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Parsons Acceptance Rate: Tuition, Requirements and Admissions


 Parsons Acceptance Rate


The New School admits students with a 68 percent acceptance rate and an 83.2 percent early acceptance rate. The New School admits half of its applicants with a SAT score of 1140 to 1360 or an ACT score of 26 to 30. However, a percentage of applicants earned scores that were slightly than these normal ranges, while the remaining quarter earned scores that were lower. The New School’s application date is August 1st, and the application fee is $50.


The New School has a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, with 78.2 percent of classrooms having fewer than 20 students. Architecture and Related Services; and History are among the most popular majors at The New School. The average freshman retention rate is 79 percent, which is a good sign of student satisfaction.


About Parsons

The New School was established in 1919 as a private institution. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,430 students (fall 2020) and is located in an urban environment. The academic calendar is semester-based. The New School is ranked #136 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2022 edition. The total cost of tuition and fees is $52,979. 

The New School, which is located in the center of Greenwich Village in New York City, offers 45 undergraduate majors and almost 60 minors across five schools and colleges. The Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, The New School for Social Research, College of Performing Arts, and Schools of Public Engagement are all part of The New School.

Fashion design, illustration, photography, interior design, design and technology, and integrated design are among the several Bachelor of Fine Arts programs offered at Parsons. Outside of fine art, The New School offers majors in environmental studies, psychology, media studies, integrative science, urban studies, anthropology, and economics, among other subjects. The New School maintains a worldwide campus in Paris and provides study abroad exchange programs in ten countries, as well as the ability to participate in other schools’ programs.

Around 30% of students are international, representing nearly 100 nations. Students are not required to live on campus, and the vast majority of them do. Club and intramural sports, fitness programs, and more than 40 student groups are available at The New School. Jenna Lyons, the former president and creative director of J.Crew, and Grammy Award-winning actor Bradley Cooper are among the notable alumni.


Application Process

Applicants must submit their applications online through the Common Application. Prior to submitting, you must fill out all relevant fields and upload any necessary materials. The Common Application allows you to submit the majority of your materials electronically. Applicants to Parsons and Parsons Paris must use The New School’s Online Application Center to submit their portfolio and Parsons Challenge. An Application Materials Cover Sheet must be included with any additional supporting materials that must be provided electronically or by mail. Before your application may be reviewed, all supporting documentation must be received. 

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If you’re going to apply with a school email address, be sure you can receive our emails first. Some schools prohibit email from domains other than their own. 

Domestic candidates in the United States and overseas transfer applicants must pay a $50 application fee. The cost of the application


Application costs are non-refundable and must be paid through the online application. 

You can request a price waiver through the Common Application if the application fee represents a financial hardship for you or your family. Additionally, for those who satisfy the criteria outlined in the Application Fee Waivers section of our university-wide website, The New School waives application fees. 

Before uploading their portfolio and/or Parsons Challenge, applicants must submit their Common Application.

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All essential materials must be received before we can assess your application. Following the Common Application, the portfolio and Parsons Challenge should be submitted through The New School’s Online Application Center. You have up to seven days after submitting your Common Application to submit your portfolio and/or Parsons Challenge. When creating your portfolio, you must use the same email address that you used to complete your Common Application. Review our video for instructions on how to submit and upload these pieces. Please see the directions below for more information.


Applicants to the BFA Program 


Both a portfolio and the Parsons Challenge are required for freshmen and transfer applicants to BFA programs. They must submit after they have submitted their Common Application. 

Portfolio: The portfolio can contain work in a range of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, fashion design, animation, performance, graphic design, and notebook pages, and can be 8 to 12 uploads/slides long. We encourage you to try new things and broaden your horizons. Unless you are applying as a transfer student, in which case we encourage major-specific work, your portfolio does not need to include work unique to your major choice.


The Parsons Challenge requires applicants to develop a new visual work based on an item in their portfolio. This new piece should relate to the original work’s theme or premise. Write a 500-word essay detailing how your thoughts evolved to support your process. In addition, you may submit up to two extra graphic pieces that record your approach. Note that drawings, film, photography, sculpture, 3D work, collage, and computer pictures are generally respected. The Parsons Challenge allows us to better understand how you generate ideas, graphically represent those ideas, and write about them.

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Applicants to the BBA Program (Strategic Design and Management) 

Applicants to the BBA in Strategic Design and Management are encouraged to submit the Parsons Challenge, but not a portfolio. They must submit after they have submitted their Common Application. 

Create a new visual work inspired by a commercial, invention, or topic within a piece you’ve already done for the Parsons Challenge. Write a 500-word essay detailing how your thoughts evolved to support your process. Additionally, you may send up to two extra pieces that document your progress. Drawings, film, photography, sculpture, 3D work, collage, and computer pictures are all accepted kinds of media. The Parsons Challenge allows us to better understand how you generate ideas, graphically represent those ideas, and write about them.


Letters of Recommendation 

Recommendations can be provided using the Common Application online. The recommendation form can be downloaded and emailed to if preferred. Applicants who are applying straight from high school must provide one counselor recommendation and one instructor recommendation. Additionally, the Common Application School Report is necessary. 

Students who are transferring from another college or university must provide one letter of recommendation from a professor with whom they have worked.



Official high school and/or college transcripts from all institutions attended are required of all applicants. Undergraduate applicants who attended numerous high schools may submit simply the official transcript from their last high school, as long as that transcript includes all past coursework. 

Official high school and/or college transcripts are required for first-year applicants. Submit transcripts for all coursework completed to date if you are presently enrolled in school. Non-English transcripts must be accompanied by a verified translation. 

Applicants who attended various high schools may submit simply the transcript from the school from which they are graduating, as long as that transcript contains all of their previous coursework.


An authentic high school/secondary school transcript with graduation date or a General Education Diploma is required for transfer applicants (GED). Official transcripts from any college or university you have previously attended are also necessary. 

World Education Services (WES), Education Credential Evaluators (ECE), or another member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services must review all candidates who attended postsecondary schools outside of the United States (NACES). Note that a course-by-course review is carried out for each transcript.

Follow all document criteria indicated on the websites of the evaluation service providers. WES or ECE evaluations will be submitted directly to us electronically by the vendor.


All other NACES provider evaluations should be delivered directly to the Supplemental Materials address by the vendor. The evaluation should be accompanied by a copy of the assessed transcript in the same sealed envelope, or the issuing college/university should provide the official transcript directly to The New School. 

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Transcripts can be mailed in, emailed by a school official from an official school email address to, or emailed by a school official from an official school email address to If a transcript is forwarded in an email, it will be regarded as unofficial. 

BridgeU, Common Application, Cialfo, Credentials eScrip-Safe, Kuder, MaiaLearning, MEFA Pathway, National Student Clearinghouse, Naviance, OverGrad, Parchment Exchange, UniFrog, SCOIR, SchooLinks, Xello) are among the electronic providers that have been approved.


Transcripts must be provided directly via postal mail by a school official in a sealed envelope if your school does not employ any of these vendors and your school official is unable to email them from an official school email address.

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At Parsons, you’ll live and study in a vibrant metropolis as part of a varied community. Greenwich Village and Chelsea university residence halls provide a safe and friendly environment that helps students move from home to college and from one culture to the other. All undergraduate dormitories are co-ed, including gender-inclusive alternatives, and feature air conditioning and high-speed wireless Internet. Each residence hall has 24-hour security coverage and is staffed with a professional residence hall director and student resident assistants who are trained to manage emergencies, reflecting the university’s dedication to safety.

The Office of Housing and Residential Education has prepared a list of off-campus services for students who want to live off campus, including help locating an off-campus roommate, information on what to be wary of when renting in the city, and links to apartment listings.



Students at Parsons are designers, artists, and academics who learn to use design’s transformative power ethically, artistically, and meaningfully. From on-campus research programs to partnerships that bring about change in New York and around the world, our diverse community of students and faculty explore numerous places and scales of participation. The essential values that have defined Parsons’ past will influence our future: curricular innovation, collaborative approaches, cutting-edge technology, and experimentation. Parsons, as part of The New School, has an institutional vision that is aligned with changes in the global economy, society, and environment, and which drives our mission and values:


Creativity, innovation, and a drive to question the status quo, both in terms of what and how we educate and in terms of the school’s intellectual objectives 

Students’ academic experience should be oriented toward helping them become critically engaged citizens committed to solving challenges and contributing to the public good.

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