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Northeastern University Transfer Acceptance Rate: Admissions and Requirements

Northeastern University Transfer Acceptance Rate



According to the data, Northeastern University transfer acceptance rate is high. In other words, there is an 80% chance of getting transferred to the university. It means that out of 10 applicants 8 get accepted. The admission data shows that it is not a selective institution and it accepts approximately eight out of ten applicants.

To be considered for an admission you have to match with the requirements set by the university for transferring students. Once you make sure that you are eligible for admission, the next step is to forward your application package and ensure its completeness before launching it in the system.

The most important part of your application is a resume that clearly shows your academic achievements and extracurricular activities carried out by you. Next, comes official transcripts from every college attended by you so far along with context level evaluation reports from WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). After this come three letters of recommendation from professors/instructors who know about your work during school days. You also need to submit proof of English language proficiency scores in case or international students whose first language is not English by taking IELTS or TOEFL tests if they have studied in non-English speaking countries in past years. It will help them communicate fluently at NEU while studying there & avoid hurdles as communication gap with natives can hamper progress otherwise made so far by hard work & dedication towards studies while settling down in a new place i-e Boston city USA.

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Northeastern University Transfer Application Deadline

If you’re planning on attending Northeastern University as a transfer student, you can expect to face a relatively low acceptance rate. Last year, only 25% of applicants were transferred for admission, so you’ll want to do everything you can to pass the rigorous application process.

To help increase your chances of being accepted into the school and landing a spot in their incoming class, be sure that you know all of their deadlines and requirements and plan ahead accordingly. The deadlines listed below are for US students transferring from an accredited college or university who are applying to begin their studies the following fall semester:

  • Application deadline: November 1st
  • Financial Aid deadline: February 1st
  • Scholarship deadline: February 1st
  • Housing deadline: May 1st
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Northeastern university transfer credits

Can you get into Northeastern University? These are the grades and test scores you’ll need to be admitted.

Northeastern University accepts 34 out of every 100 transfer applicants. This means the school is very selective. If you have strong academic scores, you have a great shot at getting in.

If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.79, you’ll need a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate. This will help you compete effectively against other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

Northeastern university transfer deadline

You must submit an application by February 1st to be considered for admission in the fall semester. There is also a priority deadline of January 1st for this semester. If you wish to start your studies in the spring semester, the deadline is October 1st.

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Northeastern university transfer acceptance rate for international students

You may want to know the northeastern university transfer acceptance rate for international students (international students are those who are not US citizens or permanent residents). It is important to know the acceptance rate at a college because it can help you determine your chances of getting into that college. Knowing your odds of getting in can help you decide whether to apply, especially if you’re unsure if a school is right for you. For example, if there are 10,000 applicants per year and only 2% get accepted, then there is only a 0.2% chance that an applicant will be admitted. This number might seem like it’s out of reach, but remember: all applicants have their own strengths and weaknesses; some may have better grades than others, or more extracurricular activities on their resumes! You should consider applying even if there is low likelihood that you’ll get accepted because it could turn out differently!

It’s important to know the average acceptance rates for colleges as well as individual schools within those universities before applying so that when looking at schools in general or individually when deciding where we want to go after high school graduation time comes around. If an institution has been consistently ranked higher than other institutions over the years with respect its academic excellence using US News & World Report data then chances are good they will continue doing well academically which means continued success down road both financially and professionally speaking too ​

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Northeastern university housing for transfers

  • Housing options for transfer students
  • Room selection process for transfer students

> Cost of housing for transfer students

  • Why you should live on campus
  • How to apply for on-campus housing
  • What to do if you are not selected for on-campus housing

> Applying for off-campus housing

Northeastern university tuition for transfers

  • Tuition for transfer students is $53,360 per year.
  • Tuition for graduate students is $1,072 per credit hour.
  • Tuition for undergraduate students is $1,440 per credit hour.
  • Tuition for international students is $53,360 per year.

Northeastern university transfer interview

Northeastern University offers three different ways for students to transfer into the school.

  • Transfer admissions
  • Advanced standing transfer admissions
  • Credit transfers

Northeastern University is a private research institution located in Boston, Massachusetts and it is most famous for its cooperative education program that allows the students to pursue their career goals by working for a period of time in industry or government organizations. The school has an urban campus that covers 73 acres and enrolls around 18,000 students each year. The overall acceptance rate for Northeastern University is 27%. If you are interested in applying to this school, you absolutely need to make sure that your application stands out from other applicants because the school is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 15%. The average high school GPA admitted into Northeastern University was 3.7 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A-students are accepted and ultimately attend. The middle 50% of students admitted to Northeastern received a composite ACT score between 30 and 34, while 25% scored above 34 and 25% scored below 30. Alternatively, if you’re taking the SAT instead of the ACT you can expect an average composite score of 1320 on the 1600 SAT scale (25th percentile).

Tuition fees

  • Undergraduate tuition at Northeastern University costs approximately $50,535 per year. If you want to get in but can’t afford it then don’t worry because many people qualify for financial aid/scholarships through FAFSA or CSS Profile applications which will help decrease these figures immensely if not completely cover them entirely (depending on your situation). You can also see if there are any specific scholarships offered by Northeastern just for transfer students here: It’s important to note that this doesn’t include room and board ($13,200) or any additional related expenses such as books or transportation since those numbers fluctuate wildly based on your individual situation (in this case living off campus vs living in dorms.
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Northeastern University was founded in 1898 and is a private university. It has 15,156 undergraduate students (fall 2020), is located in an urban area, and covers 73 acres. The academic calendar is based on semesters. In the 2022 edition of Best Colleges, Northeastern University is ranked #49 for National Universities. It costs $57,592 in total to attend. 


Prior to getting their diplomas, students at Northeastern University gain valuable professional experience. During their collegiate careers, more than 90% of Northeastern undergraduates participate in at least one professional co-op, working for one of more than 2,000 employers worldwide, including ESPN and MTV. Students can complete their degree in four years with the possibility of two co-ops or in five years with the possibility of three co-ops. There are over 400 student clubs and organizations, including over 30 fraternities and sororities, outside of the classroom and workplace. The NCAA Division I Colonial Athletic Conference is where the Northeastern Huskies play. At the club and intramural sport level, more than 3,000 students compete. Students must live on campus as freshmen and sophomores. The venerable college town of Boston is home to Northeastern University, which is spread out over 73 acres. The T, Boston’s subway system, features a stop dedicated to Northeastern University. The city, which is home to a number of institutions, is rich in American history and offers a variety of student activities. 

The National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, and Defense all award large research funding to the institution each year. Undergraduates and graduates can both participate in research, and many do so at the yearly Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo. Former astronaut and professor Albert Sacco, as well as talk show star Wendy Williams, are notable alumni. Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, attended Northeastern but did not graduate.

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