Online Computer Networking Degree: Tuition Fees and Requirements

Online Computer Networking Degree


An online computer networking degree program can help you gain the technical skills and experience to design, build and maintain computer networks.

As a computer network specialist, you are responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining these systems. You might also troubleshoot problems or train users on how to use them.

Many colleges offer online degrees in computer networking; however, keep in mind that this is a hands-on field, so some programs may offer courses at a hybrid campus/online format, where you complete some courses online and attend labs on campus.


Important Facts about Online Computer Networking Degrees

You’ve heard about online education. You may have even considered it, but are still not sure if it’s right for you. Here are a few important facts to help you decide if an online degree is the right choice for you.

  • Online degrees offer students flexible schedules, so they can learn while they work and manage other responsibilities.
  • Online programs include computer networking degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level.
  • Students who earn an associate’s degree in computer networking will be able to design, configure, maintain and operate local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and intranets for companies or other organizations.
  • Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in computer networking will be prepared for leadership roles in their careers by developing both the technical skills and business savvy needed in this competitive field.
  • Students who earn a master’s degree in computer networking will gain expert knowledge that sets them apart from peers with less education. These students will also have better opportunities to advance into higher-level positions within organizations after they graduate from school.

Admissions and Requirements

To apply for admission, you must have graduated from high school or earned a GED equivalency. You may also submit scores from either the SAT or ACT if you have them. Keep in mind that we require the following minimum scores on these exams:

  • A minimum SAT score of 1000
  • A minimum ACT score of 21

Additionally, your GPA must be at least 2.0 and you will need to complete an admissions application. Our admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have about applying.

Majors and Concentrations

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Data Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

These options provide you with a broad overview of computer network systems and building or operating networks. Programs cover how to integrate and analyze information from computer hardware, software, communication hardware and system administration. Some programs also include courses in data science, web development and management for the IT field.

The following specializations are available:

  • Information Security Specialization
  • Network Administration Specialization


As a student, you will be taught the fundamentals of computer networking. You can expect to learn about networking protocols, networking management and computer hardware. These skills will prove to be an asset in whatever career path you choose after your graduation. Your classes will be taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have worked or are still working in the field of computer networking.

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Career Choices

A bachelor’s degree in computer networking may qualify you for a wide range of careers. You can use your technical and problem-solving skills to help businesses and organizations effectively function every day. With your education, you also may be able to work with computer systems or networks on a daily basis. Some possible career options include:

  • Information security analyst. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), information security analysts earned a median annual salary of $95,510 as of May 2018 ( The BLS also predicted that employment opportunities in this field would increase by 28% between 2016 and 2026, much faster than average for all occupations during that time period.
  • Computer systems administrator. Computer systems administrators earned an annual median salary of $82,050 as of May 2018, reported the BLS; these professionals were projected to see 5% growth in employment opportunities from 2016-2026, per the BLS.
  • Computer network architect. As an architect, you could expect to earn a median annual salary of $109,020 in May 2018, according to the BLS; those employed in this job were expected to see 6% growth in job opportunities from 2016-2026, per the BLS
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Students can earn an online degree in computer networking.

You can earn an online degree in computer networking. If you’re seeking a career in this field but are uncertain if you can afford it or have the time to attend classes, an online degree program might be right for you. Online degrees usually take less time to complete than traditional programs and offer the flexibility of taking classes anywhere there’s internet access. A wide range of universities, community colleges, and technical schools offer them, so there are plenty of options to consider.

Tuition Fees of Online computer networking degree

Tuition Fees of Online computer networking degree

You will have to pay an amount of tuition fees before you begin your course in online computer networking degree. The tuition fee is the price you pay for the course, and this varies depending on which institution and country you are studying in.

Information about the tuition fees for an online computer networking degree

There are a number of ways to pay your tuition fees. You can pay the full fee at the beginning of each year or you can apply for an interest-free credit agreement, where you pay back the money in monthly installments after you’ve graduated. There are also bursaries and scholarships on offer to help with your tuition fees.

If you’re an international student studying outside your home country, you may be eligible for a Global Scholarship worth 25% of the annual tuition fees. 

Universities offering Online Computer Networking Degree

Virginia State University

Virginia State University was founded in 1882. It is a public university located in Petersburg, Virginia. The university has a total enrollment of 5,089 students, with an acceptance rate of 63%. The computer networking degree at Virginia State University is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET.

VSU offers Bachelors of Science and Masters degrees online in computer networking. They also offer certification courses for post-baccalaureate students wishing to become Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA).

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a for-profit university. It offers distance learning in the form of online education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. CTU offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in various fields, with over 110 program options. In addition to online degree programs, CTU also has campuses located across the country in Aurora, Colorado; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and North Kansas City, Missouri.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking degree is available 100% online. This program prepares students to be able to design and implement networking technologies necessary to support an organization’s computer operations using up-to-date hardware and software applications. The course work emphasizes topics such as network infrastructure design, network troubleshooting strategies, Cisco router fundamentals, wireless communication protocols, Windows Server operating systems and internet security concepts. Graduates will be ready to take the CCNA certification exam (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

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New England College

New England College offers an online Master of Science in Computer Networking (MSCN) degree. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in the field of network engineering, network administration, or network security. The program requires 36 credit hours and takes two years to complete.

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Regent University

Regent University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, specialist, and doctoral degrees. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Networking and Security program is designed to prepare students for their careers as network engineers and administrators who design, implement and maintain networks. Courses within this program include: Operating Systems-Windows & Linux; Introduction to Networking; Object Oriented Programming; Database Management & Design; Information Assurance & Cyber Security-Foundation; Wireless Infrastructure Design; Advanced Windows Server Administration

National University

National University offers an excellent degree, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking and Security, which requires 120 credits. This program is particularly convenient for those who want flexible learning options, as instruction is on-demand, with resources available 24/7. In addition to this flexibility, classes are kept small, with a maximum of 30 students enrolled at any given time. These small class sizes offer you the opportunity to have more one-on-one time with teachers whenever you need support or clarification. The BSCNS program can be completed in two years by taking two courses each month (eight weeks per course).

The curriculum highlights essential skills such as data communication and network administration, while also providing an introduction to cybersecurity concepts and an overview of general education topics like math and communications. All classes are taught by instructors who bring professional experience as computer networking professionals into their classrooms—so not only will you graduate with a solid understanding of technology concepts and practices but also a sense of what it’s truly like to work in the field. Additionally, National University makes it easy to begin studying toward your degree right away: the admissions office assesses transferable credits so that you can start earning your BSCNS sooner rather than later!

Colorado State University – Global Campus

With this degree, you can develop a solid foundation in computer networking and information technology. It is designed to prepare students to pursue network security, network administration or network engineering careers within companies that rely on local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and cloud computing infrastructures. The program consists of 120 credit hours with courses covering topics like the fundamentals of the modern enterprise, programming for applications, techniques for effective research, security and data protection in the enterprise environment, professional writing, contemporary leadership principles and practices, strategic thinking and innovation skills for managers.

The program has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commision. Courses are delivered online asynchronously; however students may be required to participate in synchronous course activities such as exams at a specific time depending on their instructor’s preference. Colorado State University-Global Campus offers several financial aid options including grants, scholarships and loans.

Virginia College Online

  • Virginia College Online — offers the following online programs in the field of Computer Networking:
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking
  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking
  • Master of Science in Computer Networking
  • Doctor of Computer Networking
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Networking

UMass Online

You can get an online computer networking degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. UMass Online has been providing quality online education to students since 2001. UMass Online offers educational degrees in various fields, including Network Security, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems. If you are interested in studying computer networks and securing the digital world for a living, then UMass Online is a good choice for you.

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New Jersey Institute of Technology

With an online master’s degree in computer network engineering, you will be able to design and develop systems that integrate a variety of computers and networks. You’ll learn how computers work as well as how to work with them: how they are used, what their respective benefits are, and how to improve the overall efficiency of existing infrastructure.

Because this program is designed for students who already have a strong foundation in computer science, the curriculum is accelerated to accommodate your needs. This allows you to complete your master’s degree quicker than some other programs while still gaining valuable knowledge that can help propel your career forward.

A major benefit of pursuing an online computer networking degree from NJIT is that there are no on-campus requirements. That being said, if you prefer face-to-face interaction over distance learning then this may not be the best program for you because it does not offer any opportunities for in-person instruction (although there is still plenty of support available through email or phone).

Students enrolled at NJIT get access to several resources such as tutoring services via Skype calls with faculty members during office hours; feedback on assignments submitted electronically through; frequent progress reports tailored specifically towards each student’s performance level in his or her coursework; and access 24/7 technical support if needed–all these resources make it easy for students who want an education but don’t necessarily have time during normal business hours when classes take place at most universities! The flexibility offered by NJIT makes it possible for anyone who has ever dreamed about earning their degree online without having any disruptions due ease accessibility anywhere anytime including evenings weekends holidays even while they travel internationally

Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Networking. This program is designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in computer networking at top companies in private industry or government positions. Students learn how to design, manage and implement data communications solutions for organizations. The rigorous curriculum begins with the basics of network architecture and hardware and progresses to advanced topics such as network security, signaling protocols, and routing protocols. Students will also have the opportunity to apply their skills through hands-on research projects.

This degree is taught by experienced professors who take a practical approach by blending theory with real-world application.

Computer networking degree online offers convenience and flexibility to the students.

Computer networking degree online offers convenience and flexibility to the students.

Online courses are not restricted by time differences, which makes it possible for a student from one part of the world enrolling in a university located in another region of the world. The only requirement is that you have access to a computer and an Internet connection. In this way, online education helps increase globalization and interdependence amongst nations. There is no need for you to travel abroad in order to get a quality education.

You can opt for an online course from any part of the world with your own personal computer and Internet connection at home or office – anytime, anywhere! You might be living in Australia while your virtual class consists of people from all over the world like Singapore, America and Japan. Since you don’t have to physically assemble at a specific place or time, your study sessions may vary according to your need or schedule

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