reputation can usually be determined by its retention rate and graduation rate as well as student reviews.

You should also look for an online degree program that is affordable and accessible. Check with your potential schools about tuition costs, financial aid and scholarships so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay for the coursework. Also ensure that the school offers classes at convenient times and locations which will allow you to earn your degree while managing other responsibilities such as work or family commitments. The best programs will offer flexible scheduling formats that work with your current schedule instead of forcing you to completely rearrange your life just to earn a degree.

Complete your degree

Once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a graduate degree as well. Typically there are two master’s degrees that are offered in this field: a master of science or a master of arts. The choice between the two is typically determined by whether the student would like to do more research or more clinical work, respectively.

There are many online kinesiology degree programs available, so it’s important that you do your homework and select the program that best meets your needs—whether you’re looking for an accelerated learning environment or something more flexible. Some programs allow students to customize their curriculum based on their career goals. For example, if you want to be a school teacher, an online program can help prepare you with classes like teaching children with special needs and inclusive teaching practices.

Look for jobs

  • You should also use online job search sites, such as, a large job search site that lets you see what jobs are available by location and by title.

  • You can also apply for jobs directly from kinesiology organizations’ websites. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) all list open positions on their websites that you can apply for directly.

Online kinesiology degrees are available and provide a great deal of flexibility to students.

The flexibility of an online program allows students to work while they are studying and study while they are working. This can be very helpful for working professionals who want to take a course or two in the evenings after work, or for people who want to supplement their income by taking one or two courses per semester.

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why study kinesiology

Learn human anatomy

“It’s a curious idea,” she says. “I know that anatomy and physiology weren’t my favorite classes in college, but I really did have to have them if I wanted a degree in the medical field.”

However, she knew that this was not going to be a simple assignment or test. Instead, she would need to learn the basics of human anatomy so that she could fully understand how muscles worked and what they looked like. If you want to become an expert in kinesiology, then you’ll need to put in some hard work.

Prepare for an allied health profession

You can gain knowledge and experience to prepare for an allied health profession:

  • Are you thinking of medical school? Health-related grad school? Physical therapy or occupational therapy?

  • If your answer is yes, kinesiology offers a way to have a better chance at getting into the professional schools of your choice. Do you want to be the best candidate possible? This program will help you become more than just a great test taker. You’ll be well-rounded and knowledgeable.

  • As part of the kinesiology major, you’ll take courses in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. You’ll learn how these body systems work together in health situations as well as what happens when they don’t function correctly. You will learn about human behavior, society and culture—and how these factors can impact development, disease trends and physical activity participation throughout the lifespan.

Plan on applying to medical, dental, or optometry school

Your study of kinesiology can help you get a leg up on the competition. You will have a deeper understanding of human anatomy, an understanding of human movement, and an appreciation for the importance of physical activity and nutrition. These things will make you a better physician.

If you plan on applying to medical, dental or optometry school, we recommend that you complete KIN 2580 Introduction to Human Anatomy (3 credits) as early as possible in your undergraduate career. This course fulfills a pre-requisite for many upper level courses in our department and its prerequisite courses are easier to register for earlier in the year than later.

Get your teaching credential

If you wish to teach kinesiology, you will need to get a teaching credential. In order to obtain a teaching credential, you must first complete an approved teacher education program at a California college or university. These programs combine coursework in theory and practice with practical experience in the form of student teaching.

Once you have completed an approved teacher education program and attained a bachelor’s degree in your content area (kinesiology), the next step is to apply for a job with a school district that has openings and apply for your preliminary credential through the CTC (California Teacher Credentialing Commission).

Learn about the correlation between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems

Kinesiology is the study of movement in its many different forms. In particular, kinesiologists are interested in how the human body moves and how this complex process can be improved. Movement involves many different systems and branches of knowledge, including biology and physics.

Understanding Human Movement

In order to understand human movement, kinesiologists must have a strong understanding of the nervous system, which regulates all body movements, and the musculoskeletal system that supports us as we move around. It is important for these two systems to work together so that we can move smoothly without injury or pain.

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The Nervous System Controls Movement

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS receives information from our body’s sensory receptors through nerves. This information travels along different pathways in our CNS where it is interpreted by our brains before being transmitted back down to our muscles telling them what to do (1).

The Musculoskeletal System Supports Our Body During Movement

Our bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles work together as a series of levers called the musculoskeletal system that supports our bodies while it moves (2). Movements are controlled by specific sets of skeletal muscles that contract when they receive messages from nerves such as those shown above (3).

Work as a certified personal trainer

There are many occupations that a degree in kinesiology can lead to. A few of those occupations include personal training, coaching, teaching physical education, and athletic training. Most students enter the field of kinesiology with the goal of becoming a certified personal trainer. Becoming a certified personal trainer is an attainable goal for anyone who obtains their bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Cal Poly Pomona.

After acquiring your Bachelor’s degree you will be able to take multiple different tests (such as ACSM or NASM) that will allow you to become certified as a personal trainer. A bachelor’s degree is required by most of these testing companies because it shows that you have gained enough knowledge to help clients achieve the results they desire.

Certified Personal Trainers make up about 60% of all employees in the Kinesiology field according to statistics gathered by The American Kinesiology Association. There are many benefits that come along with becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, including compensation ranging anywhere from $25-$100+ an hour depending on your experience and clientele size as well as flexible hours when operating independently without being affiliated with any gym or corporation.

Along with flexibility and compensation there are also many more intangible benefits such as helping people obtain their own health and fitness goals that they have set out for themselves while also providing guidance and support throughout their journey towards achieving those goals!

Pursue a career in biomechanics

A career in biomechanics would be a great choice for students who want to make a difference in the health of others. Biomechanists work directly with athletes and other clients to design and implement rehabilitation programs for those suffering from sports injuries. They also apply their knowledge of living systems to treat and rehabilitate patients who are recovering from cardiovascular events, strokes, orthopedic surgeries and more.

Those interested in biomechanics should consider pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology or Biomedical Engineering.

Kinesiology prepares you for a wide variety of careers.

The field of kinesiology is broad, and it offers a lot of different career opportunities. In fact, most people who study kinesiology go on to work in fields that have nothing to do with the sport and fitness areas you may be thinking of right now. That’s because kinesiology prepares you for a wide variety of careers.

Kinesiology graduates are employed in many different fields. While some find careers as personal trainers, exercise physiologists, athletic therapists or coaches, others work as health care professionals such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists, or researchers in academia or the private sector. Kinesiology graduates also enter careers related to teaching, coaching and business.

In short: when you choose to study kinesiology at UBC Okanagan, your degree will prepare you for an exciting future with many options!

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