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masters in political science online


What is an Online Political Science Master’s Degree? It is a graduate degree program that may be completed entirely online. It will broaden your understanding of civics and governance structures in the United States and others. In political science, graduate work entails a combination of studying political theory and conducting advanced research. This degree also emphasizes discussing and writing about political analysis. Learning public policy skills may be a part of additional work. 

A graduate political science degree can help you advance as a skilled professional and open up new job options by providing you with new skills and information. You’ll almost certainly have a lot of experience with scenario analysis, research, and writing. Experience in creating an opinion and understanding how to defend it can be beneficial in a variety of disciplines. 

The amount of money required to complete this type of graduate program varies. Costs vary widely based on the location in which the school is located and the length of the program chosen. 

A master’s degree in political science can open doors to new opportunities in a range of professions. This degree’s concentration on analysis and writing is frequently a bonus for those seeking supervisory employment. Specialized understanding of government institutions and how they function can be useful in a variety of fields. Graduates can work in public administration, business, nonprofits, the media, and academic research, among other fields. 

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Online master’s degrees in political science are available from a number of universities. 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is a public research university in Virginia. 

An online master’s in political science from Virginia Tech emphasizes social scientific research methodology and prepares students for employment in government, public policy, and academia. 

Core classes on research methodology and modern political theory are required for students to begin the program. They can next select electives from a variety of topics, including US government branches, public policy analysis, international politics, human rights, and global conflicts. 

Electronic governance is a popular course that looks at how governments use technology. Students explore the impact of technology on citizens in terms of security, privacy, and gaps in digital resource access. 

All coursework is completed remotely by online students in an asynchronous way. Before graduating, all students complete a research project and a dissertation, which they submit to teachers and peers. 

Springfield’s University of Illinois 

The online master’s in political science program at the University of Illinois allows students to personalize their courses to their interests, background, and career ambitions. Students who complete the degree are prepared for careers in politics, public policy, academia, and law. 

Political philosophy, LGBTQ+ law and politics, the American legal system, and international relations are among the electives offered in the 40-credit program. Political psychology is a course that looks at how the media, stereotypes, social identity, and other variables influence people’s political choices. 

Students might choose to complete a comprehensive test, a thesis, or a participant/observer case study at the end of the program. 

On-campus students study from tenure-track faculty members, while online students learn from tenure-track faculty members. They take all of their classes online and learn in an asynchronous manner. E-tuition is also less expensive for online students. 

The University of West Florida is a public university in West Florida. 

The online master of political science program at UWF focuses on current events, international governments, and public policy analysis. Students will be prepared to work as policy analysts, policy researchers, strategic consultants, nonprofit organizers, and government officials as a result of their experiences. 

A thesis or non-thesis track is available to students. Nine credits of electives and a faculty-advised thesis paper are included in the thesis option. 15 optional credits are available in the non-thesis alternative. 

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Several obligatory courses in comparative politics, American politics, research methodologies, and political philosophy are required of all students. 

Non-Florida residents are eligible for a tuition waiver of up to 90% of out-of-state tuition, making their tuition only slightly higher than in-state tuition. GRE scores are not required of applicants. 

Sam Houston State University is a public university in Houston, Texas. 

SHSU’s master’s in political science program prepares students for jobs in politics, public policy, education, and the nonprofit sector, with small class sizes and access to highly trained teachers. 

Students can enroll in either a 30-credit thesis or a 36-credit non-thesis program. Women in politics, the US presidency, and political views and conduct are among the themes covered in elective courses. One lesson looks at the origins and evolution of the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, as well as other significant political parties that once governed the country. 

While students can complete all of their needed courses online, they can also choose to participate in some in-person activities at the school’s Huntsville or The Woodlands, Texas campuses. The program might begin in the fall, spring, or summer. 

Citadel Military College is a South Carolina military college. 

Students who earn a master’s degree in international politics and military affairs from The Citadel are prepared for jobs in the United States military, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, large enterprises, and other fields. 

The show provides a broad look at the economic, political, and social challenges that influence countries all around the world. Students improve their communication, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills at the same time. 

South Asian affairs, US foreign policy, conflict studies, and international law are among the electives available to students in this master’s in political science program. International political economy is a course that examines how economic issues influence political behavior in countries and vice versa. 

Students must complete either a supervised internship or a thesis paper before graduation. Regardless of domicile, all students pay the same tuition. 

Eastern Illinois University provides an online master’s degree in political science with a concentration in public administration or public policy. Students will learn how to work in state, municipal, and regional government agencies, as well as public policy research, government relations, nonprofit administration, and human resource management. 

Although all courses are available online, students who live near the EIU campus in Charleston, Illinois, may choose to attend select in-person classes. 

Students study a political science-based approach to energy, sustainability, and ecological challenges in one course on environmental politics and policy. Another class examines urban and city policy from the standpoint of the federal government of the United States. 

Students produce a capstone project at the end of the program that symbolizes the pinnacle of what they’ve learned throughout their study. 

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Regent University is a private university in the United States. 

Students who complete Regent’s online master’s degree in campaigns and political leadership learn how to create winning campaigns, increase voter turnout, and influence public opinion. 

The 33-credit curriculum approaches campaign management, economics, compliance, and administration from a Christian perspective. Federalism, political parties, fundraising, and data analytics are all topics covered by students. 

While students take the majority of their coursework online, they may be required to attend Regent’s Virginia Beach campus for certain in-person experiences. Information studies/data analytics, leadership and ethics, marketing and communication, and policy studies are all options for students. 

Even if they live out of state, all online master’s in political science students pay the same price. 

Liberty University is a private university in the United States 

Liberty’s online master’s in political science program offers students the opportunity to understand concepts and principles that they may immediately apply to their careers in politics and public policy. 

Students will explore how a variety of elements interact to influence government and politics in the United States and overseas. They take economics, political philosophy, and policy research courses. 

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A geopolitics and international diplomacy course examines foreign policy, international relations, and America’s place on the world stage from a Judeo-Christian perspective. 

It takes roughly 18 months to finish the 36-credit master’s in political science program. No of where they live, all online students pay the same tuition. Students work with a faculty advisor to produce a thesis project at the end of the program. 

Omaha’s University of Nebraska 

Students at UNO can enroll in an online master’s in political science program that offers a variety of interdisciplinary learning and cooperation possibilities. International affairs and American government and politics are two concentrations available to students. 

Political theory, comparative politics, international leadership, and public opinion and polling are among the topics covered by students. A course on LGBTQ+ politics examines how members of different groups have used political power to accomplish civil rights gains over time. 

Many mid-career professionals who want to advance their careers in politics, public policy, education, or public service benefit from the program. It also helps students who want to pursue a Ph.D. once they graduate. 

Sul Ross State University is located in Sul Ross, Texas. 

Sul Ross University, located in Alpine, Texas, provides an online master’s degree in political science to students interested in careers in academia, politics, government service, or postsecondary teaching. 

Public administration, comparative politics, intergovernmental relations, public management, and public budgeting and finance are among the topics covered in the program. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of how small towns, counties, school systems, metro areas, and other public bodies operate, particularly in Texas, by taking a course on local government management. 

All students must pass a comprehensive oral exam before graduating. In addition, they must take 9-18 credits of additional graduate study to augment their political science studies. 

Students can also earn credit by participating in an internship.

What Should I Expect From an Online Political Science Master’s Program? 

Political scientists frequently have good communication, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in addition to a passion for public policy. The majority of master’s in political science programs last two years and include 30-45 credits. 

Although a few colleges offer a master of applied politics, most master’s in political science programs give an MA or MS (MAP). Employers value all three alternatives because they provide similar core training. The MA is more likely to emphasize political theory, whereas the MS is more likely to emphasize research. Both of these programs are designed to prepare students for further study. The MAP is a useful choice that focuses on real-world scenarios. 

The structure of the programs varies depending on the degree path. Some programs include a thesis requirement, while others include a project-based practicum. 

Students may be able to select a concentration to broaden their employment prospects or hone their talents in a particular field. American politics, political philosophy, nonprofit management, and political economics are all popular specializations. Students who are interested in a certain topic of politics should look into programs that specialize in that field. 

Admissions Requirements for Online Political Science Master’s Programs 

A bachelor’s degree is required for entrance to a master’s program in political science. Some programs have minimum GPA requirements, such as 3.0. GRE or GMAT scores may also be required of applicants. 

How long does it take to get an online master’s degree in political science? 

A master’s degree in political science usually takes 30 to 36 credits to finish. A full-time student can complete the program in 15 to two years. 

What is the cost of an online master’s degree in political science? 

The price of an online political science degree is determined by a variety of factors. Because many schools and universities charge greater tuition for out-of-state students, state residency is an essential issue. Some colleges, on the other hand, charge a set tuition for online students regardless of where they live. Another important cost is technology fees, which sometimes apply to online students but not to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. 

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The cost of an online master’s degree in political science normally ranges from $300 to $630 per credit. In total, students should budget between $9,000 and $23,000 for tuition. 

Is it Worth It to Get a Political Science Degree? 

For many students, a political science degree is worthwhile. Over the next ten years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5% increase in jobs in life, physical, and social science occupations. 

Lawyers, political scientists, and historians are among the professions that demand graduate education. You can begin with a bachelor’s degree in political science and work your way up to a master’s or doctoral degree, which will qualify you for high-level positions. 

The knowledge and skills you gain in your bachelor’s degree program can be used to a variety of jobs in both the public and private sectors. 

An online political science degree, for example, could lead to a career as a market research analyst in a variety of businesses. It could also lead to a fundraising position with a political party or a philanthropic, nonprofit organization. 

What Does a Political Science Major Earn? 

Political science salaries range from $49,000 to $126,000 per year on average (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Depending on the profession, a masters in political science online or a doctoral degree may be required for some of the higher-paying jobs. 

A political scientist, for example, earns a median pay of $125,350, yet the entry-level degree required for this employment is a master’s degree. You might be able to get a job as a legislative assistant with a bachelor’s degree. This position pays an average of $52,920 per year. 

Is a Political Science Master’s Degree Online a Difficult Major? 

Because a master’s degree in political science is a social science, it does not require upper-level math or scientific courses like a master’s degree in IT or engineering. Reading, research, critical thinking, logic, writing, and good communication skills are all important in this degree. 

You can study governance, American politics, research methodologies, political theory, and domestic and foreign policy as part of a political science degree program. You may build abilities as a writer, speaker, researcher, and critical thinker as a result of your study. 

What can you do with a political science master’s degree? 

Nearly half of all political science professionals work for the federal government, while others work for labor unions, political organizations, and lobbying businesses. Many political scientists decide to work in the field of education. 

High school teachers: These are usually experts in a certain field, such as science, math, or history. These instructors evaluate students’ ability, prepare courses, grade assignments and tests, communicate with parents, and supervise students outside the classroom. Some states require teachers to get a master’s degree after they complete their certification and find work. 

Policy analyst: Policy analysts evaluate plans and events utilizing election results, public opinion polls, and economic data to estimate the effects of new policies for various organizations. To influence political activity and legislation, policy analysts can work in government, voluntary organizations, or commercial corporations. Policy analysts typically have a political science or public policy degree. 

Political scientists: They examine and analyze ideas, trends, policies, governments, and other related concerns, as well as the development of political systems. Publishing research publications, making speeches, establishing and testing political ideas, assessing and forecasting political trends, and collecting and analyzing data are all common responsibilities for political scientists. Most applicants for the position of political scientist must have a master’s or doctoral degree. 

Postsecondary teacher: Graduates with a master’s degree in political science from an online program can teach in secondary schools. These educators work with pupils beyond high school. Teachers at the postsecondary level do research, write books, and provide advice to students. A doctoral degree is usually required to work at a four-year college or university. However, some schools may recruit a master’s degree-holding postsecondary instructor to teach specific subjects, either part-time or at a community college.

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