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Online LPN Programs 

One of the most rewarding careers out there is that of a licensed practical nurse (LPN). LPNs are nurses who have been working in the field for some time but haven’t yet earned their RN license. If you want to become an LPN and don’t have time to attend nursing school, consider an online program. You’ll be able to balance your schedule with coursework and exams on your own time while still receiving in-person support from instructors.

Online LPN Programs

Online LPN programs are a great option for students who want to work while they earn their degree. These programs are often more affordable than in-person programs, and can be completed in as little as one year. Online LPN programs can also be completed from anywhere and at any time, making them ideal for busy professionals or anyone wanting to earn their degree while continuing to work full time.

Accelerated LPN Programs

If you’re a busy student and don’t have time to waste, consider an accelerated LPN program. These programs are designed specifically for those who have a career in the healthcare field in mind and want to get into the workforce as soon as possible. An accelerated LPN program can be completed in 18 months or less, making it ideal for students who are time-crunched or working full time while attending school. Accelerated LPN programs are offered at community colleges, technical schools and sometimes even online institutions. Most of these programs require that students complete their clinical hours at a hospital or other clinical setting near the school’s location.

Popular LPN Programs Near Me

When you’re looking for the best online LPN programs near me, it’s important to find a program that is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Both accreditations ensure that the program meets national standards and offers quality education.

In addition, when searching for a reputable online LPN program, look for programs with clinical rotations that allow you to gain real-world experience before you graduate. Some schools offer part-time classes so that students can continue working while studying at night or on weekends. And finally, make sure your chosen school is affordable!

Online LPN Certification Process

To become a licensed practical nurse, you can either work towards an associate’s degree or get your practical nursing certificate. If you’re interested in becoming an LPN but don’t have the time or money to attend a traditional school, online programs are an excellent alternative. Online schools offer convenience, flexibility and affordability that make them accessible to people with busy schedules or limited budgets. With a few exceptions (for example, if you plan on going into business for yourself), most employers prefer candidates with at least an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). However, many people who pursue this career path do so while they already have another job—usually as a registered nurse (RN).

Many students choose to pursue their LPN certification while working full-time as RNs because they want the option of returning to school later on if their future employers require it. This way they’ll already have some experience under their belt when they apply for advanced positions within health care organizations like hospitals or clinics. Some employers may even provide financial assistance through tuition reimbursement programs so that employees don’t have any out-of-pocket costs associated with obtaining additional training after getting hired on full time basis.”

Local LPN Degree

  • Local LPN Programs

The local LPN program is considered the most accessible and convenient. It is also the easiest to get into and the cheapest to get into. Most importantly, it offers better support than an online program and has a higher job placement rate than on-campus programs. As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing this option!

An online or in-person LPN program can help you get your nursing career off the ground.

An online or in-person LPN program can help you get your nursing career off the ground.

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For those who are looking for an LPN program that is convenient, accessible and affordable, an online LPN program could be the right choice. An online nurse practitioner degree will allow you to complete coursework from anywhere at any time and usually costs less than traditional on-campus programs.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey toward becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN), it may be helpful to consider some of your options before choosing which school or program is right for you!

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Advantages of Online LPN Programs

Flexible schedules

Our online LPN program offers a flexible schedule to accommodate your busy life. You can work around your other obligations and commitments, whether that means taking classes during the day or at night.

This flexibility also allows you to work full-time while taking classes, if that’s what you want to do! Many students enroll in our Online LPN Programs as a second job because it fits around their already full schedules.

The flexibility of our online programs makes them great for people who are working full time and want to go back to school without interrupting their careers, or for those who were previously unable to attend nursing school due to their work schedules.

Lower costs

  • Online courses are less expensive than traditional courses.
  • They are less expensive because they don’t require you to travel to campus.
  • They are less expensive because they don’t require you to purchase textbooks and other course materials, nor do they require you to take field trips or pay for transportation costs.

Advanced technologies that allow students to interact with instructors, mentors, and their fellow classmates.

  • Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are the most recent technological advancement in education. These interactive whiteboards allow students to respond to questions or take notes with the touch of a finger, eliminating the need for paper and pencils. They can also be used for group projects, where each student writes their answer on their own screen so that others in their group can see it. This is especially beneficial for anyone who struggles with writing skills, as they can write using a stylus instead of worrying about writing legibly enough so that other people can read it later.

  • Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows students who live far apart from each other to still interact with one another by video chat. It gives them an opportunity to connect with instructors or mentors who may not have time otherwise available due to travel costs alone (which would make them inaccessible). Students will also have access to synchronous learning opportunities through video conferencing classes such as online tutoring sessions provided by local universities near you!

Students are able to look at lectures again and again, any time of day, in the comfort of their own home.

There are many advantages of online LPN programs. One benefit is that students can look at lectures again and again, any time of day, in the comfort of their own home. Students also have the ability to access their classes whenever they want on their computers or mobile devices. Online programs allow for flexibility with scheduling so you can work around other responsibilities without having to rearrange your schedule every semester like you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Students are able to obtain a high quality of education while pursuing career advancement – or even starting a new career.

Online LPN programs offer students the opportunity to receive a high quality education while pursuing career advancement. Because they’re accelerated and flexible, online LPN programs enable students to complete their training in less time than traditional options. Furthermore, these types of courses are available at a much lower cost than attending traditional colleges or universities, making them very attractive for those who want to save money on tuition fees.

Students are able to move through coursework at an accelerated rate – and get into the nursing field faster.

Online LPN programs allow students to move through coursework at an accelerated rate and get into the nursing field faster.

  • Advanced standing: Online LPN programs are designed for busy, working adults who want to complete their education with as little time out of the workplace as possible. With this in mind, many schools offer advanced standing options that allow students who have already earned a BSN or associate degree to receive credit for some of their general education courses (like English, math and science).
  • More flexibility: Students can take courses when it’s convenient for them—in fact, there isn’t really a “classroom” at all. Instead of having to go somewhere physically every day during set class times (which might not fit into your schedule), you can learn on your own time from home or anywhere else you choose!
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Online LPN programs offer students a variety of benefits due to the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and technological advances in online education.

Online LPN programs offer students a variety of benefits due to the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and technological advances in online education.

  • Flexibility

Students are able to take their courses on their own time, anywhere they want. This means they can work while they study or go back to school after having children. It also gives them the chance to balance family responsibilities with their education. Additionally, students don’t have to worry about finding parking at school or having a car accident because they were driving home late at night during the week or going out of town during weekends when classes were offered.

Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech Community College offers an online LPN program. This program is a hybrid course, meaning that students can complete both the clinical and classroom portions of their training at Ivy Tech’s main campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The school also offers an online LPN program from its branch campus in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Ivy Tech online LPN program is designed to prepare students for careers as licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Students will learn how to perform basic nursing tasks such as measuring vital signs and administering medications under the supervision of registered nurses or physicians. As part of this process, they’ll learn about common diseases across various age groups; drug prescriptions; medical equipment maintenance; safety procedures for handling infectious substances; sterilization techniques; infection control protocols; emergency response procedures; human anatomy & physiology principles relevant to health care professionals’ job duties including major organ systems (respiratory system, cardiovascular system), muscles/joints/bones/tendons/ligaments/nerves); pathophysiology (cause-effect relationships between disease processes)

South Florida State College

South Florida State College is a state-funded institution that offers a variety of programs, including an LPN program. The application requirements for this program include:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Successful completion of either the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers or equivalent certification course
  • ACT score of at least 21 or SAT score of at least 930

The cost to attend South Florida State College as an online student is $235 per credit hour and includes tuition and fees, books/supplies, equipment and tools necessary for instruction, development fee (if applicable) and health insurance. The average length for completing the LPN program is 14 months. In addition to their nursing credentials, graduates from the online LPN program receive assistance in securing employment through resume review sessions with career counselors. According to South Florida State College’s website, LPNs are paid between $31K-$36K annually with benefits depending on workplace policies.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Minnesota State Community and Technical College offers an online LPN program that is accredited by the National League for Nursing. The cost of the program is $8,000 and it takes two years to complete. This option might be a good fit for you if you want to enroll in an online program at an accredited school but don’t want to move out of state or pay more than $10,000 per year in tuition.

San Juan College

San Juan College is a 2-year college in Farmington, NM. It has been offering online programs since 2002 and its online LPN program is no exception. San Juan College is known for excellent nursing programs and its online LPN program is no exception.

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Mercer County Community College

Mercer County Community College has an LPN program that you can take entirely online. The college’s RN-to-LPN Bridge Program is offered in collaboration with the University of Michigan and accredited by the National League for Nursing (NLN). If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may be able to complete this program as part of an accelerated RN-to-LPN pathway or as a full-time student over two years. You will need to apply to the RN-to-LPN Bridge Program before beginning classes; admission requirements vary depending on how long it has been since your last nursing coursework.

North Central Missouri College (NCMC)

North Central Missouri College (NCMC)

North Central Missouri College (NCMC) offers a fully accredited LPN program that can be completed entirely online. The college also offers an accelerated LPN program for students who have already completed the associate degree in nursing or have an associate degree from another nursing program and want to complete their LPN training quickly.

The college’s LPN program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, and students in the school can earn their degree in as little as 18 months.

Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC)

Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC) is a public 2-year institution established in 1967. The college is located in Dover, DE and offers certificates and associate’s degrees. The school has an open admissions policy, which means you do not have to meet any academic requirements for admission.

The following are some of the LPN programs offered by DTCC:

Iowa Western Community College (IWCC)

Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) is a two-year, public, fully accredited, comprehensive community college located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Founded in 1965 with an enrollment of 500 students and offering just five programs of study, today IWCC has grown to serve over 15,000 credit students each year through its transfer agreements with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University. It provides flexible educational opportunities for diverse populations at more than 25 locations throughout eastern Iowa.

The school offers more than 100 associate degrees and certificates through six academic divisions: Business & Public Services; Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies; Health Professions & Clinical Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; Math/Science Technologies; Workforce Development & Continuing Education. IWCC also offers accelerated baccalaureate degree programs including Nursing (ADN), Criminal Justice – Corrections Concentration (BSCJ) and Psychology (BA). For those looking to further their education without enrolling full time at IWCC or another institution there are also several online options available including degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

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LPN programs are being offered online at many colleges.

Online LPN programs are becoming increasingly popular. These programs offer the same coursework and clinical training as traditional campus-based programs, but they can be completed in as little as 11 months. Online LPN programs are available at many community colleges and four-year institutions alike, so you have a variety of options to choose from.

Students who are interested in becoming an LPN should consider taking some time to research their options before enrolling in a program. If you’re thinking about starting an online LPN program, check out our list below or visit our page on How to Choose The Right School for You!

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With the help of an online LPN program, you can get your nursing career off the ground. The more options you have for education, the better. With so many great online LPN programs out there, it’s hard to choose just one! We recommend looking at all of your options before making a decision—a good way to do this would be by contacting local colleges and asking them about their programs or visiting their websites directly.

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