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Bowdoin Acceptance Rate: Admissions, Requirements and GPA


Bowdoin Acceptance Rate



Bowdoin College, a liberal arts college, offers students a well-rounded education through a curriculum that covers a wide range of courses. This institution is in Brunswick, Maine, which is mostly a rural region. Bowdoin College has about a thousand students enrolled. 

This school’s admission rate is regarded as extremely competitive, with just 9% of those who applied getting accepted. 


History of Bowdoin College

Bowdoin Institution, located in Brunswick, Maine, is a small, selective private college. In the arts, humanities, sciences, business, and education, we offer a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Our students come from all around the country and the world to study with us. We are dedicated to providing all of our kids with a positive learning environment. 

Brunswick, Maine, is a coastal New England town where Bowdoin College is situated. Bowdoin was a men’s institution until 1971, when it accepted its first female students. 

In 1969, it was one of the first elite institutions to make the SAT and ACT examinations optional on the application. 

There are 33 majors and four minors available at the college, as well as many cooperative engineering programs with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Caltech, and the University of Maine. 

Bowdoin also owns a 118-acre coastal studies facility on Orr’s Island and a 200-acre scientific field station on Kent Island in the Bay of Fundy, in addition to the main campus between Casco Bay and the Androscoggin River. 

Bowdoin College had a medical school named the Medical School of Maine from 1821 to 1921. 

The college faculty opted in 1990 to go from a four-level grading system to an A, B, C, D, and F system. 

The prior system included high honors, honors, pass, and fail as options. This was perceived as reducing competitiveness and de-emphasizing the value of grades. The faculty modified the grading system in 2002 to include plus and negative grades. 

The Institute of International Education called Bowdoin a “Top Producer of Fulbright Awards for American Students” in 2006. The academic schedule of the institution is semester-based. 

The school is about providing the support required to take unexpected risks, not only about being tiny and safe. 

Faculty members who are distinguished researchers and artists in their disciplines guide and mold students properly. 

Faculty and students collaborate in small groups, labs, performance spaces, and out in the field, where students are active participants in real-world research. 

Through more than 100 related academic programs, more than half of Bowdoin students study abroad for a semester. 

Bowdoin boasts over 30 varsity teams with a Polar Bear as their mascot. 

This is in memory of Bowdoin alumni Robert Peary, who conducted the first successful voyage to the North Pole. In the NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference, the Bowdoin Polar Bears participate in 31 varsity sports. 

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There are almost 100 student groups at Bowdoin. The Outing Club, which provides 100 excursions each year, is one of the largest and most active clubs. 

Their Peucinian Society is one of the country’s oldest literary and intellectual groups, having members like poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.



When you attend Bowdoin College, you will be heavily involved in athletics. Bowdoin College produces not just outstanding academics but also outstanding athletes. Students blend challenging academics with the enjoyment of over 100 student groups and a variety of sports. 

Amherst, Conn College, Hamilton, Middlebury, Trinity, Tufts, Wesleyan, and Williams are among the college’s thirty varsity sports teams, who participate in the NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference. 

The Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Chase Regatta is an annual event in which the college’s rowing club competes. The polar bear serves as the school’s mascot, while white is the school’s official color. 

Men’s and women’s fencing, men’s and women’s rowing, men’s rugby, water polo, men’s soccer, men’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s Ultimate are all intercollegiate and club sports at Bowdoin. 


To get into Bowdoin, what GPA are you need to have? 

Bowdoin is a fantastic institution that isn’t simply for academically gifted students. Students interested in studying at Bowdoin have an average GPA of 3.75. However, if you want to attend one of America’s elite colleges, you’ll need a higher GPA. 

Because most elite institutions need a GPA of 4.0 or higher, this is the case. So, if you want to get into one of America’s premier institutions, you’ll need a higher GPA than the national average. 


Admissions to Bowdoin College 

Bowdoin is a need-blind and loan-free school. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get admission to Bowdoin College, confirming the college’s designation as “most selective” by U.S. News & World Report. 

In an article on university admissions in The Economist on April 17, 2008, it was said that getting into Bowdoin is now as difficult as getting into Princeton in the 1970s. 

Despite the fact that the SAT is not required for admission, all students must submit a score upon enrollment. 

Bowdoin wants students who are brilliant, active, and curious both within and beyond the classroom, as well as eager to take intellectual risks. 

Bowdoin is looking for students who respect different points of view, opinions, and backgrounds, as well as the challenges that come with such diversity. 

The total academic record of a student is by far the most relevant of the credentials Bowdoin considers when selecting new students. 

Bowdoin does not demand a certain high school curriculum or a specific amount of classes. The average first-year student will have completed four years of English, foreign language, math, social science, and three to four years of laboratory sciences.


Tuition at Bowdoin College 

When compared to the tuition prices at other colleges, Bowdoin College is relatively expensive. Bowdoin’s tuition is somewhat costly, thus 45 percent of full-time students receive some form of need-based financial help. 

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The average amount awarded for a need-based scholarship or grant is $42,206. The fees for the academic year 2021–2022 are listed below. 

The costs of some of the items in the table are estimates. Students and parents can expect an increase in tuition and other expenses each year to reflect program modifications and other cost increases that the College has experienced. 


Is Bowdoin College a member of the Ivy League? 

Bowdoin does not appear on the list of Ivy League colleges. 

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia are the schools in question. 

The “Ivy League” refers to a sports league as a defining phrase. 

Because it conjures up a specific image in an educational environment, many people today use “Ivy League” as a general phrase for achievement. 

New words like “Ivy Plus” attempt to be more precise while retaining the grandeur of the original phrase. 

Because they frequently overlap with the Ivies in professional groups and collaborations, schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago are referred to as “Ivy Plus.” 

More titles, such as “Public Ivies,” “Hidden Ivies,” “Little Ivies,” and “New Ivies,” demonstrate that “Ivy League” has become a type of branding. 


These lists take into account that the United States has many more than eight elite, academically difficult universities capable of training the future generation of leaders. 

Bowdoin is not an Ivy League institution, no matter how prestigious, intellectually challenging, or selective it is. However, it isn’t the only institution that has been incorrectly connected with the Ivy League. 


What Gives Bowdoin College Its Ivy League Status? 

It’s difficult to blame someone for mistakenly thinking Bowdoin is an Ivy League institution. In an article on Bowdoin’s increasingly difficult admissions procedure, The Economist refers to it as one of the “almost-Ivies.” 

Aside from an excellent academic program, Bowdoin’s traditions and amenities provide students with experiences that are comparable to those found on an Ivy League campus. 

Fraternities have been prohibited on campus since the 1990s, in favor of a college-house structure that resembles that of several Ivy League campus housing groups. 


Bowdoin is home to The Bowdoin Orient, the country’s longest continuously published student weekly newspaper. Its dining offerings are among the best in the country, including an annual lobster bake and fruit from the school’s organic garden. 

Bowdoin’s educational standards and student body capabilities are comparable to those of the Ivy League. Four of the top five graduate school selections for Bowdoin students are Ivy League colleges. 


According to Business Insider, Bowdoin is among the smartest liberal arts institutions in the US based on student SAT results. And, before scholarships and financial help, Bowdoin’s tuition is Ivy-League-level. 

And what about the ivy-planting custom referenced by the sportswriter when naming the Ivy League in the first place? Bowdoin began its own ivy planting program in 1865.

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How to Obtain Admission to Bowdoin College 

Bowdoin College was formerly recognized for teaching Maine’s upper crust. However, 71% of the Class of 2025 is from outside of New England, and 17% is the first generation in their family to attend college. 

Bowdoin reviews applications on a need-blind basis and offers financial assistance packages to all accepted students. Bowdoin offers grants and scholarships instead of loans, in the hopes that students would pick occupations based on their passions and willingness to serve the greater good rather than their capacity to repay student debts. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, several colleges have established a test-optional policy for the SAT and ACT, however the SAT has been optional at Bowdoin since 1970. 

Given that the SAT isn’t considered the best predictor of success at Bowdoin, candidates should only mention their SAT results if they add significant value to their overall application. 

Bowdoin’s approach places a premium on a student’s high school record over all other aspects of their portfolio. While Bowdoin does not require a specific high school course of study, typically eligible students take four years of English, mathematics, social science, and foreign language, as well as three to four years of laboratory sciences. 

Students interested in attending Bowdoin should enroll in the highest level of academic curriculum accessible via their high school, in addition to a high GPA and continuous liberal arts coursework. Participating in advanced coursework such as AP, IB, or other advanced courses might help a student’s transcript. 

Bowdoin considers a student’s grade history and course selection as indicators of academic potential. 

Teacher recommendations are very important at Bowdoin, and students should develop connections with their high school instructors so that they can offer as complete a picture as possible of the student’s capacity to succeed in the demanding academic environment. 

The application essay is an important part of the process since Bowdoin wants to assess each student’s capacity to succeed as an undergraduate in their program. 

The freshman course schedule at Bowdoin includes an intense writing curriculum; writing and critical thinking abilities are vital to the Bowdoin experience. 

Students applying to Bowdoin can include an optional addition, a spontaneous video reaction to a Bowdoin question, to their application. Students are given a URL in their application site to activate a randomly selected question, and the recording begins in 30 seconds. 

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This option is available at Bowdoin as a less formal means for students to communicate about themselves. The approach does not include any editing or planning. 

Bowdoin accepts both the Common and Coalition Applications. Bowdoin’s involvement in QuestBridge’s National College Match gives students with another great chance to attend Bowdoin.


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