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List of Online Study Abroad Programs

List of Online Study Abroad Programs: There is no limit to how far you can go with an online study abroad program. More and more students are taking advantage of the convenience of studying abroad from home, whether it’s for a few weeks or an entire semester. These programs are extremely diverse and allow for travel across all continents, regions and countries.


College of the Humanities

The College of the Humanities offers a wide range of semester and summer programs for students at the undergraduate level, including courses in Spanish, French, American Sign Language and more. Students can also spend time studying abroad with College of the Humanities by enrolling in one of their programs overseas.

The college offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students who are interested in studying abroad. These include:

  • The Global Studies Scholarship – offered to rising juniors and seniors who have completed at least two years at UW-Stout; it provides $2,000 per year toward study abroad costs (tuition only) if they enroll in an approved program outside the United States
  • The Cultural Diversity Scholarship – awarded to full-time students who have completed three semesters as full-time students and demonstrate financial need; it pays up to $1,500 toward study abroad costs (tuition only) if they enroll in an approved program outside the United States

Language and Cultural Exchange

Whether you’re looking to learn Spanish or English, a language and cultural exchange program can help. These programs are unique in that students not only focus on learning the language but also gain a deeper understanding of the culture and history of their host country by participating in activities such as cooking classes, trips to museums, and field trips around town.

This type of program typically starts with a few weeks spent learning your chosen language before you move into an apartment with other students from around the world. Some programs provide housing for up to 23 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the region’s landscapes and discover its treasures on your own.

Language and cultural exchanges are available in many different countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa/Middle East region (including Israel) as well as North America (including Canada). Students may choose between semester-long or full academic year options depending on their needs – some study abroad programs offer both formats!

Spanish Project Abroad Program

Project Abroad offers programs for students interested in studying Spanish language and culture, history, literature, and politics. Students can choose from a variety of program lengths and locations throughout Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Alternatively, you can also study abroad in Spain with Project Abroad’s long-term study abroad program that offers an immersion experience at one of our partner host schools. Our project-based approach allows you to engage with locals and communities while gaining valuable hands-on experience!

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American Universities International Programs

American Universities International Programs (AUI) is a non-profit organization that offers study abroad programs in over 50 countries.

AUI is an accredited provider of study abroad programs and has been around since 1968, which means they have years of experience with all kinds of students from all over the world. They offer opportunities to study at every level of education, from high school to graduate school.

Online Study Abroad Program Options

At the universities listed below, you can choose from a wide variety of study abroad programs that are offered online.

  • Arizona State University offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs that allow students to earn credits through one or more semester-long stays at campuses in Australia, China, Greece, Italy and Japan as well as through online coursework.
  • The University of Connecticut also offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs that allow students to earn credits through one or more semester-long stays at campuses in Australia, China, Greece, Italy and Japan as well as through online coursework.
  • The University of Kansas has three different global learning options where students can take courses both on campus and online: KU Global Campus (studying abroad), KU Online Programs Abroad (taking classes overseas) or Study Abroad with KU Onsite Learning Opportunities (attending week-long international experiences).
  • Miami University also offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs that allow students to earn credits through one or more semester-long stays at campuses in Australia, China, Greece, Italy and Japan as well as through online coursework.

Universities offering Online Study Abroad Programs

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers online study abroad programs in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The university’s online study abroad programs focus on Business and Marketing, Arts and Humanities, and Health Sciences.

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is one of the best universities in the country, and it offers a wide variety of online study abroad programs. If you’re interested in studying abroad but don’t want to leave the comforts of home, then this is the place for you!

The University of Kentucky offers online study abroad programs in China, England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. In addition to these locations they also offer online study abroad programs in Australia (1 semester only), Canada (2 semesters only), Chile (2 semesters only), Costa Rica (1 semester only), Ecuador (2 semesters only) and Peru (4 semesters only).

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Indiana University

Indiana University (IU) is one of the oldest institutions in the country, and it has a long history of offering online study abroad programs. IU offers a wide range of online study abroad programs at locations including London, Madrid and Buenos Aires; these locations offer different academic programs for students to choose from.

For example, IU’s London program offers an American Studies course that uses both online components and face-to-face meetings with professors at the King’s College London campus. Students can participate in this course without leaving their own city or state if they wish to do so.

Another popular option is IU’s Madrid program, which allows students to study Spanish language and culture as well as English language skills while also earning credits toward their degree at their home institution. This program involves intensive language immersion courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid campus; students who have already acquired some proficiency in Spanish may be eligible for an honors track version of this course instead of taking more beginner-level classes during their stay in Spain.

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University of Missouri

University of Missouri is a public research university in Columbia, Missouri, United States. It was founded in 1839 and is the flagship campus of the University of Missouri System. The main campus is located on 2,200 acres in Colombia with an additional 100 acres scattered throughout St. Louis County, including at least one other location in St. Louis City.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers a wide variety of online study abroad programs for students. Whether you are interested in studying in Europe, Asia, or Latin America and the Caribbean, ASU can help you reach your goals.

ASU’s online study abroad programs are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. You can choose from various fields like business management, public health and social work. Programs often last from three weeks up to an entire academic year.

To apply for an online program at ASU all you need is an Internet connection! Applications can be filled out online at http://www1.asunow/studyabroad/apply-now/. The application fee is $40 USD per program applied for

Kent State University

Kent State University is a public university located in Kent, Ohio. It offers online study abroad programs for students who wish to earn their degree in the United States, but want to gain international experience. The school has more than 200 active partner universities around the world.

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The university’s extensive program selection includes: Australia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Cyprus, France and French Polynesia; Germany; Hong Kong; Italy (Milan); Japan; Mexico City; and New Zealand.

Other benefits of attending Kent State include: affordable tuition rates (around $10K per year) with no application fee or financial aid requirement!

The George Washington University

The George Washington University offers a variety of online study abroad programs. These programs are designed to offer students the chance to enhance their understanding of the world, gain international experience, and build professional skills.

Online study abroad programs are ideal for those who have hectic schedules that prevent them from attending classes on campus during their regular school terms. Online students typically take classes in the evening or on weekends, as well as during summers and other breaks in their academic schedule.

Online study abroad programs also allow students to meet people from around the globe while they learn essential academic content in an engaging manner; this may be especially beneficial if you plan on pursuing graduate studies or working internationally after college graduation.

Northeastern University

In the Northeastern University online study abroad program, you’ll learn about Argentina’s history and culture, its economy and business practices. You can also take part in student exchange programs where you’ll live with a host family or in a dormitory on campus.

Northeastern University is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1898 as the Evening Institute for Younger Men to provide professional training for immigrant workers. The university was renamed Northeastern College in 1904 and then merged with Boston University School of Law in 1916 to become Northeastern University School of Law before being renamed again as Boston University School of Law two years later when it became non-denominational (although it would later separate from that institution). In 1929, it merged again with another local school called Lasell Junior College to form Lasell Junior College & Technical Institute which eventually became Wheelock College & Graduate School of Education at Boston University before becoming Wheelock College



If you’re looking for an online study abroad program, we hope that this post was helpful. There are many options available and we encourage you to do your research before choosing one that’s right for you.

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