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List of Universities in Ireland and Tuition

With its unique location in the British Isles, Ireland has established a reputation as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. The country has a lengthy and illustrious past, as well as centuries of tradition and culture. Even today, these practices and traditions have a particular place in the hearts of the Irish people. It’s the reason you should consider universities in Ireland as an ideal place for your tertiary education.

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It is well-known for its Irish citizens, who have a pleasant demeanor and are quite welcoming to visitors. Despite having a history of being one of Europe’s poorest countries, Ireland is currently one of the continent’s wealthiest countries. We’ll look at affordable universities in Ireland in this article.

Naturally, it may come as a surprise to learn that Ireland’s education system has been a big contributor to the country’s economic growth during the last few decades. This isn’t surprising anymore, given that the country’s colleges and institutes of higher education are among the greatest in the world. In the IMD World Competitiveness Index, the school system is placed 20th. 

In addition, seven Irish universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. Universities provide a wide range of programs that are extensive, diverse, and of the best academic quality. Natural sciences, economics, technology, and the humanities are among the most popular fields of study in Irish universities.

International students with an interest in breathtaking landscape, ancient history, culture, and literature will discover Ireland to be a wonderful second home. Because of its unique location in Europe, Dublin’s capital has multiple international links, making other parts of Europe easily accessible to students. 

In comparison to other higher education systems, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland is significantly less expensive in terms of tuition and living costs. In this post, we present a list of the most affordable institutions in Ireland, as well as some of the greatest education for these rates.

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In Ireland, how many universities are there? 

Ireland has a total of roughly 9 major universities that are run by the government. For international students, these public universities in Ireland are usually inexpensive. There are, nevertheless, numerous private universities, colleges, and higher education institutes. International branches of universities from other countries have also been formed, with some of them based in Ireland.

What are the most popular shows in Ireland? 

Ireland is well-known for having robust international student programs. Here are a some of the most well-known shows: 

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Business

What are the requirements for attending a university in Ireland? 

The essential prerequisites are the same as they are at most universities across the world. When applying, students must be at least 18 years old. Entry requirements are less stringent, making it less competitive (however, this does not mean that the academic standards of the universities are low). 

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Because English is the predominant medium of instruction at all universities, students must verify their ability by taking TOEFL or IELTS exams.

What are the average costs for overseas students to study in Ireland? 

As previously stated, studying in Ireland is less expensive than studying in the United Kingdom. In terms of living costs, prospective students should budget between EUR 600 and 1000 per month, depending on the region and the student’s needs. 

For many overseas students, this expense can be prohibitive. There are, nevertheless, options to study for free in Ireland.

List of Universities in Ireland 

Trinity College is a university in Dublin, Ireland. 

Fees for tuition start at EUR 17,000 and go up from there. 

Trinity College is a member of the University of Dublin and is a famous public research university located in Dublin’s city. It is one of the oldest surviving institutions in Ireland, as well as one of the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland, having been founded in 1592. 

Because of this heritage, the university has a long-standing reputation for academic and research excellence. The Institution of Dublin attempted to build a collegiate university comparable to the Oxbridge universities, but Trinity College was the only one to be founded. 

Students are immersed in the center of all things Irish because the university campus is integrated into central Dublin. 

Currently, approximately 15,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students attend this low-cost institution in Ireland. The university’s academic profile is made up of three primary colleges, each of which has 25 schools that span a wide range of topics. 

It also undertakes cutting-edge research in subjects such as information technology, nanotechnology, mathematics, engineering, psychology, politics, and the humanities. Because of the high academic standards, competition is fierce, and only the finest students are accepted. 

It does, however, offer quite low tuition costs as well as a plethora of scholarship alternatives for prospective overseas students.

University of Limerick 

Fees for tuition start at EUR 1200. 

The Institution of Limerick is a famous public research university located in the iconic city of Limerick in Ireland’s Midwest area. It was established in 1972 and is the most recent addition to Ireland’s university system.

University College Cork

Fees for tuition start at EUR 10,000. 

The University College Cork (UCC) is a constituent college of the National University of Ireland, and is located in Cork, Ireland’s second largest city. It was founded as one of the Queen’s Colleges of Cork, Belfast, and Galway in 1845. 

The university currently has over 20,000 students and is one of the country’s largest higher education institutions in terms of student enrollment. It also has a sizable international student population of approximately 2500 students. The university’s academic profile includes colleges such as the College of Medicine and Health, Humanities, Engineering, Business and Law, and Celtic Studies and Social Sciences. 

The UCC students union is also one of the most active in the country, with over 100 clubs and societies available to students at this low-cost university in Ireland. As a result, students may expect a well-rounded experience in addition to their studies. In addition, the university is regarded as one of the country’s premier research centers, particularly in the fields of nanoelectronics, environmental research, and food technology. It’s no surprise that the university has been placed among the top 2% of universities in the globe as well as among the top 500 universities in the world, according to the QS and Times Higher Education rankings.

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Dublin Business School is a business school in Dublin, Ireland. 

Fees for tuition start at EUR 5000. 

Dublin Business School is the third university on our list of affordable universities in Ireland. The Dublin Business School is a private higher education institution that was founded in 1975. Originally known as the Accountancy and Business College, this college was established in response to a perceived need for more commerce-based education in Ireland at the time. 

The DBS began as a small evening school for candidates studying for professional accounting body tests, but it has now grown to become one of Ireland’s largest independent institutions. 

The DBS now has about 9000 students enrolled in a variety of programs ranging from full-time to part-time undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These include law, business, accounting, information technology, and management, as well as psychology, the arts, and media studies. The School of Arts, the School of Business and Law, and the Professional School are in charge of these courses. Because of its position in the capital, students are immersed in the country’s economic centre, which offers them various unique opportunities to advance their careers.

Griffith College is located in Dublin, Ireland. 

Fees for tuition start at EUR 12,000 and go up from there. 

Griffith College is a private higher education institution in Dublin, Ireland’s capital city. It is one of the country’s largest and most prestigious private colleges. The institution was established in 1974 to equip prospective students with business and accounting skills. It has now grown into an internationally recognized institution that offers education in a variety of fields other than business. Griffith College now has around 7000 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled. 

The college’s academic profile includes a variety of faculties ranging from business and law to pharmaceutical research and design. Students can choose from over 100 different courses. The School of Professional Accountancy is particularly well-known since it offers ACCA and CPA-certified courses. The college also places a strong emphasis on its international perspective, forming collaborations with universities in Germany, the United States, India, Korea, and China. It also participates in Erasmus and Socrates exchange programs. Despite its newness, the university has risen up the ranks and is currently considered one of the world’s top 100 private colleges of higher education.

Student visas for Ireland 

Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland do not require a visa to study in Ireland. There are a number of other nations whose citizens do not require a visa; the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade maintains a comprehensive list. 

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When entering Ireland, students from visa-exempt countries should provide proof of acceptance onto a course and register with immigration officials if staying for longer than 90 days. 

Those who require a visa should apply online through the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. Students must submit the following documents as part of the process: 

  • A letter of acceptance into a recognized institution’s programme. 
  • Evidence of payment of fees Evidence of medical insurance 
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to meet living expenses – a minimum of €7,000 (US$7,900) per year is now required. 
  • Two passport-sized photos taken recently 
  • Evidence of English proficiency 
  • Passport valid for at least six months after the course is completed

List of Student Cities in Ireland

Students studying in Ireland frequently fall in love not just with the country, but also with the people, who are recognized for their friendliness, sense of humor, and love of craic (roughly meaning fun times in good company). From retracing the footsteps of internationally known poets and writers to exploring secret rivers and lakes, the country’s rich cultural legacy and various natural environments offer a diversified selection of activities. 


One of the reasons for its ranking in the QS Best Student Cities rankings is that the Irish capital has by far the highest concentration of Irish institutions and colleges. Dublin is a popular city-break destination with plenty to see and do, including appreciating gorgeous medieval architecture and retracing the steps of great novelists, as well as visiting the Guinness Brewery and learning the definition of craic in one of the city’s vibrant pubs. Although Dublin is notorious for being pricey, and living prices are greater here than elsewhere in Ireland, it is far from the most expensive student destination in the world – and it gives a lot back. 


Galway is located parallel to Dublin, but on the west coast rather than the east. Galway, which combines gorgeous beaches with a bustling city center, offers all the classic and modern-day Irish pleasures you could want: cobblestone streets, brilliantly painted buildings, and pulsing live music in crowded bars. The Galway Arts Festival and the Cirt International Festival of Literature are popular annual events in the city, which are renowned as a cultural hotspot. 

The National University of Ireland, Galway, and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology are two of Galway’s universities. 


The city of Cork, on Ireland’s south coast, is also well-known for its cultural activities. It is a famous tourist destination due to its combination of historic buildings and thriving cultural life. There’s a wide range of nightlife options, from traditional pubs to fashionable bars, and, as is customary in Ireland, breathtaking scenery is never far away. University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology are two universities in Cork. 

We hope this article on universities in Ireland will help you make an informed decision.

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